How to make easy okonomiyaki~ :)

Hi Hi again~

I always cook things that I think you would love too since its simple and delicious but I forget to take picture of the process but this time around I remembered... just barely cause the picture are crappy taken with iPhone so next food tutorial I will make sure to take nice pics<3

ok I lot of you asked what is Okonomiyaki?

お好み焼きokonomi = your choice or your favorite yaki = grill or cook
translates to your favorite cooked dish! so with okonomiyaki you can add whatever you like into this pancake so in Japan Okonomiyaki was originated from kansai southern Japan like Osaka and Hiroshima area so the okonomiyaki I made here are really simplified version of okonomiyaki :) My most favorite dishes are this and takoyaki which is another famous kansai food! ^0^

Here is eki version okonomiyaki recipe

ok what you need:
(this makes about 6 pancake size okonomiyaki)

2 cup of okonomiyaki mix*optional* or 2 cup of flour with 3 teaspoon of hondashi (fish broth)
1 1/4 cup of water
1 egg
half cabbage chopped up
5-6 stems of Nira chives or known as garlic chives *if you cant find this you can use scallion but Nira tastes better*
your choice of meats *I like shirmp, pork, bacon in my okonomiyaki so good~* :D~


kewpie mayonnaise *must have taste so good with this*
Okonomiyaki sauce *I like otafuku brand* or Tonkatsu sauce
okaka *bonito dried fish flakes* (optional but seafood lover would love the extra fishy flavor lol) 

 its called okonomiyaki since you can add whatever you like in this! Adding noodles are always good too :D but the basic must have formula to okonomiyaki are always cabbages & the flour mix and the topping are what makes a okonomiyaki a Okonomiyaki ^__^

ok so first you need to get your flour ready I like to get premixed okonomiyaki mix cause its already flavored and it will taste so much more authentic but if you cant get your hands on some okonomiyaki mix you can mix flour with hondashi together and it will taste as good :)

okonomiyaki mix I bought from asianfoodgrocer.com

 chopped up cabbage I like mine fine but if you like more crunchy chop them in bigger chunks
Nira chopped up in 1" inch lengths

mix your 2 cups of flour mix, 1 1/4 cup of water and 1 egg

then add your ingredients 

mix all the ingredients together your mixture should be semi runny
if you have hot grill it will be great but if not grill them in your frying pan, make a pancake size or desired size
make sure you pat down the okonomiyaki so it cooks evenly and this will form your okonimiyaki into nice a pancake form. Cook the okonomiyaki till both sides are nicely golden and grilled :) 

 Now top your Okonomiyaki with kewpi mayo, okonomiyaki sauce and fish flakes!


so easy right? Hope you like it ^__^

 Perfect side dish~ Edamame :)

well that was it okonomiyaki are really fun & easy to make, hope you find it yummy too♥
If you have additional questions dont be shy ^__^

Take care!!



  1. Loving this! It looks really delicious and I'm hungry now xD

  2. Looks so yummy,thanks for the recipe!!!

  3. oishii sou!
    i love okonomiyaki & also takoyaki!
    especially when they are piping hot!

  4. that looks soo delicious!! Thanks for sharing Eki-chan ^^

  5. Thank you so much! I was searching for recipies but I didn't find a good one !

  6. This is great and so useful! After I posted some pictures of okonomiyaki many people said they want to try it making it, I will direct them to this great tutorial XD

  7. i looooove okonomiyaki and takoyaki! though i can't eat the bonito flakes XD

  8. oishi! :3
    this looks so good and is quite easy to make!
    thank you for sharing how to make kokonomiyaki eki. ^_^

  9. Looks good!! I like how you can add whatever you want =)

  10. ohhhh thank you for the recipe! i didn't think it was this easy. ~♥

  11. Thak you for sharing the recipe. I cannot wait to tri am soooo excited to try this. i cannot believe im gonna male a real asial recipe yay!

  12. that look sooooo goooood. thank u for sharing. i love this food tutorial! please do moreeee and more often!

  13. I remember trying this at Mitsuwa, a Japanses super market and it was soooo good! Thanks for the great recipe! I sure will be trying this out!!

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  15. YUMM! It looks so yummy. My sister tried to make this recently. Definitely will have to try your recipe one day! ♥

  16. hi!! i LOVE your blog.. and your okonomiya looks SO yummy! i'm totally going to try this recipe..

    i think you are just gorgeous.. and that sketch you did is amazing..

    i'm a new follower.. would love for you to visit and follow me too!


let me know what you think~ :3

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