Happy Valentines~ chocolates from Chocomize

Hi Loves♥

Happy Happy Valentines Day~

Just wanted to share this amazing chocolate place Chocomize that I made a purchased from for Vday for Zach! My bf and I decided that we were gonna do our holidays in Japanese style this year and in Japan girls give chocolates to boys so its the other way around there and he is going to gift me on White Day (3/14) where the guys in return gift their girl back♥ ^__^ 

usually girls make handmade chocolates or baked goods for their love in JP but I decided that I wouldnt be good at making my own chocolates so I got online and searched for customized chocolates and first thing I saw was this place chocomize and it looked so interesting~ you get to choose your own Belgian chocolate bar from Dark, milk and white chocolate the choose your own topping or you can choose from their favorite bars!

Here how this company was formed and a portion of the sales are donated to charity! :)

here are the choices
(snap shot from their website)

ok so here are the bars I got Zach's a chocoholic so I decided to get 3 bars for him and 1 bar for me lol :3
Ok so the chocolates are SO GOOD!! Very nice quality Belgian chocolate really creamy and has nice cocoa flavor!! The sizes are really good size about the same size as a large hershey bar, Zach is very pleased so I was really happy that I got the chocolate from here♥

 Smores Bar

Its on a milk chocolate with marshmallow and teddy bear gram cracker, this one is REALLY GOOD! highly recommend! :)

Customized Flugo bar~ :)
This bar I choose the topping for Zach got kit kats, oreo cookies, almond, choco covered cookie dough and vday plaque
He is in love with this bar lol 

they will let you name your own bar!

I feel lucky bar

Its a surprise bar where they will select your topping and I ended up getting their The berry bar with Goji berry, Blueberry and Cranberry :)

eki bar lol

so Im weird and like to try weird things so I LOVE bacon so I figure bacon on chocolates why not lol so I choose bacon and sea salt,, X3

ok so this was a mistake to add,, its weird and really salty so Im not sure if I enjoy this bar as much as the other ones I have to eat it more and get used it :P

 overall very very happy with the chocolates Zachs already wanting more so planning to order more from em now lol

oh the bars took about 5 days to get dispatched and I got the bar in like 8 days after I ordered from them so it was pretty quick,, also the shipping are $4.95 for any amount! ^__^

If you love chocolate I highly recommend to you and please support small business with good hearts♥



  1. But Bacon and chocolate sounds tempting :3

    The chocolates and the idea is really neat, thanks for sharing!
    I've been loading up on chocolate since Chinese New Year and then now that I'm finally done those, come V-day chocolates @-@

  2. This gives really good ideas. Next time when i make my own chocolate I'm going to throw in cookie dough too *_* since the choco bar for zach looks extremly yummy! i totally can understand why he wants more. xD

  3. My favorite is the Bear!

  4. omgosh, those look SO cute & yummy!! ♥___♥

  5. Yummy XD I love your berry chocolate I want to have it xD

  6. Oh I really like the concept of these chocolates, Well anything you can customize is fun and if its made of chocolate and sugar then its perfect haha!

  7. WOW. This is a pretty neat idea. Customised chocolate! Would they be able to deliver internationally? I'm going to visit the site and find out!

  8. Danggit I wanttt!
    I lovelovelove customize stuff! And it's chocolate! How cool is that...


let me know what you think~ :3

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