Rohto Lycee Giveaway!

Here is a chance to try out my favorite eye drop Rohto Lycee 
thanks to PinkyParadise.com for sponsoring this Giveaway!

PinkyParadise has been a great sponsor and I had a chance to ask them to sponsor Rohto Lycee eye drops for my reader since I believe its a must have item~ most of you are a contact wearer and who better to sponsor them then Pinkyparadise! ^__^

Rohto eye drops are my HG must have item wether you are a contact wearer or not its a must have in my book! :) You can see my past HG collection here 


for Lycee from Rohto JPN website

Redness of the eye is attributable to itching, inflammation, dryness and strain in the eye. Rohto Lycée a is a multi-purpose formulation in consideration of such causes of eye redness. Besides redness, it relieves eye inflammation and itching. (Pink and clear solution)

Conjunctival congestion, eye itching, eyestrain, prevention of eye diseases (after swimming or due to dust or sweat), discomfort while wearing hard contact lenses, eye inflammation (e.g., snow blindness) due to ultraviolet light and other light rays, blepharitis (eyelid inflammation), blurred vision (in case of excessive eye mucus


Instill 1 to 2 drops 3 to 6 times per day.

Active Ingredients
Tetrahydrozoline Hydrochloride 0.04%
Zinc Sulfate 0.1%
Chlorpheniramine Maleate 0.01%
Vitamin B12 0.006%
Vitamin B6 0.05%
Potassium L-Aspartate 1.0%

The color pink actually comes from Vitamin B12♥

Rohto Lycee CM its cute :)

To enter:

Must be my follower open to anyone in the world~ :)

1. Please leave a comment in this post and say "I want to try"
2. please give me a feedback/suggesting to what you would like to see more of in ekiblog♥
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*Giveaway closes Fri 4/29 midnight central time zone

 Also some lenses to review!


  1. I want to try!

    I would love to see more of your video tutorials.

    alison*elle / xo. alison [at] gmail.com

  2. I want to try! :)

    id love to see more product reviews on your blog, coz i love reading them. also some giveaways and free stuffs would be nice :)

    Thanks :)
    punkme15 at gmail dot com

  3. I want to try :)
    I would love to see more TUTORIALS! And pictures of your daily life

  4. I want to try! =^_^= I've wanted to try Rohto eyedrops for a while. Are these the ones that burn or are icy, or are they just soothing?

    My suggestion for your blog is to feel free to take more everyday photos! I love your amazing setup with the circle lamp and everything, but I am also curious about your everyday looks and outfits and your works in progress for ekilove!

    My email address is: miss.elana@gmail.com

  5. I want to try~!

    Your blog is already lovely as it is but it would be nice to see more reviews for makeup and circle lenses, as well as v-logs.



  6. i want to try!

    I would love to see more tutorials and product reviews! I bought the dermalogica microexfoliant because of your review/hg products post, and I love it!

    Thank you so much!


  7. I want to try! Really wanna really try :D
    My feedback is could you give some more japanese magz scans like: Scawaii, VIVI, etc.

    my email: tunnel_411_band@yahoo.com

  8. I want to try.

    My feedback would be I love the way you write your blog now :D The reviews you gave are awesome and keep it up!
    Good luck :)


  9. I want to try!!

    I want to see more gyaru inspired tutorials and more japanese makeup reviews!

    thanks bella.chicxo@gmail.com

  10. I want to try!!

    I'd really like to see some outfit posts, as you are so stylish! But, we don't get to see what you're wearing that often. :(

    Thank you!


  11. I want to try!!!
    I would really like to see more outfit of the day posts..I really like your style!
    Thank you for the giveaway! :]
    email: g.eun.h.kim@gmail.com

  12. I want to try! =)

    I would like to see more OOTD post's.

    redz2486 (at) gmail (dot) com

  13. I want to try!
    I remember you blogging about this before and I really wanted to try it. I'd love to see more photos of you Eki! Your photography skills are incredible :)


  14. I want to try!

    I would like to see more outfit posts and more hair colour posts please!


    Thanks eki!

