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 Hi Loves♥

Ive been meaning to blog more often and I always gets obstacles in my way and things do not go smoothly as planned,,, :( Moving to MN and the winters here have been really taking a big toll on my body... cant seems to get adjusted to this extreme cold no matter how warm I dress, no matter how well I eat and take care of myself I seem to get sick T__T I did have AMAZING 3 years Anniversary with Zach on Thurs 1/20th but after that I just started to feel like crap and by Sat I was completely sick and started to have a fever... D:

So we are talking about relocating again somewhere that doesnt have extreme winter but still have 4 seasons :D

 THX everyone for entering in my mini giveaway!! more to come~♥

and here are the 2 winner to my mini mask giveaway~
CinnaBunnie  Selma Zheng 

please email me your info or I will find your contacts since I forgot to ask for email :)

ok back to the topic,, I wanted to share some photos from Thursday~♥

I was super excited mostly cause of this cake lol X3 There is this Japanese library that I go to and I saw an ad for bake goods made by Satomi with photos of her creation and I almost jumped in excitement since the nearest Japanese bakery is in Chicago and thats like 6 hour drive from here so with that said I was super happy that I saw her ad! So that night I wrote her an email and had a cake requested and she was super sweet and told me she would make it anyway I want!! So I requested my favorite strawberry shortcake but with a twist,, Zach LOVES chocolate so I asked her if she could make the inside cream chocolate with strawberry slices :D

She made the cake as I imagined was super happy when I saw this cake! she made everything from scratch with real creme even this choco plate and tasted SO GOOD! ♥

This cake was 7" for only $20! XD
she makes other pastry such as cream puff, eclair, melon pan, matcha cake and more~ I already requested another cake for my moms birthday that is coming up this weekend so I cant wait to have more cake again!! ^__^

If you live in Minneapolis area and would like to order Japanese style pastry you can contact Satomi-san at satominiki@gmail.com you can tell her you heard from Erika :)

another thing I was happy was that Zach surprised me with this rose when I woke up, you have to know Zach he doesnt do typical the buying flowers and candy to make a girl happy I always got suck with gadgets and things that a guy would love to get so this was a surprise since the last time he got me flowers was like 2 years ago lol

He said he ordered baby pink roses instead they sent hot pink roses... lol but it was still pretty~♥


For dinner we had a reservation at this French place Chez Daniel since we wanted to try something different and read their rack of lamb was amazing so there we went, our meal was great but the service was not that great our waitress seemed like she was having a bad day and just had an attitude since we sat down but it we just brushed it off :P

sorry the photo quality isnt good below, I didnt want to bring the heavy D90 around so dinner was taken with a point and shoot.... :P 

dinner started with a salad, 

then a strawberry sorbet to cleanse our palette this was super good~ :D

my dinner was Lobster and scallop Risotto with truffles, this was super good but didnt care for those greenery that topped on it

Zach had the rack of lamb, he loved it~very hefty portion so he was happy

oh and the dinner finished off with chocolate covered strawberry so it was a good meal :)

Then another surprise of the day, when we sat down he gave me this and told me to open after dinner~♥ like I told you he NEVER bought me any girly things before which means havent gotten me any jewelry so this was my first from him! shocked!

As he knows me I love bows lol so he thought this was my style~ he was right! simple kawaii bow from Tiffany & Co ♥ said it was weird going to Tiffany and buying this on his own lol

 then after we watched Black Swan with Natalie Portman, I dont think it was a good loving date movie  but sure was good! Her acting and the Cinematography was amazingly done we enjoyed it alot ^__^

some review products you will see in the next few posts, finally get to test out Dolly Wink eyeshadow palette and new contacts to review thanks to Pinkyparadise :)

got the palette in 01 in brown since this would be most wearable even though I have way too many browns and neutrals I couldnt resist D: 

 I got Dueba shinny Grey and shiny violet since I liked the shinny turquoise I wanted to see what the other shades looks like as well~ 

and thanks to my Hunnie Rina I get to try out new My Beauty Diary Blooming mask series♥
thanks Love I still havent used them yet but I will sure to make more "me" time and enjoy masks ^__^

well that was it for this post~ 
next up giveaway for KUSOpop and Maihiro

Im sorry my comment forum with Disqus are messed up it keeps on erasing my comments D:
Im talking to them right now with why this is happening and ultimately I might have to use another service instead... :(

If you have questions you can always ask me on twitter so I can get back to you fast & efficiently♥ I do try to check it once a day~

Thanks for stopping by again Take care~♥


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