Tsubasa inspired look tutorial Vid.. Japan on my mind


Finally got the hold of my Dad!! He said the rest of the family are doing alright as well! I have this HUGE weight off my back and super relieved now, He said that the phones finally started to work where he is and been on a mandatory blackout to conserve energy, said that everyone in Japan are coming together helping each other out and showing much compassion for each other and to all the people in the northeastern region that was unfortunate,, he said that the times are only gonna get rougher and are still on a high alert for more possible huge quake.
Thank you so much for all that have sent much support and prayerfor me and everyone in Japan, I truly appreciate it all! There are thousands of people still in a unimaginable state at the moment and I have decided to donate 75% of all ekiLove proceeds to several Aid organizations in Japan to help all in need so please stay tuned for new items to be stocked, I hope to have it up in the store by tomorrow!!



Hi there, 
I am sorry for the late posting while I was editing this tutorial video and got it uploading to YT Thursday night, went on to twitter to find out that there was a HUGE earthquake of 8.9 magnitude have hit northeastern coast near Sendai in Japan. 
Immediately knew that that was huge and very destructive magnitude started to panic for my families safety... as of today I am still waiting to hear back from my family tried to call them over 20 times and sent multiple emails so far unsuccessful in reaching to them.

Many people that have a family over in Japan are experiencing the same exact thing as I am going through, overwhelmed with utter sadness and uncertainty, please show support and compassion after all we are all people of this world called Earth.

manwomanfilm has said it best and she provides list of links of genuine places to donate to, every single person can make a difference. I have donated to American Red Cross Japan pacific fund, here is the link to their site

ok back to my post:

Here is the look Tsubasa did and I really liked this look along with her wearing Bambi/ princess mimi in grey so decided to make a tutorial for this look♥

also Tsubasa has been great at spreading helpful info for all the people in Japan so if you live in Japan check out her BLOG and TWITTER. We are all United in this devastation, thank you for coming together and being one, I truly thank you for ALL your support and LOVE.  

here is the tutorial:

You can get most of the products you see in the video at apopoofkawaii.com , imomoko.com , pinkyparadise.com and the cheapest price I have seen for Dolly Wink products are at sasa.com 

Bamib/ princess mimi lens was sponsored by eyecandylens.com

well, thank you so much for all the LOVE you give me I cannot tell you how much it all means to me. Arigatou gozaimasu...

Please take care everyone, I always mean that from bottom of my heart♥



  1. i hope you hear back from your family soon, i truly hope for the best for everyone in japan. i wish there was something more i could do but donate...hopefully even this tiny gesture contributed in helping someone in need :(
    i respect tsubasa so much more for tweeting/blogging all these helpful things. i saw the post about what you need in an event of a earthquake and it's really great of her just to take the time to compile it all together.
    eki you are so beautiful~ i love the video, lots of great tips, will definitely bookmark! i could never do my blush nicely so i'm glad you walked that part through ^^ your voice is so sweet and your skin is flawless, jealous ><

  2. Hi eki! I too hope that your family will contact you soon. It's prolly just temporary blackouts. *hugs*

    I admire you for being such a strong person becos if I were in your situation, I wouldn't know what to do. And it's just angry to read about the awful things some people were saying. I mean let bygones be bygones; the past is the past. Let's just all unite and be positive that everything will be okay soon.

    Also, keep up the good work - You make one of the best make up tutorials and I love reading your blog posts! <3

  3. EKI!! You are gorgeous my love!! :) I love the lens on you and you have the sweetest voice! Btw, I pray for your family that they're safe in Japan. *hugs*

  4. I have family too in Japan who we couldn't get into contact with until a few hours ago. The reason we were unable to contact them before was due to the phone lines in Tokyo being so busy! So maybe that is the same problem affecting you from reaching your loved ones. I know how you feel :( and I hope you get into contact wiht them soon and that they are safe! Its so tragic what has happened :(

  5. hi eki....hope you are doing well in spite of this tragedy. i am not much with words but i agree with the posts below me. Izumi is right. I am sure the phone lines are jammed up b/c so many ppl in and outside of JP are phoning to check on their loved ones. Even when we had that blackout in NE USA in 2003, cell phone lines are pretty much 'dead'. I was in MI and couldnt contact anyone. :( Lastly...as awful as it is, pls. ignore those negative posts/tweets/comments, etc that other ppl write. If we read that, we get angry/bitter and that's becoming just like them. :(
    ok...enough of my jibber...
    i always enjoy reading ur blog. ninja looks like a lion protecting his mama. ;D i am sure he is beside u and a comfort to you at this time. you always got my special concerns and prayers.....pls eki dear take care of yourself. drink h20, get full night sleep for sake of your immune system esp. at this stressful time. pls. let us know when you contacted family/friends in JP. *hugs*

  6. I've been so down too. I pray that your family is safe!!! I'm donating $100 dollars to Japan...hopefully that will help a bit. Let's keep our hopes up and keep praying!