  15. I want oto try!
    tutorials for makeup/nails posts please? :D
    Thank you for this give away! :)


  16. I want to try!

    I would love to see more makeup tutorials. I'm a super beginner when it comes to applying makeup, and I love how your makeup looks! <3


  17. I want to try!

    I'd really like to see more food recipes :* and Make up tutorials.

    Yay! Good luck everyone <3


  18. I want to try!

    I'd like to see more make up (or hair) tutorials! I like how you do your makeup~


  19. I want to try!
    email: pandaphilia1 [at] gmail [dot] com
    I think you should just post more often about anything! Your content doesn't need to be perfect, we love you for who you are :) I love your gorgeous makeup tutorials. Food recipes are also good!

  20. I want to try! <3
    oooh Rohto eyedrops! I've always heard such rave reviews on them and they sound/look so interesting! They aren't readily available to me in my area so I hope I win so I can try them :D
    I'd like to see more makeup tutorials and product reviews! You have such a lovely clean and simple style that I'd love to learn more about ^^

    My email is: happymidget3000@hotmail.com

  21. I want to try!
    email: bubblexbusiness@googlemail.com

    I really enjoy your blog, and get happy whenever you update, I can't really say what you should improve, maybe you could share more tutorials in the future, ^-^ maybe what you like to wear <3 but I really love the blog how it is and you are a great girl <3

  22. i want to try ^^

    i would love to see more gyaru tutorial, and gyaru products review <3

    email: dahyehur@yahoo.com

  23. I want to try!
    email: mooncake_1990@yahoo.de

    I would like to see hair tutorials or an outfit of a day ^3^

  24. Hello! I want to try it. Can you do an HG makeup products post/video? Also can you let us know where you get all of your Japanese products from? I always see you get all of these different products I've never heard of before. Maybe you can add it into your posts? I guess that's asking for too much. I hope you'll be willing to though. Thanks! My email address is kireiboa@gmail.com

  25. Hello Eki~ I want to try the eye drop! So please enter me. I would love to see some sort of summary of all your favorite color contacts since you have so many! And your tips and advises on how to take care of them. Thank you! My email is goodie111384@gmail.com

  26. oyeah I would like to try!
    I don't know what I would love to see in your blog because you make all I love! ^^

  27. I want to try thiss !!!! I love all your reviews and I would love to see more cosmetic lens ,make up review , and also some japanese food recipe :D

  28. Hi Eki great giveaway
    I want to try! ^0^
    and I'd like to see more outfit of the day posts <3


  29. I want to try ~
    It would be so awesome to make some fashion coordinate tutorial with clothes we can find in famous shops you know, because Popteen, popsister use to wear expensive clothes so yeah... oh and please, give us some tips to make good coordinate ♥ ! And you can also make a makeup tutorial which fits the look ^^


  30. The eye drops look so amazing! I've always wanted to try them but they've been a bit too expensive in my opinion.
    And I've love to see more face of the day, HG and maybe mask reviews? I already love all the magazine scans so keep those up (they're SO expensive to buy them here in Canada)!!

  31. i want to try this !! I love all your reviews and would like to see more of cosmetic lens ,makeup product review and japanese recipe :D

    email: akijayyy@gmail.com

  32. Hey Eki, this is my first time commenting here. I would like to try the eye drop!
    I check your blog and tweets often, and I always like the contents of your blog. However, I would like to see more brushes reviews and such, related to make up. I also hope you can make more make up tutorial videos, really enjoyed the fiberwig one!
    my email : showta@live.com
    thanks and have a nice day!

