How to make spicy tuna roll~I *pic heavy*


Hope everyone are doing alright~ I am holding up ok, still in shock at the whole situation from the Earthquake in Japan just hoping things do not escalate to even more worse situation than what it is already.. Thinking about all the people that was hugely affected in this destruction makes me utterly sad and fills me with tears so I try not to watch the video news too much,,  I try to only read the news. My family in Japan tells me they are in an uncertain situation with the whole radiation scare but tell me that they just have to trust in the government and hope that things dont get worse. 

On a brighter news, 
with everyones support ekiLove have so far raised and donated $1120 to Japanese Red Cross society and Save the Children ^0^ Thank you so much for all the LOVE & SUPPORT I cannot have done it without all of your support! I am still donating 75% of all proceeds of ekiLove till end of this month, I am also updating the store this weekend with more stock and some new items♥

Makes me truly happy to have all of your support, thank you♥

ok back to the topic of this post:

I love cooking and so I love making sushi as well mostly cause sushi can be so expensive eating out here is midwest so I decided to make my own at home so please know that I am in no way a professional sushi chef so please look at this tutorial as home made sushi made by a sushi lover~ XD

Most important in making sushi at home:

  1. make sure you have very sharp knife so that you can cut through the fish and the rolls cleanly
  2. make sure you have makisudare, bamboo sushi rolling mat 

How to make (eki style) Spicy Tuna Roll:

First ingredients:

This amount makes about 4 huge rolls

  1/2 LB of Sashimi grade Tuna (make sure you get and ask for SASHIMI grade which means its more fresh to eat raw)

4 table spoon of Kewpi Mayo (Japanese mayonnaise)

2 table spoon of Sriracha ( Thai chili hot sauce) *you can add more less depending on how hot you want it

 Big table spoon full of Masago (flying fish egg) *optional

One Avocado *optional

Thinly sliced Cucmber *optional

 2 tea spoon full of Finely chopped scallions *optional

1 teaspoon full of Ra-yu (seasame oil) *optional

Sushi vinegar *add 2 table spoon full per cup of rice
Sushi Nori sheet * dried seaweed

4 cup of White short grain rice ( or sushi rice) for me I use Gen-Ji-Mai, I love this rice its brown rice but tastes and looks more like white rice but SO much healthier! I highly recommend this rice if you love white rice but want healthier alternative~ *average of one cup per roll

 Ok lets start!

1. First chop your tuna in to mini cubes, I like my tuna to have some texture so I chop my tuna into mini cubes. If you like yours to be more paste like, keep on chopping :D

2. Now add all the other ingredients like masago, kewpi mayo, sriracha, scallions, seasame oil. All amount listed in the ingredients :) 

3. mix mix :D

4. Now get your cooked rice make sure its some what cooled not steaming hot, mix sushi vinegar really well * tip: make your rice alittle bit on the drier side, cook with tiny bit less water than normally the consistency will be better with the sushi vinegar~♥

6. Get your sushi maki roll, I like to wrap mine with saran wrap this will keep your matt clean its alot easier to clean up after wards. Get a sheet of nori and spread about cup of rice on the nori, make sure to pat/flatten the rice down on to the nori, leave about the inch of space of nori on the one side this will make it alot easier to roll in to shape.

7. Spread masago all on top of the rice with an spoon~

8.  Now pick it up and flip it so that the rice is under. This is the way to make if you want the masago to be on the outside of the roll.  *Follow step 14. if you dont like masago on the outside of the roll.

9. Now add your ingredients for the inside of the roll, I like to add the mixed tuna, cucmber, avocado and more mayo :D~ you can just bout add whatever you like in here its all up to you. *Make sure that whatever you add you cut it into thin slices so that you can roll in to shape nicely :)

10. Remember that space of 1" that you didnt add rice to on the nori, from that end start rolling. While rolling make sure to squeeze firmly but dont squeeze too hard or the inside ingredients will squeeze out from the sides~ X3

11. The rolled sushi, as you can see I sorta squeezed it alittle too hard some of the tuna squeezed out but I like the ends to stick out alittle bit looks pretty when you present it on the dish lol :P

12. Now cut in the center

13. with full sheet of nori sized rolls this will create thick rolls so you can cut up into 8 pcs, if you wanted to make smaller 6 pcs roll, you can cut nori into half and add less ingredients but smaller rolls are harder to roll if you arent pro sushi chef lol XP 

