Dolly Wink Eyeshadow in #01 Brown

Hi there~

Just a closer look at the Dolly Wink Eyeshadow in #01 Brown
This product was provided by Pinkyparadise.com as a review purpose :)

Super happy that Pinky paradise sent me this palette to try out since I ♥ Dolly Wink & Tsubasa! I was also happy to see that they are carrying more beauty products now such as diamond lash, Candy Doll, Melliesh, palty! ^__^

The compact is ok size not too small not too big, the sponge applicator are very plain wish it they put more quality applicator but I am very pleased with the pigments of how SMOOTH and silky the powder are! This is one swipe cross the shadow and look how rich the shades are~ very fine and smooth  :) I cant wait to use this in a FOTD ♥ 

Speaking of Tsubasa-chan~
  CinnaBunnie informed me that Tsubasa is releasing Candy Doll Base makeup line being sold 4/8/11~ including concealer, base makeup primer, liquid foundation and powder foundation!! XD Oh I cant wait to see how they are especially the concealer~♥

Tsubasa said it took about 1 year to actually make the base line since its going to be applied on the face she thought it was very important to produce skin cosmetic line that are of great quality so she is proudly finally releasing this new products! :D

Here are images from Tsubasa-chan's blog 

ahh she is so adorable kawaii~ X3

well that is it for now~ ♥

P.S! Thank you so much for all the sweet messages about my anniversary! We did have a great time and hope to have many more happy years to come and I wish you all the happiness as well :hugs: 

well take care :)



  1. the shades looks really pigmented :) and wow! Tsubasa's new line? i love the packaging, it's so cute! please do a look using the eyeshadows.thanks in advance :D

  2. I would have never expected them to be THAT pigmented. Oh Eki, Eki, Eki, you're the devil with a halo on top - guess I can't resist that range any longer... OR I will wait till I get my confirmation for Japan, otherwise I'll spend tons and tons of $$$$ of products I could get MUCH cheaper half a year later, but uuuuuh I love how she's expanding her line more and more!

  3. LOOOVVEE the pictures you take!! Can't wait to see your FOTD, you make amazing FOTDs!! I want to try Tsubasa's base makeup, can't wait!

  4. Kyaaaaaaaaaa, another post about tsubasa chan :D
    love her so much!!
    thx again eki chan :)

  5. Wow, the packaging looks even prettier up close ♥ Looks like a nice palette! Definitely can't wait to see how it turns out on a FOTD~

  6. Eki you look like Tsubasa :) and yes tsubasa is so cute when she dressed as a girly girl :3
    sometimes I think you are her XD

  7. Ooh, how exciting, the base makeup line! The shadows like regular brown palette, definitely NOT buying, but it's nice to know it's good quality. I'm most interested in the cream eyeshadows... are you getting those? :)

  8. MAN Tsubasa looks so GOOD! : (

  9. thanks for the review eki! I saw this eyeshadow in this asian beauty store and the annoying thing was, there weren't any price stickers ! It's frustrating because i really wanted to try it and knowing those stores, they're usually HIGHLY overpriced. Like on of those Rosette Hello Kitty Cleansers were 16-18bucks CAD and kate e/s were 23 bucks ><

  10. she IS adorable! those eyeshadow colours look gorgeous and so pigmented! :D

  11. wow the shadows look so smooth and pigmented! i'm actually kind of surprised but not so much since she does have a great line out so far. i can't wait to hear more about her makeup base line too, i'm too much of a fangirl lol >< and this is unrelated but tsubasa has the perfect v shape face T-T

  12. Thank you for sharing the beautiful swatches, and YES, just read about your anniversary - what a pretty gift from Zach - it is so sweet and thoughtful - and TIFFANY'S? So classy!

    Hope you are staying warm, have a great day Eki!

  13. Im thinking of purchasing it~but Im not so sure since you can find similar shades in western products...
    I love tsubasa too <3 she is just tooo adorable (*´▽`*)

  14. I really love Tsubasa and all the products that she produces!
    Thanks for sharing the news about the upcoming Candy Doll base makeup series. Totally looking forward to it! (^-^)
    Also can't wait to see you using the Dolly Wink eye shadow in a FOTD!

  15. wow, eki I can see how you're excited for the concealer and makeup line coming up by Tsubasa. I love your reviews and they are always so interesting to read. I can't wait till you do a FOTD with the eyshadow pallete. The quality just seems great. Glad you enjoy your anniversary and wish you more happy years to come. =)

  16. Thanks for the review. I always wonder if Tsubasa's products are more hyped up considering her super-charisma. I worry browns look too unnoticeable/plain on me, but thank you for the comments on the quality of the product nonetheless.

  17. I've not really tried any Dolly Wink products but I have a feeling that the eyeshadow range will probably be the first ones I try. The way it has been packaged is awesome for us busy girls! Do they have ones in pink shades?

  18. Can you please tell me what ingredients are there in the eyeshadow? Thank You

  19. they do sell them in new york city.in chinatown at new kam man

  20. are these safe to use?i read that they have talc in them.


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