  33. I want to try<3
    I would love to see DIY's in your blog or cute tutorials since you're such a creative person!
    I also can't wait to see your lens review *O* I want to collect all of the bambi series!!
    My email: xxswtinnoc3ntxx@yahoo.com

  34. I want to try~ rurouni_inu_girl@hotmail.com

    I would love to see more reviews of Candy Doll products on your sites. Basically anything Tsubasa related would be amazing! I know you already have a lot of Tsubasa related products that have been reviewed, but I cannot get enough. I love your high resolution pictures, and your indepth picture reviews. Or maybe more Jill Stuart stuff. ^^

    Thanks for your time~

  35. I want to try please ^^ tora-chan111@hotmail.com
    Hehe and for ekiblog, I would like to see more japanese makeup reviews and hauls any if eki is up for it, maybe some cute hair tutorials? :D Apart from that I love reading your lens reviews so keep that up! ^^

  36. I've been wanting to try this for ages!! :D Sadly sasa.com doesn't carry them! :<
    So many good reviews so I want to try these!!
    My email is melissyjn@gmail.com
    I love all your posts, but I really do love reading about your weekends! They always seem so interesting, and your photography is always lovely too! :)

  37. I WANT TO TRY!

    Omg.. i think I need this because I use circle lenses and after awhile I needed drops to keep them from drying.

    I want to see more hauls and make up tutorials :D


  38. I want to try!
    I like it when you post stuff on gyaru makeup owo I don't want to see your lens. It makes me feel extremely jealous. Just kidding I love them too, it just makes my heart ache a bit hahaha! I don't really know, I kinda like whatever you put at the moment, with blogs about life and makeup. :)
    My e-mail is squattingdreamer@gmail.com

  39. I want try ♥

    What i want to see more on ekiblog is more post on what you are currently doing or perhaps a project 365. =)
    email: meetsteffanie@gmail.com

  40. I want try ♥

    What i want to see more on ekiblog is more post on what you are currently doing or perhaps a project 365. =)
    email: meetsteffanie@gmail.com

  41. I badly want to try it because my eyes are very dry and in my country don't exist such kind of thing....
    My email is Tailiya@gmx.de
    Your blog is so lovely and you are a some kind of "idol blogger" for me since I read your blog the first time!
    Maybe you should do more of your great tutorials! I would like to see them!

    Have a nice day!

  42. i want to try~

    I just recently discovered your blog and really love it! I haven't gotten a chance to look at all your posts, but I'll probably end up looking at all of them ahah

    I really like Japanese culture and would like to see more Japanese styles of skincare. Like the steps you have in your regular skincare. I also love how the Japanese do their eyebrows, so that'll be cool too!! thank you!!


  43. I want to try ^^. I would like to see more affordable product reviews.
    Thanks, Xiaoqing_88@hotmail.com

  44. I want to try ^^. I would like to see more affordable product reviews.
    Thanks, Xiaoqing_88@hotmail.com

  45. I want to try.
    I loved your tutorials so I would like to see more of them.

  46. I want to try!!
    I would love to see more product reviews! (i.e. mascarras, foundations, etc)

  47. I want to try ^^. I would like to see more affordable product reviews.
    Thanks, Xiaoqing_88@hotmail.com

  48. I want to try this! I do wear contacts, and sometimes I do get red eyes :( saaraneth@gmail.com

  49. I want to try!!
    I would like to see more makeup tutorials :)


    Hullo eki~ i've been visiting your blog for a while now ^^ and i must say, i really appreciate your mag scan posts! so thank you for all the effort.
    i'd like to see more food posts please :) like ones that are beneficial to your health such as the matcha milk latte tut; they make for interesting reads in between your tutorials and reviews. but yeah do keep up the product reviews!! they help me decide what new products to try haha :'D

    EMAIL: shalalala.sabbit@gmail.com

  51. I want to try!! o(≧▽≦)o
    I would love to see more reviews of japanese cosmetics and skin care series,
    and eye makeup tutorials! I love all ur eye makeups! (✿◕‿◕)♥

  52. in want to try :D
    do more natural look tutorial please~ i'm a newbie & want to enchance my look with makeup but still need some inspiration.
    love ur blog Eki ^^


  53. I want to try !
    I would love love loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to see some more make up tutorials :) And possibly a hair tutorial? :D


  54. I want to try!
    I'd love to see more make up tutorials and reviews! :D

  55. I want to try!
    I would love to see more hair care (also hair dye) and make up tutorials.


  56. I want to try :)

    I'd love to see more product reviews on ekiblog, especially make-up & skincare type!

