Dolly Wink Long mascara review


Here is Dolly Wink Long Mascara review!
Getting back to blog more often and getting the reviews out before I forget ^^;;

The mascara are one of newest items from Tsubasa's Dolly Wink collection~ As always Tsubasa's eyelashes looks perfect so was curious to try her mascara since all of her other products have been nice quality and gives off nice finish so this time around with this mascara I am not disappointed again!! :D

There are 2 types of Dolly Wink mascara, this one is LONG and another on is Volume. I prefer lengthening mascara over volumizing mascaras cause they are less likely to give off clumpy finish and my lashes are short~ if you read my past review I love fiberwig mascara and that is the only mascara I have been using since 2001! 10 years lol! I always try to use other mascaras in between to see if I find better mascara but I always end up going back to using fiberwig but this mascara is so similar in the finish as fiberwig also the formula seems to be alike as well!

As you can see there are tiny fibers in the mascara to give a lengthening effect

 As with fiberwig it takes a little patience to apply and build this mascara on your lashes but so worth doing for the nice finish!

How to use long mascara:
1. hold the brush vertically and apply mascara individually on lash
2. Now apply the brush horizontally put the mascara on as you are pulling it outward
3. For the lower lash use the tip of the brush and apply

Dolly eyelash tip:
use the tip of the brush where there is plenty of mascara to build the lash, this will lengthen the mascara for dolly effect :) Also you can use volume mascara after the long mascara for even more Dolly eyes! :D

Best thing about this mascara is like fiberwig it will

1. Gives off shiny and glossy finish with no clumps
2. Contains 2 types of fiber for extending the lashes
3. Strong against smudging from sweat or moisture, no panda eyes!
4. Easy to wash off with warm water

Also contains Eyelash treatment ingredients panthenol protein 

Ok so here is my thoughts:

I like it! Very similar to fiberwig how it doesnt smudge around there eyes since the formula coats your lashes and kinda turns rubbery so you dont get transfers around the eyes so that is always a major PLUS in my book, it does indeed extend my lash and gives off nice dolly lashes but you really do have to build it on the lashes so you need patience with this mascara, I applied about 3 coats here to get it to look like this. I love how you can just wash it off with warm water and some face cleanser so no eye makeup removers here! :D Also works amazingly with my panasonic lash curler and stays curled all day~ The only thing thats sorta missing is that the fibers seems to be shorter than the fiberwig so you really have to build it to get lengths but over all it does what it claims and I am happy with it! ♥


No Panda eyes
sorta waterproof
washes off with warm water, dont need to use makeup remover
lengthens with no clumping
works amazingly with electric lash curler and stay curled all day

Takes patience to apply and lengthening

Oh and I am wearing Tsubasa's Bambi lens in Almond brown but this one is Princess Mimi repackaged 15mm version kindly sponsored by eyecandylens.com review on this to come :)

Its been a while for FOTD so here it is lol :D
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Skin79 Diamond bb pact powder
MAC Studio sculpt concealer in NC20
Jill Stuart blossom blush in 02 sweet mum
Candy Doll highlighter powder in cream beige
Dolly wink liquid eyeliner 
KATE gradical palette in GD
Dolly Wink long mascara
NYX automatic eyebrow pencil in taupe
Canmake melty nude lipstick in baby pink

 Hope this helps~ if you like fiberwig mascara you will like this mascara too :D

take care sweets~



  1. Hey, I'd like to order this mascara but I don't really know how to do it :S

  2. wow. thanks for the review
    i wanna try this mascara too

  3. you look really pretty. I like your eyes :D

    I hope dolly winks available in our country too :(

  4. wow your eyelashes look so long with the mascara!~~ ><
    Is the mascara easy to wash off?~

  5. The mascara looks really nice to use and the lashes are nicely done~
    hope that the price is a lil lower tho ><

  6. WOWWWWW your eyelashes look so long after! this mascara is as good as fake lashes :O

  7. Your eyelashes always look super nice! First I've seen with chocolate brown too! Thanks for the review!!

  8. Lovely packaging, looks great!


    ps: Hey, everyone, I am hosting a giveaway on my blog! Come join, it's international and I'm giving away 25 goodies PLUS a surprise!
    See u there! ^.^

  9. it looks really nice but i think fiberwig looks better >< your eyelashes are so long anyways eki i don't think you need extra length :P

  10. Wow, this works amazingly well! I love my fiberwig mascara. Might try this out the next time mine runs out. Thanks for th review :)

  11. so pretty. thanks for the before and after comparison pics. very useful. i've had this for weeks now but haven't used it yet - even more excited to try it now. lots of love faye