14. This is the way to make roll with the nori on the outside,  after rice dont flip and just add your ingredients 

Bonus: Spicy Tuna Don *my favorite*

Just add sushi rice in a bowl, add the same tuna mixture and garnish with avocado~! Its super oishii♥


Hope it was easy to understand, sushi can be really fun to make but takes lots of preparation but your stomach will thank you later ^__^

Make sure you get sashimi grade fish for your home made sushi to avoid food poisoning! Also make sure your hands are clean before you handle the fish and sushi♥

If you have more detailed questions please feel free to ask me at my twitter @ekieki I can get back to you real quick and its easy for me to answer question when its all there :D

Take care Loves



  1. Mmmm looks so good. I keep meaning to make sushi one day since it's mine and my fiance's fav food.

    Check out my blog :)

    I used to make it all the time!!
    I think I might make some this weekend!!
    Thanks for this recipe!!



  3. Hello~!♥

    Thanks for posting this tutorial! I regularly make sushi at home too, because it's expensive to eat it readymade here. But I could never get the rice to stick so neatly to the outside! Maybe I'll just keep trying ^__^;; Your sushi looks delicious! At the end you have such a yummy looking assortment! I've never made the spicy tuna version, so I'll definitely try this out. Thanks for the recipe!

    I hope your family is alright! I'm sorry that their situation is uncertain, but I'm sure everything will turn out fine! Everyone in the world is sending so much positive thoughts and feelings and prayers to Japan that it *has* to turn out okay~ ♥ Congrats on the success of your fundraiser! I'm organizing a fundraiser too, but I'm still working on it, so I haven't posted any details on my blog yet. But I will be taking my fundraiser to my university campus! I think that many people will donate there ^__^v

    Take care of yourself Eki~ Please don't stress out too much. As I said, everything should turn out fine~ Everyone is doing their best! ^__^

  4. Wow wow wow! Love this, Eki. I always drool at your twitpics with the overflowing platters of homemade sushi. I have a little sushi rolling kit but I am so lazy, the don looks optimal and equally tasty.

    Question - since sushi-grade fish is often sold in larger portions, how do you eat all the fresh fish at once? I finally went to my wholefoods and asked for sushi grade fish, but they were only sold in .5-.75 pound portions. We got the smallest piece and it was so much raw fish..the bf and I ate and ate until we didn't want to even look at it anymore.

  5. LittlelucyandpiratesMarch 17, 2011 at 8:18 PM

    this looks amazing! i want to try your recipe now : )

  6. thanks for the tut!! looks yummy :D

  7. this is really awesome omg lol thank you so much for posting thisss :'DD

  8. If I have to much fish left over I usually grill it and eat it next day :D its super good that way too lol<3

  9. looks delicious! making me sooo hungry

  10. That looks delicious!
    I just had all you can eat sushi with my family and it came out to be $80 for only three people! Dx
    but it was very good haha
    I'm definitely going to try this so we don't have to eat out all the time

  11. I think to make your rice stick together nicely you need to add the sushi vinegar while the rice is some what hot so and it all depends on the type of the rice too short grain usually works the best :)

    Thank you so much for the sweet message hun<3 I cannot tell you how much it has made me happy to see so much support for Japan from through out the world, I am truly grateful for everything. That is super nice of you too do a fundraiser! I hope it goes well for you, thank you so MUCH!!

  12. thank you for reading it<3

  13. Eki, this post me crave sushi rolls so bad lol.

  14. Eki, thank you for sharing this ^^ oh I am so hungry now


  15. awww reminds me my days of working at a sushi shop! :D

  16. Jen@lifeandlensofbeautyMarch 17, 2011 at 9:46 PM

    lovely! i'm going out for a sushi fix with a blogger today :D am totally going to order this!

  17. It all looks so delicious! Thank you for sharing your recipe!

  18. This looks very tastey. I was wondering what kind of camera you use for your videos and pictures? Your photos always come out so crispy and clear, and I also noticed that there is always a ring of light in your eyes as well. Thanks.

  19. YES!! Thank you soooooo much for posting this, I am so inspired to make sushi so my wallet doesn't burn after going out to get sushi b/c i always seem to crave for it!

  20. Aw, hang in there, Eki! I can't watch too much of the news or videos either. =[ ganbatte!

    Ahh. oishii sou~ <3 you're making me very hungry at this unconventional hour. hehe. Will definitely try this out one day! I still want to try your okonomiyaki recipe too~ thanks for this!

