Easter weekend~ :D

Hi hi~

Just sharing some pics from my Easter weekend :)

My weekend didnt start so well I decided to clean all my lenses since I got a new contact case for all my lenses so I got to my Mimi/bami grey lens started to clean it in my palm by gently rubbing them and I noticed a rip on the lens!! I barely rubbed it so Im guessing it was already defective lens and by me rubbing them it cause it to rip? I been wearing contact lens for over 12 years and I never had this happen before so that's my wild guess =__=;; Im so sad cause Ive only gotten to wear this lens for like 4 times and I was liking how it looked.. :sniffs: D';

And then we had to go on a mini road trip to Zachs family's place and while going there we noticed a loud thump so we pulled over to find out we had a flat tire T__T

so from them I wasnt in a good mood but after getting there I was immediately happy seeing all the colorful Easter decorations lol

All pics taken with Lumix GH2,,, still getting used to using GH2 slightly different from my D90 but more I use it more I like but D90 takes way better picture but the movie quality on GH2 are great lol 

Zach's aunt trains Arabian breed horses so I just snapped some pics of their pretty horses :D

 Zach snapped this pic of me and the horse starting at each other lol

well that is pretty much my weekend just ate way too much and feeling the pain now lol

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well :)



  1. I thought u were going to review new lenses again, its sad that they are defective =(

    but cheer up with lots of jelly beans! and the easter version MnM is cute LOL

  2. I totally forgot about jelly beans and white lilies for Easter doh! My Easter was rather low key. Those have to be the cutest bunny candles! Glad you had a great weekend!

  3. Wow, Nice pictures Eki!
    Love how you shoot it, I like the blur background effect from your camera's lens.

  4. The horses are gorgeous!

  5. the pictures look amazing!! so many pretty colors...and pretty horses! sorry about your contacts hun...hopefull u can get a new pair soon.

  6. I wish my Easter was as nice as yours, minus your lens and tire! That's a huge tear in the lens ;o; And they looked great on you too >_<;;;;

    I had to work on Easter, so I'm hoping I got paid extra $$$ Then I got to see my sister's bunny Fluff Muffin for the first time heehee He's.... not very cute in person actually LOL!

    Awww I love horses! They're SO beautiful, omg.... I wish I had the chance to be so close to horses too ^^

  7. looks like you had an awesome easter eki-chan! :3 your pictures are so wonderful. glad you were able to fix the car and have fun. :3

  8. you take such beautiful pictures. my easter consist of my sons finding easter eggs at a neighbors and then they ate all the candy. i didn't want them to eat all of it but they would sneek some. huy.... im glad your easter was good. the cake looks yummy btw.

  9. Wow Eki!! The decorations at the Easter party was really pretty!!! I'm sorry it didn't start out too well for you =|, but I'm glad to hear that it went well after all the bad things happened =)! Thank you for sharing with us your Easter!! I hope you have a great week =D!

  10. Your pics are still beautiful even if it isn't a DSL.
    I'm sad to hear that your lenses ripped! I think it must be the lenses that were defective...I have never been able to rip a lens by just rubbing =/

    & Ohh, such pretty eggs and decorations! I dont really celebrate Easter but I sure love seeing the bunnies and eggs ^^

  11. i love the horses! and the super cute m&ms hehe i hope you get new bambi lenses!

  12. Here in Andalusia, Easter has been a disaster because of the weather. It has been raining the whole week, so almost all the traditional "procesiones" have been stopped. But that is not normal! Well, Eki, if you want to know about my usual Easter read my post. I enjoy yours very much.

  13. Aww! Good think you were OK in the end! Car troubles can be so scary ...

    That's so cool that his family has horses! They are so beautiful~

  14. loving the photos bubs! the horses look amazing :O

  15. the photos look amazing! great work :D the horses look so content and peaceful :]

  16. The horses are soooooooo cute!! and you are too as well..

  17. wow Seens like a great day loving the cake looks soo yummy soo jelous i love horses^^

  18. oh i love all the pics with the GH2. Such wonderful food and decorations =) Glad you had a great easter.

  19.  such pretty pics~ love the one of you staring at the horse hehehe. i'm sorry you had such a bad start to your day but yes, the colorful deco makes everything better :D 


let me know what you think~ :3

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