Love Packs! Thank you! T__T *pic heavy*

Love Packages! ♥

I am so sorry being so behind in making a thank you post hunnies!! D;
Feels like this month has been passing by so fast,,, well I think this year has been super fast for me... T__T
Been overwhelmingly busy and driving myself nuts so thank you for surprising me with so much LOVE !! So lucky and thankful to be surrounded by people that is genuinely sweet and truly care about me :HUGS:♥

First I want to thank all of you for supporting me and my blog for 2 whole year time passes by super fast here T__T *getting things ready for the giveaway! Yay~* Also thank you for the early Bday wishes Loves~ its not till this weekend,, which I am not looking forward in getting older... :sigh: +__+;;

well back to the subject, I seem to always go off track,, gomen ne XP

First love pack is from Athena aka @r0ckd0lly from singapore and fellow Naruto/kakashi lover♥

Thank you sweetie for being so creative and taking your time to make "mini eki" doll and being so thoughtful to me!! XD 
Are all SG girls sweet!? Ive meet so many super generous and sweet girls from Singapore! One of my destination to visit one day!!♥

kawaii packaging :)

Long post with lots of pics so click below for more♥

 whats in the box? aww especially for you♥ 
 ahh handmade doll made with cool clay that is air light :D Thank you sweetie, its SO KAWAII~ and yup I do dress like that haha ^__^

 the knit hat is super detailed I love it! Makes me want to craft with you!♥

 cute boots~ :3
 Thank you for the masks Hun! I am so happy that I get to try out the other Love more mask series since I really like their mask!
 Nature Republic foot & heel mask~ looks really interesting! Thanks Athena for everything I love it all♥

Love From Rina aka @rae630 ~♥ 

yup from my Hunnie Rina aka my love pack pimp!! lol gah where do I start Rina,,, I Love you so much but you know you have a shopping addiction right? haha j/k THANK YOU love for always surprising me with SO MUCH LOVE!! you seriously gift me way too much for one person and I really really feel bad.... D; I truly appreciate everything you do for me hun, I hope I do make you feel the same way!! X3 I am seriously looking into being closer to you and Sandra in the future so beware of this small person being in yo area! LOL
Love you :hugs:

 Dolly WInk mascara!!!!! :dies: review on the way lol :D
 kit kat and Meltyblend heaven :dies:
 thank you so much for getting me this, I ran out long ago and wasnt willing pay an arm and a leg for them here at my local asian grocery lol D; :HUGS:
 new Sexy Look mask series!! so kawaii :D Im very behind in masking and reviewing them.. :failed:
 Rina=mega twilight fan lol she is trying to seduce me into the darkside... *__* confession: I have yet to read or watch any of the twilight series.... lol D;

Love from Amy~♥

As a fellow bf's that are Minnesotan and a mega sweetie I am so glad to have met you!! Thank you so much for the generous gifts!! I feel terrible that I didnt get you pamper you,,, D; Thank you for thinking of me and sending me items that I would love!!♥ :Hugs:

You MUST let me know when you are visiting MN again we need to go on a date! ^__^

 Stage cosmetic my first one! Pretty beige/nudy shade lippie in 01 naughty nude
 Nars eyeshadow in Java nice neutral brown shade :)
 so happy you know that hand creams are must have here in the tundra lol thank you!♥
 really neat lashes with applicator strings *0* looks interesting~

Thank you Athena, Rina and Amy for the thoughtful gifts and putting a smile on my face in times that I was really sad,, all the packages really made me happy mostly because you where thinking of me! Thank you for being my friends :hugs:♥

Hope to put a smile on your face also ^__^



  1. Eki! I missed you here. :) What a lovely package!

  2. The Eki doll is so cute and the KitKat Strawberry Cake sounds extremely yummy!!

    P.S. Happy (EARLY) Birthday, Eki!

  3. the doll is really cute... and great gifts you received there

  4. Aw, that is so nice! What great gifts from such big hearted people :) <3

  5. That handmade doll of you is so cute!!
    And thanks for the compliment about Singapore girls. I hope you visit our lovely island someday too! =)

  6. what an amaaaaazing love pack!! and with the shampoo!! shipping must have been a lot with that! everything looks adorable, I'm sure you'll enjoy it :D

  7. I was looking to get a nudy lippie and haven't found the color I like yet. The NARS you're showing might be the one, thanks :)

  8. Awww, you're so lucky! I wonder if I'll ever experience having love packs too...hehhe
    you got really awesome items and that handmade doll is just too cute!

  9. Awww you have such sweet and thoughtful friends, how lovely!

  10. Ooh wowie! Those are amaaazing gifts :D

  11. I love your blog, I can never stop reading it! I have followed it for over a year and every time I go in here it makes me happy ! So keep up the good work ~

  12. so many wonderful gifts! how come i never get a love package. lol!

  13. Awh, so much cuteness in these ♥ Your friends are SO sweet & creative~!

  14. Oh that clay doll is totally adorable!

    That shampoo! I tried a sample of it and its so nice, though I liked the pink one more (was that Nuance Airy?) the smell is so nice XD

  15. wow!!!Lovely package ^_^ everything looks really beautifuL:)

  16. wauw, so many things =D enjoy everything eki ^__^

  17. wow, they are all so lovely, i really like that doll of you, so creative!

  18. rina is definitely a love pack bomber!! glad you like everything, you deserve all the love!

  19. You're so loved!! And you totally deserve this! =)

    The doll looks so cute!! The hat is very very cute, I can't believe it was made of clay,.
    How much are the chocolates in your area? I've seen them around but I don't know if they are overpriced or not.

  20. Aww, love packages~ how sweet!!! You've got a bunch of goodies here. :D


  21. Hi hi Eki!! The mini Eki doll of you is super cute!! Athena is super talented!! I am so happy and just ecstatic that you want to come to California!! I'm sure that there are a lot of people who would be excited to see you here, but Rina and I would be super duper happy!!! I hope that you enjoy your love packages as you really deserve it =)! You are such a caring and loving person! **hug** Thank you for being such a sweet and great friend =)! Love you!!

  22. the clay doll is so cute. wow to all the goodies :)

  23. Those are some great gifts. The doll is adorable :)

  24. Wow, such amazing gifts! You have such thoughtful and loving friends.
    Happy birthday in advance! :)

  25. aww...rina is such a great person! i wish i can meet you and her one day soon! you have so much love after blogging! And i can't believe your birthday is coming up soon! I know one year is adding on, but you age so gracefully and beautiful I can't tell you are getting older and wiser. Cheer up keep smiling..i remember you tell me that too. Email me your info..i've been wanting to send you something for your bday. take care hun

  26. Happy, happy Birthday, Eki! Didn't want to put this on your latest giveaway post incase it messed up the entries. Anywayz, hope you had a super de duper birthday! May you have a brilliant year ahead!

  27. Couldn't resist posting a little shout out here. I happen to be from Singapore and I love your blog. Anyway, I hope you have a very happy birthday!


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