Popsister March 2011 issue


I had a few question from my readers "If it was ok to take mag scan images?"

SURE~please do! ^__^ 

I post this up so that you can look through and do whatever you like with them that is why I do mag scan posts♥ :D

Popsister 3/2011 issue features lots of Tsubasa as usual lol

click below for more~

*click to enlarge*


  1. So many pretty pictures! :3 Thankyou for your effort in scanning and sharing to us Eki! <3

  2. Thank you Eki :D I love your mag scans ... this is really usefull and *love tsubasa* :D the quality is incredible がんばってね!Near me is a japanese grocery store - I love matcha latte - I tried your recipe that you posted a while ago - it was really tasty:) You are amazing!

  3. Eki, what's your opinion on face rollers like the one Tsubasa is modeling on page 68? Have you ever tried them? Do they work?

  4. gyaaahhh thank you so, so, so much for taking your time to do this
    but could you please translate the chocolate valentine recipes ><
    i want to try giving my friends and stuff something for valentines, i never do that stuff, and it seems so cute since i see this valentine chocolate giving thing in everything japanese i see, i want to try it!


  5. do you know where to buy popsister?imma eagerly wanna buy it,but can't find.hope u'll reply it.


    xiao han


let me know what you think~ :3

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