  12. wow it really make your lashes look super long! I have this mascara too but i find it really sticky and if you blink before it dries you get it everywhere! Plus I don't really have the patience to keep layering it >.< so much easier just to wear fakies haha!

    btw I'm doing a DUP eyelash giveaway for anyone interested please visit my blog xx


  13. I'm going to end up spending so much money because of your amazing reviews lol! I'm heading off to Mitsuwa today, so I'm going to have to check out this mascara :D I'm super excited for your Bambi Almond review!! I'm happy you decided to wear them for this review~ sneak peak haha <3

  14. I'm more and more and more tempted to buy all Koji Dolly Wink series if you are reviewing any after this!haha.

  15. I would love to try this mascara! It really makes your lashes stand out and long.

  16. Haha you've been really working on posting up blog posts~ :D I love the fiberwig mascara and I've been using it for only 3 years (not as long as you have) but I have never bought any other mascara since using fiberwig :P つばさちゃんのマスカラを使ってみようかな〜<3。いつもポストをやってくれてありがとうね〜!

  17. I have this too~~I use to use fiberwig and then I stopped and when I bought this mascara I thought it was really similar too! I'm really not sure which one is better though >_< since I really want the one that lengthens more.

  18. I love this review! Thank you so much for posting it, I think I really was going to go for the volume... but now I think I am getting the lengthening one!! Thank you for the amazing review, Eki!

  19. That mascara looks really good! I've been thinking about trying Dollywink products and they look really promising!
    And your lenses look really nice too, although they look more gray than brown in the pictures! XD

  20. oh it looks amazing :) I wanna try it now ^_^ thanks for the review

  21. Wow, your lashes are so long!! They look like falsies!!
    I didn't know about that tip for using lengthening mascaras. Thanks for sharing! I'm gonna try it next time!

  22. That looks amazinggg! After seeing this I really want to get my hands on the mascara now! Thanks Eki <3

  23. WOW. just wow. your lashes look amaaaaaazing! rivals fuzkittie! hahaha and i love her lashes. very nice :) i wish i had more patience with mascara but i'm JUST getting back into eyeliner.. been soooo lazy with makeup >_<

  24. wow looks oh so lovely looks like you have false eyelashes >u< so cool

  25. Are you kidding me? O_Ô you have like the most PERFECT lashes EVER or what?! >_<" Damn.. and I who thought you couldn't possibly be THAT perfect... -sigh- Guess I was wrong.. lol

  26. OoOoO i love your eyes, it looks really good. i think i am going to try this out. my eyelashes never turn out good looking. thanks.

  27. must try! thanks for the review!

  28. I want to try this product out! I've always been looking for a lengthening mascara, so hopefully this will work :]

  29. The packaging is so pretty, and I love the lens <3 very natural and flattering! :)
    The mascara seems pretty amazing!! ^_^

  30. wow!!! I'm mesmerize by your look! I srsly wished I have thick bottom lashes to coat my mascara with!

  31. Hiii,

    I really like your blog ^ ^ I am a new follower from Italy ^ ^
    Just wanted to say hi and Have a nice Week ^ ^

  32. pretty eyes !
    if u want follow me and write comment ;*

  33. ooo i want to try this mascara soon :)

  34. i will have to try this! thanks for sharing...and i love the bottle! :)


  35. Look at you, being all dolled up! Love it!

  36. YAAY a proper review I can refer people to xDD! I feel the same about this mascara, it's got lots of pros but does seem to take a little extra bit of time to apply. Like the fiber isn't as sticky or or shorter fibers like you said so building length requires lots of applying. But I think I'll buy more when I run out. I LOVE it for bottom lashes.

  37. I am really jealous of your long long eyelashes!!!!

  38. Sara Pretty-peepersApril 19, 2011 at 6:09 PM

    I want this. Thank you for such quality photos!!!

  39. when you do a review for bambi almond contacts can you at least post one photo that is taken without using ring light :)
    thank you

  40. Ello Ekimura ! :) I'm a new follower from United States ! and I want to join in the giveaway eye drop. :)
    I want to try ! and my email is beeswifay@gmail.com ;D ! Thank you Ekimura !

  41. hii, i really like your blog (: 
    i ABSOLUTELY LOVE how ur lashes look but i have a question... how do you make your bottom lashes look like that? like curl down & stay down??
    i can never seem to get the bottom right :( 

  42. Hello, I really love your reviews because you are so detailed! :D

    Btw, I was wondering why the Almond Brown contacts kind of look grey? O.o

  43. Eki-san,

    Thanks for the great review, your lashes look brilliant! Would you be able to tell what the ingredients list is? 

    Thank you! :) 


let me know what you think~ :3

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