  57. I want to try tooo ^^ (first time participating in a giveaway)
    I love Japanese food, please teach me how to make things so I don't have to go to restaurants all the time *smiles*

    Email: lmelyssa@hotmail.com

    Mel xx

  58. I want to try!

    I'd love to see more make-up reviews especially quick and easy ones when you're in a hurry to go to school or something. I love how your skin is so flawless, I'd love to see your make-up tutorials :D

    I'm following as tniestef.blogspot.com

  59. I want to try!

    I would like to see more of your drawings in here! I LOVED the Tsubasa one, and it inspired me to draw more myself!
    You are really good at drawing, and so so inspiring!


  60. I want to try!

    I'd really like to see tutorials Make Up or Hair Tutorials <3
    I'm following you as "Lu" :3

    kiddisim-at-hotmail dot com

  61. I want to try! :D

    I love that you scan magazines! ahhh thank you~ and oh I would like you to make more reviews on anything really, I don't mind and post more yummy food pictures hence recipes? hehehe

    my email: ayuni_(at)live.com

  62. thank you for the giveaway ^^ i want to try!
    i'm not sure what i would like to see more of, to be honest i love everything you post! i love the variety~
    i'm following gfc: emi

  63. Ohh ~ I wanna try too

    I'd like to see some more of your photography ^^ very inspirational

    Hikachu (at) gmail . com

  64. I want try ♥

    What i want to see is more reviews!! I love all the ones you made soo far, and your photographs!!

    email: anya_vorobyova@hotmail.co.uk

  65. i want to try
    i would like to see more tutorials : ) esp gyaru and maybe your skin care

  66. I want to try ! -^ w ^-

    Just wanted to thank you once again for al the love you give through out your blog ;) and all the little tips and reviews you give to us ! Keep up the awsome job !!

    And like you asked, I would love to see more hair does, not just tutorials and so on :) but stuff like ideas you had and all.

    Email : helene.briglia@gmail.com

    Big kisses from France

  67. I want to try! (^___^)
    i suggest Fashion outfits of the day, different fashion styles in japan tutorials and info, also more beauty prods from japan that is unique and not avail in other countries.
    more japan music! and daily life blog ;)
    your blog is already beautiful and your pictures are great! all info is also very much helpful desu..fight-o!
    Email: amz_2507@yahoo.com

    XOXO from Philippines

  68. I want to try! ^^ Thanks for this awsome opportunity Pinkyparadise&Eki! ^^

    What I want to see more is faces of the day! I looove to see those! And also; I'm curious about outfits? I know that this blog is more of a make-up blog.. but I love to see outfits too? XD

    Email: leamars007 [at] hotmail.com

  69. "I want to try" :)
    I've been browsing your blog for a year now, and although I follow others, to be honest, your blog stands out. The layout is perfect, you have good quality photos, you update quite often which is very good because you have a lot of followers checking up on your site :) what I love about your blog is that you provide so much information on everything you post! Others just review the product so plainly and fail to elaborate for the viewers.. I'm always like, "wohhhhhh that is sooo cool i soooo wanna try it!!!" haha.

    now this new product seems to be a must have for me too!! my eyes are always red because of too much air-con exposure and irritations from contact lenses use - one reason why i stopped using eye contacts because i could never find a red eye eliminating product...

    What I would love to see more on ekiblog?? Not much since you've done an amazing job!! But, maybe some make up tricks you may use, or some tricks when you do up your hair or hairstyles, or anything that would give the girls something to try at home.. also maybe try involving fashion into your blog more :)
    whatever you choose to do, just stay the way eki is ^^!! Your blog is outstanding.

    edgelane_p@hotmail.com :)

  70. I want to try! :3 My eyes have been getting red from my contacts lately and I was sad that my local Japanese market doesn't sell these ):

    Your blog is great as it is, but I'd say more reviews would be very helpful!! :D

    My email is nahomiiix3@aol.com
    thank you!

