Dueba Shinny Grey contact lens


Its been a while again since my last post =__=;; gomen!!
well here is a Shinny grey lens review 

This lens was sponsored by Pinkyparadise for a review purposes :D

Item details
Weight: 0 kg, 100 grams
Brand : Dueba
Diameter : 14.5mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal

ok I been wanting tri color lens that are opaque and I am quite happy with this shinny series lens so far its very vibrant & opaque, very comfortable and the enlarging effect looks quite natural. I do like that it is tri color it give the color some depth and gives off pretty effect, also the pattern on the lens are very detailed I really like that gives off nice gradient fade. :)

The low side to this lens are that this grey shade looks blue-ish grey in some lighting wish it was true grey but still looks exotic and pretty another thing is that sometimes I feel like the lens go off centered in  my eyes causes alittle bit of cooky-eyes *like cookie monster eyes* lol jk not that extreme just tad slightly but when I blink it feels like it corrects itself so I guess its not a big deal other then that I have no complaints~ I adore this lens a lot♥ 


Very comfortable
Vibrant and opaque
natural looking enlargements

not a true grey shade slightly blue-ish shade
causes slight cookie monster eyes lol

I ♥ this lens ^__^

ohh btw pinkyparadise now carries Rohto lycee eye drops! if you wear contacts I highly recommend relieves red eyes and dry eyes it also contains nourishing ingredients like B12~ I wear this eye drops before I wear my contacts and after I take it out, it relieves my tired eyes and red eyes keeping them happy :)

what am I wearing?

Skin79 Oriental BB cream
NYX concealer Jar in beige
Jill Stuart blossom blush in 02 sweet mum
Candy Doll highlighter powder in cream beige

Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner
fiberwig extra long mascara
Dolly Wink false lashes in natural girly and I cut up a portion of another lash added to the ends 
Dolly WInk eyeshadow palette in #01
NYX automatic eyebrow pencil in taupe

Canmake Melty Nude lipstick in baby pink

well other news I am super annoyed by my hair -__-;; its so thick and heavy so I was really annoyed other day that I grabbed a scissors started to cut my hair and I guess you shouldn't start cutting your hair when you are annoyed or you will mess up lol so now I regret grabbing the scissors in the first place ended up chopping like 4 inches off and have weird funny bangs now... I will show you what it looks like next time I think it looks mullet-y.... zach even made fun of me saying it looks like mullet hair do,,, but oh well its just hair T^T

oh and I saw this shade in target the other day and I just couldn't resist buying it so I might color my hair again since I am so annoyed with my hair I need a change I think ^^;;

well thanks for stopping by sorry it took me long time to post this up my internet have been a sketch again ugh! D;



  1. ekichan, i've tried garnier hair color, the result wasn't good :(
    i think u should color ur hair with L'oreal, like before :)

  2. All contacts look good on you because you are so pretty Eki-chan! :3
    I really haven't tried Dueba but will check these out soon. :) Thanks for this review!

  3. aww well your hair will grow back no worries, it still looks fine :)
    lol i was actually looking for a pair of grey lenses and you just happened to update! they look very lovely on you even though they aren't a true grey color. i kind of want to try the neo glamour grey ><

  4. it does look bluish, but it still looks gorgeous nonetheless. im loving the lashes you're wearing eki! :)

  5. i always want to try wearing contact lenses but too scared to put it in my eyes.
    i think all contacts look good on you :3

  6. Aww! Don't worry, hair grows back! ^_^
    You'll look fine real soon~
    And those contacts look pretty. :)

  7. the lenses look really pretty, you're right looks more blue-ish green than grey but its probably all the lighting. Looks great on you thought very kawaii!

  8. wow those lens look amazing! :D they are gorgeous on you ^^ I like how there's a gradient and the orangish rim but a little freaky. haha

  9. It looks gorgeous! And your skin is flawless,wow!

  10. Those look a lot like the Barbie Gossip Aquas. Still very very pretty!! And don't feel bad about the bangs. I get in the mood to have bangs, cut them, and they get all messed up. And that's with me not even being angry hahahaha.

  11. I agree that the lenses look more bluish-grey, but they're still gorgeous! Very striking on you too ♥
    Hope you have better luck with your new hair colour too~!

  12. These are SO gorgeous!!! I wish they came in higher prescription strength so I could order them. If they do get -9.00 in, I WILL BE ALL OVER IT!

  13. These lens are SO PRETTY! :) But you are right though, in some cases they do look blue rather than grey. What a bummer! :(

  14. i didn't know tri-color lenses are this pretty!!! they look a bit scary when I look at them in those containers but they're gorgeous when worn :) thanks for this review i'm now confused on what to buy next haha :3

  15. you have the most amazing features!!! <3

  16. Hey, mad love your blog! I was wondering if you could do a post on how you keep yourself so fair? Been trying for too long with not much result. Help, please? (;

  17. Wow, those lenses are so pretty :D You look really good wearing them C:

  18. thanks sweetie<3~ haha yeah the orange rim do look freaky but its not that noticeable in person ^__^

  19. hi,

    i wish check with you, do you apply this eyedrop 15mins before wearing your contacts ?
    and while wearing the lens, can i use this eyedrop?
    and also, once open, how long can i use before i replace a new bottle?
    and oh, can i use this eyedrop when i not wearing lenses?

  20. omg luv it...what kind of camera do you use its great quality!

  21. What do you use Flash for? Your eyes so beautiful


let me know what you think~ :3

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