  21. AHHH! I LOVE IT!!! THANKS EKI!!! <3

  22. Waahh!!! That looks soo good!!!!

  23. Sushi...Reading that procedure is making me hungry, haha!

  24. That looks so good! I'm definitely going to try and make some sushi tonight!!!!! YUMMY!

  25. it looks so yummy!! It's so hard to get sashimi grade tuna where I live though =_= you have to get it from the fish market and they literally just give you a whole fish u have to cut yourself >__< or else I would make this every day xD

  26. oh my gosh! this looks so good! i am obsessed with sushi, and i would love to make it at home! thanks so much for sharing this :)


  27. OMG! Looks so good! I've been crazy sushi for a month now lmao!

  28. This looks so good! I'm going to try this!!
    Thank you for the tutorial <3
    Hope you are well and taking care of yourself :) xxxx

  29. wow. thanks for the tutorial. i find it super helpful. your sushi looks oiishi!. I can't wait to see more of your recipes. =)

  30. good job eki with the fundraising!! our church is going to sell cupcakes and baked good in hopes of helping Japan ^^ We did a similar thing for Sichuan and it worked really well! I will keep praying :)

    the sushi looks delicious~ I will most definitely try this out! thanks love!

  31. That looks sooooooo good. Great job, Eki! <3

  32. OMG that looks really good!!! sounds really simple too~
    can't wait to try it, glad i have all the ingredients at home!!!

  33. Waaaai~ they look so yummy! I showed it to my boyfriend and he was like 'Hey, that's like how I make it!' I want to try making them for him though, because sadly I'm not a very good cook ;;;;

    Also, wanted to give you a heads up on this site~ I saw they used your photos, but I wasn't sure if it was with permission or not, just in case ><


    Also, thank you so so much for the rice suggestion! I was planning on heading to Mitsuwa tomorrow, now I can look for this rice! I looooove brown rice, and if it's even healthier than normal brown rice, that's awesome ><

  34. oh thank you so much for the tutorial. i am a HUGE sushi lover ^_^

  35. I wonder how long the masago will last? I love it but I couldn't eat that whole tub if it goes bad quickly. Great tutorial- thanks!

  36. I really need to try this! This looks so delicious!!

  37. Hi Eki,
    I love reading your blog and am happy that this post is about food. How do you stay so slim, what is an average day like for you in terms of meal plan and diet? Can you do a post on lifestyle and what you do to stay so great looking.
    Thank you. You are great.

  38. Nomnomnom! LOOKS SO GOOD!!
    I don't know where to find Sashimi grade tuna here...=(
    I only know how to make some ugly-looking california rolls =P I have a hard time rolling it nicely. I always want to make it look 'square-ish' like you did there but it ends up looking squished when I cut it. I think I need a better knife

  39. Looks yummy :) Thanks for sharing

  40. Ahh this post makes me soooo hungry!! I hope the fundraising is still going well and that you're staying strong despite everything! Xx

  41. Hi eki, I'm a fan of your blog for awhile now. Thanks for great review and tutorial! I hope the radiation problem in Japan will be resolve soon. Anyway, I just learn something about radiation in my chemistry class that maybe helpful to your family and others in Japan. One of the element in the radiation is iodine. Advise your family to take iodine pill or eat iodine salt daily. Because if the body have enough iodine, it won't absorb iodine from the radiation. Iodine from the radiation is radio active and could cause cancer. Hope this help a bit.

  42. Thanks Eki!!! I love your blog!! =)
    Glad to know your family is alright...

  43. Mely-mel0.blogspot.comMarch 23, 2011 at 9:54 AM

    Yummy =) I love your blog !!!

  44. looks so good! *drools* hehe can't wait to try this one day :D

  45. Thank you Eki!! Awesome sushi tutorial! I plan on making this this weekend. :)

  46. OMG I could DIE for spicy tuna anything!! We have a whole bunch of stores that sell it premade here in Hawaii, but yours looks so delicious! I always thought that it was a Hawaii thing lol. but I'm really glad you used genmai because its healthier and lighter which means you won't feel bloated after eating a lot like hakumai :)

  47. I was wondering what kind of camera you use for your videos and pictures? Your photos always come out so crispy and clear, and I also noticed that there is always a ring of light in your eyes as well. Thanks. I asked this before with no response so I am reposting the question.

  48. You made me really hungry now Lol. I think I may try making it. Thanks a lot for showing :)

  49. Where do you shop for all your ingredients? I just moved to MN so i have about 0 clue as to which supermarket carries japanese products, etc.



let me know what you think~ :3

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