    Your tutorial is SO helpful...I've been trying to figure out how Tsubasa does her makeup for awhile now and your video has to be the best on Youtube so far. <3 And we're all thankful that you take out the time to answer our questions!

    I wish the best for you and your family Eki! ❤

  7. This tutorial is great! Looks very much like the original look, I'm going to have to attempt this soon. Thank you for such an easy tutorial to follow.

    I've been reading you tweets & it all makes me so teary, I hope you're successful in contacting your family soon.


  8. My thoughts go out to the people of Japan. I hope you are able to contact your family soon!

  9. Eki, I hope you can contact your family soon and that they are safe...
    I'm thinking of you and all people in Japan. I have been following the news all day since Friday.

    I really love this tutorial! It's great! <3

  10. I hope you get in contact with your family soon and I hope they are safe.My prayers are with people of japan

  11. omgosh! i hope you're able to contact your family soon ): i video called with my aunt in japan. she told us that when anyth like this happens, everything gets cut off, even the satellite signals so nobody can get! i hope they're alright :)

  12. The news about the earthquake+tsunami is still so disheartening. =[ I don't personally know of my family in Japan but, it still hits close to home when I first heard of the news. Hopefully you'll be able to contact your family there soon. Stay strong. <3

    Great tutorial, Eki! All of the steps you explained were simple and clear making it seem pretty easy to do. One day, I'll have to try it for myself. ^^ (BTW, you're so cute the video ^^ -- looking forward to seeing more vids!)

  13. I hope u are able to hear from your friends and family soon. I personally have many friends and 1 family member in Japan, luckily i have been able to contact them all. Unfortunately, many people wont be as lucky. This is such a terrible thing to happen to such a kind country of people xo


  14. Cute tutorial, your voice is so soothing I can listen to you all day! <3

    I hope you get in contact with all your family and friends over in Japan. My thoughts and heart go out to Japan.

  15. I feel so sorry for those people and families over there :'(((((((((((((((
    i lit a candle yesterday and thought about them.

    Your lenses are beautiful and love your cat!



  16. I liked it on youtube before you posted it here ^___^ i really like this tutorial eki =D !!
    I'm praying for Japan and I hope you are able to hear from your friends and family soon. x.

  17. I hope you hear from them soon. I'll keep them in my thoughts :/

  18. I really hope you hear from your family soon! I'll be waiting and checking to make sure that you do, because I know how anxious and scared I would be if I were in your position.

    Take care, hun!


    PS. You and your kitty are so cute together!

  19. Ekichan is so kawaii! I showed your video to my sisters and they said you are so pretty. :3

    I hope you hear from all the people you know soon Ekichan. I have been praying for the people in Japan. I pray for their safety and I also hope they will be able to overcome and endure this calamity.

  20. I hope your family are okay! :(
    And your beeeautiful!!!

  21. I hope your family is okay. I'm worrying about a former neighbour living in this region :-(

  22. Eki, I'm sorry to hear what you're going through. I know people in Japan have been trying to conserve what little energy there is right now, and contacting loved ones via Twitter. If you haven't done so already, maybe check through there, and hopefully some of your family members have access to a Twitter account as well. <3

    Thank you for the tutorial! I always look forward to more videos from you. Take care love!

  23. IT'S AWEFUL! I wish I could help Japan, but the only thing I can do is hope!

  24. I hope you hear from your family and friends.
    I watched manwomanfilm's video and can't help but tear up :(

  25. eki, try search japan quake or go to this link

    you can search for people.. hope everything is ok with your family.. and hope you can keep in touch with them soon
    god bless!!

  26. I hope your family and friends are all safe, what a terrible thing to happen to Japan :( I have some friends over there right now, luckily they are all safe. Your family are in my thoughts. I hope everyone comes together and at least donates a little to the cause!

  27. You look really adorable! Nice Tutorial, i love it!
    I love your blog and your tutorials!

  28. I posted the same Manwomanfilm video on my blog too. I thought her words as a plea was more compelling than anything I could say. I am praying for the people who's lives have been shaken by this catastrophe.