  71. I want to try!! I've been wanting to try it for ages now, but it just hasn't been one of those 'must spend on' items and I've got rent to pay and groceries to buy and there's just things I need, compared to something I want. =(
    I really would like to see more of your tutorials Eki!! I remember only seeing one or two and they are tricks that I picked up, I use on a daily basis!! So I would really love it if you could do more tutorials for us, in make up or anything else really. ^^


  72. I want to try of course! :D
    I have been pondering these for a while but I am always so worried to try new products out hehe
    and I am really looking forward to seeing your review of the brown Tsubasa lenses :D
    As for what I want to see more of... I wouldnt know! Youre blog content is spot on!

  73. I WANT TO TRY! :D
    Your blog is great as it is, but sometimes I would love to see your outfit of the day! :D

    my email: do_kim@web.de

  74. I want to try! Thanks for this giveaway.

    It'd be great to see more outfit and hair posts, since your hair always looks so perfect and your clothing must be really cute!

    xiaostarr ((@)) gmail.com

  75. I want to try it!!!
    I want to see more of hair post :)


  76. I want to try! ^^
    I would love to see more tutorials on ekiblog!
    ulzzangyo at gmail.com

  77. I want to try! =D
    Hey Eki,
    Thx for this giveaway, i've always wanted to try this! i loveee lychee
    anyways, since you have always posted on Popteen/Popsister fashion spreads, why don't do some look of the day kinda post? something fast. xD

    sorry if you're already doing that...I only notice alot of contact lenses xD
    I notice that you may be a cardigan fan, are you? Some people may thing thats basic but i do know some people who don't like cardi's.. ><
    you anyways seem to be wearing of cardis [ for layering/for comfort/is it just me.../ is it still cold there? xDc hehe] in pics and videos

    email : kristinchoy[at]korea[dot]com


  78. hey eki,
    i would love to try this HG product of yours! ^^
    and i would love to see more hauls of kawaii cosmetics, or perhaps just like an update of what your day,week or month has been like, and maybe some lovely photographs to accompany :)



  79. I want to try! ^^
    I would love to see some outfit posts.

  80. I want to try :3

    more food post and maybe pictures of minnesota? if there is where your at,correct me if im wrong :D hee


  81. hi eki
    I want to try
    i would like to see more review and also nail polish dyi...
    your really great in reviewing a products...

    I'm a follower GFC

  82. I would like to try !

    I'd like to see more skincare related stuff? and this doesn't relate that much to your blog but more youtube videos too please :)

    my email is afterteh@gmail.com

  83. Eki!

    I want to try :)
    I would absolutely love to see some recreations of things you do on set of films. You could do really useful tips everyone could benefit from to really outrageous fun makeup that you've done on set. I think that would be really awesome, I know it'd be something that'll really be of interest to me.

    My email is dearcamie@gmail.com

    I really love your site and all that you do. Thank you for this giveaway. I've heard about this eyedrop and I just can't fathom the thought of tasting through your eye. I am really excited for this!


  84. 1. "I want to try"
    2. I would like to see more makeup tutorials <3
    3. wats.blue@gmail.com

  85. In my review I love watching Japanese products and makeup and skincare products

    My email: al22ba@gmail.com

  86. 1. I want to try
    2. i would like to see makeup tutorials cause ur makeup looks flawless and pretty^^♥
    3. sakinahabbas@hotmail.com

  87. NicoNico.Shopz NicoApril 26, 2011 at 4:46 AM

    1. I want to try!
    2. I would suggest to have more japanese recipes food tutorial. :)
    3. My email is niconico.shopz@gmail.com

    Thanks Eki ^^

  88. "I WANT TO TRY"


    I've been wanting try these eye-drops but cannot find anywhere in London that sells them =( You prerry much cover everything i like in your blog, but i guess more hair dye post's, I'm curious about asian brand hair dyes lol xoxo

    I blogged about this giveaway lol

  89. I want to try! :) It would be nice to try something else, not just my average pharmacy eyedrops...

    I'd some/more fashion-related stuff and make-up tutorials, too (even just tips).


  90. I want to try!

    I like to see more beauty reviews and personal blog to get to know u better but not in a creepy way lol!