  29. Amazing tutorial! I'm loving your choice of lashes~ Makes me want to buy Dollywink even more now lawls :P


  30. awww you look wayyy tooo CUTE! such a beautiful pic of you~ And you cat is soo cute! :)

  31. Eki--

    I sincerely, sincerely hope you will be able to hear from your family soon. I cannot, cannot imagine what you must be feeling. I can only feel just a fraction of what you must be feeling (my father was deployed to the DMZ in South Korea for a year and that feeling was horrifying enough. I had the peace of mind that he wasn't there most of the time).

    I'll keep my prayers with you, Eki. Keep your hope strong!


  32. Hi Eki.. I hope you hear from your family soon :( u and your family are in my prayers...much <3!

  33. i hope your family is safe and contact you soon~

    amazing tutorial~ looks just like tsubasa

  34. prayers to Japan and your family eki~ hope everything will be good soon. :)

  35. Hi Eki!

    I'm so happy to hear that your father is safe! I'm sending prays to Japan and thinking a lot about the people there.

    You look beautiful as always!
    Good to hear that your family is safe.

  36. I am glad about your beloved ones. My love to Japan and its beautiful-hearted people.

  37. I'm so glad your family is okay!

  38. Aww you are so adorable in your video! This look is very natural and easy to do if you don't do the falsies part hehe. I'm definitely going to try it!

    And glad to hear that you heard from your dad! It's unbelievable what is happening in Japan and I hope that everyone you know is safe.

  39. Eki! よかったね! Japan is such a strong country, I have high hopes for a fast recovery. I'm relieved you were able to get in contact with your family :) Please keep us updated if you hear anything else. I'm also so happy to hear you're giving so much to help, such a big heart you have! <3

  40. ~ * ♥ * ~

    I am glad to hear that your family is okay Eki! It has been horrible to see the devastation in Japan... : (

    I want to say though, your Tsubasa look is amazing ~ if you had blonde hair you would look exactly like her; so very kawaii!!

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~

  41. My heart breaks for Japan! Why can't I do more...

  42. I'm so glad to hear that your family is okay! ♥ I've been blogging about the situation and posting a lot of info on ways people can help, even if they don't have money. Hopefully people will find it useful. I hope I can get a chance to do even more to help!

  43. Oh, I'm happy to hear that you've managed to contact your Dad. Have been following you on Twitter and know how worried you were.
    Thoughts are definitely with Japan

  44. loved your tutorial eki! loved it! keep them coming! :D

  45. Hello
    I just found your blog, and already loving it.
    All my best wishes for japan.

  46. I'm so glad your family is alright!

    And great look! It looks EXACTLY like Tsubasa's! The only difference are the lashes!

  47. Im glad your family are all well, we will all be praying and doing what we can for Japan.

    Loved your look and tutorial :)


  48. Hi Eki
    First : I´m glad your family is ok. I saw videos and I can not imagine it.
    To your blog : I´m from Czech Republic and i love your blog. *____* I watched tutorial. You have so sweet voice :D I wish i have it too.. -.-" So Go on with your blog ^____^ ( I hope sentence make sence. Google translater is weird :D )

  49. Hi Eki.. so glad to hear your family are well. Lets pray for Japan.

    Love your video and Ninja is way too cute ^_^

  50. I'm so happy to hear that your family are safe and well. Praying for Japan every waking minute! ganbatte!

  51. Eki... What shall I say, I'm really relieved! It's great that you donate so much. Hope everything will be fine again.

  52. hi eki,i happened to found ur blog after googling about japanese hair colour.im from malaysia,and im very happy to find ur website,i like japanese style since long time,i love to read ray magazine eventhough i didnt understand the language ,im glad to see the thing u post in this blog,its very helpful.......the beauty tutorial and all

    and everyone in this region is very saddened by what had happened in japan,but what amaze us more is the strength and the spirit of the japanese people,to remain calm ,cooperate and helping in the situation like that.i hope things will get better soon.....

  53. Hi,
    So happy that you've contacted your family in Japan! Your videos are too kawaii!! I hate how I sound in videos I sound so harsh and Northeastern. *yuck* I never post my videos ^-^

  54. Eki, I'm so glad you heard from your father and that your family is doing well. Donating much of your proceeds from your sales is a wonderful thing too. Times like this everybody comes together because everyone needs help.

    Love your blog! ~~ I think you totally look like Tsubasa, especially in these photos, except you have darker hair <3

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