  91. I want to try! ♥

    I'd love to see more food tutorials/recipes and gyaru makeup tutorials ♥

    ♥ ciramisu@gmail.com

  92. I want to try!!!
    P.S. I'd like to see more reviews and tutorials

  93. I want to try !
    I would like to see more beauty tutorials, like for your hair/make-up, how you care for your skin!

  94. Hi Eki!
    I'd like to try ♥
    Your blog is really awesome!!
    I really love your reviews, I use fiberwig macscara and an heated lash curler now, and my short, asian lashes are really longer with those products, I'm sooo happy! ♥
    I'd like to see more make-up tutorials ♥

    My e-mail is: elise-93@live.nl

  95. I want to try!!

    More hauls and reviews are always awesome :)

    my email is xoxojessiebear@gmail.com

  96. I want to try :)
    Hi hun <3 I enjoy reading all and every blog you post. I would love to see some eye makeup looks that you usually wear daily bc you look like a barbie doll ! Great giveaway.. can't wait till you announce the winner ! yay~
    email: jpark0718@gmail.com

  97. I want to try

    Eki, I love your blog, I really like your blog has many posts that I enjoy reading! ¿What I would like to see? More tutorials and your own beauty secrets! The reviews of the japonese makeup love them! Great giveaway, thanks for them~

    Mi mail: sweet_cupcakes_@hotmail.com

  98. "I want to try"

    I want to see more reviews : )

    msee 1985 at hot mail dot com

  99. I want to try !

    Eki , your blog is so nice ! I LOVE IT ! I would like to see more tutorials . Otherwise , I really like reading your blog ! Thank you for the giveaway ! ^^

    This is my email : chanel.tonnu@yahoo.com

  100. I want to try! I would like to see your current skincare regimen, you have such beautiful skin! My e-mail is jennieslee @ gmail . com

  101. I want to try!

    Hi Eki, want to see more Japanese products, makeups or fashion reviews, makeup tutorials. Love your blog. Thanks for the giveaways! :)

  102. I want to try! :)

    I would like to see more make-up tutorials. I love how your make up is so natural and wearable.

  103. I want to try!

    I would like to see another makeup tutorial or product review. I love your blog ^^

    My email is ranma_chan13@hotmail.com

  104. I want to try ♥

    I'd also love to see more of your makeup, just like everyone else haha! ;D You're awesome at it, so I'd love to learn~

    Email: honeylovejam(at)yahoo(dot)com

  105. I want to try - since you speak so highly of them who wouldn't?!

    I would like to see more reviews of Asian skin care items, like the My Beauty Diary Masks.

    readingamidstthechaos (at) gmail (dot) com

  106. I want to try! :) Been wanting to try this for a long time! :D

    I would like to see more reviews on Asian brand makeups.


  107. Your reviews got me interested so of course "I want to try" too!
    I would like you see your current skincare routine. I might have missed it if you've posted about it before.

  108. I want to try! I SO BADLY want to try this! I went to Mitsuwa looking for it and was heartbroken they don't sell it <33 ANY tutorials, I love reading them on your blog Eki <333



  109. i want to try!
    i love your blog,maby you could have a post whit your outfit that day,showing a picture and maby tell were you got it from ;)

  110. I want to try!
    oh that waterdrops are sooo helpful!!

    Eki, dear, I do love your blog, i wish there were more reviews and hauls of gyaru products such as lashes or circle lenses <3
    here is my e-mail:

  111. I want to try :)
    I would love to see more makeup tutorials, or outfit of the day!

  112. I want to try
    More reviews,swatches and makeup tutorials ^__^
    Email: kctc.xoxo@hotmail.com

  113. I want to try!
    I would like more Makeup tutorials, reviews, popteen scans and FOTDs and fashion stuff too ^^
    My email is ayakarie@hotmail.co.jp but the email I'm using to follow you is kikurilovesren@gmail.com ^^

  114. I want to try~! ^o^
    I think makeup/skincare/haircare product reviews would be amazing, and more tutorials would be nice too~ Or even posts about your makeup collection! Those are always fun~ ^w^

  115. i want to try
    in the future may you please do some reviews on BB cream? or anything in particular because i love all the reviews you do on your blog here, im a big fan ^__^
    my email is : lil_miss_rawrx3@hotmail.com

  116. I want to try!
    I would love to see more reviews on products and circle lenses! You're always so honest :)

  117. I want to try
    i would love to see more of your food tutorials...always look so yummy

  118. I want to try~!!!
    I would love to see more about cosmetic reviews and videos ~!! Nevertheless~~ Ninja too!!>"< because I LOVE CATS!!
    Cooking cooking too...!!Hehehe..can help my bf and I discuss about it~~
    In Malaysia..=.= the food package all written in Japanese which is a big PROBLEM to me because I don't know Japanese **sobss** ToT

  119. I'd like to try ^-^

    I love your tutorials and random updates and would like to see more of that. Your food tutorials are also awesome and easy to follow.

  120. i want to try!!
    i love when you blog about what you do in your life & pics of yourself & things =)
    my email is: damamasita@gmail.com

    thank you!

  121. I want to try!

    Love your reviews and some snippets about your life. Feels more personal. Just a pity that things you can get over at US is not available in Singapore. =( Even for this eyedrop... SIgh...

    Maybe you can try more of the celebrities inspired tutorials on makeup/dressings/overall style? Although there's quite a number of people doing it already, but I believe all bloggers have their own style to it. It will definitely feels different if you are doing it! Oh and I must say! Your japanese food tutorial is great! =D

    My email address is shiwei71@gmail.com

    Thank you! =)

  122. I want to try!!!

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    You are awesome!

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    susalie at hotmail dot com

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    i often heard about this product is so great....^^
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    well...i just find your blog because search about palty hair dye..
    then i read your other posting... awesomeeeee....i follow you!
    i think you should do more make up tutorial, more review, en many many many tutorial about japanese food..:)
    i request about your skincare routine...it's so flawless!! ♥♥♥

    euh..pardon for my silly english...
    i'm bad on that...hehe

    my email is xink_art@yahoo.com
    i'm a blogger newbie, pliz visit my blog....http://severuslove.blogspot.com/

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    Thank you !

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    Hey Eki!
    I think your blog is already great! But of course, there is always a place for improvement. ^_^ I think you could do more tutorials! I have really enjoyed your previous ones and tried a lot of times your make up tips on myself. ^^ They worked great!
    Also I would love if you could post more reviews of circle lenses! ^^ They are really helpful when ordering your very own pair of circle lenses online!

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    I'd love to see a couple more make-up looks, and the products you use and can't live without! Every time I watch youtube guru's and fashion/beauty bloggers I always love to see what face products and skincare products they use, and what they recommend. (only problem most of the time is that they always list so many different things, I never know which one is actually good! lol)

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    P.s can you use these eye drops while you have circle lenses on?

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    & I really appreciate you uploading magazine pages ^_^
    I think I would like to see more other topics esp your artwork (which is AMAZING), your cooking, & maybe some random posts about your day if you wanted to share something interesting that happened.
    Also I would really ♡ to see more videos from you!!!
    Email: flirtychick24365@yahoo.com

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    Uhhmm, I'd guess I'd like to see more posts about making food? x3 Product reviews and makeup tutorials would also be nice :D
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    I'm also a huge fan of your blog. <3 I cannot begin to explain how much time I spend reading it. If it weren't for your monthly magazine updates, I wouldn't have started trying the super cute Japanese looks. xD I also have been meaning to buy some stuff off your website as it is so cute! :O I would just love to see more of your makeup tutorials (I want to learn how to do my makeup just like yours: Flawless and beautiful.) Oh and I would also love to read more of your reviews on cosmetics, especially ones on B.B Creams and perhaps more cute lipsticks. You honestly inspire my whole makeup look. Thank you, Luv ya and please continue to look super dubber adorable! >-< :3


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    ShuShu ♥

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    rae :)

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    I would love to see more vlog type things such as pictures or what you do on a daily basis :)

    and sesshoumaru10@hotmail.com

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    Maybe a pretty boring thing to suggest but it would really help those days when u just don't have the time for putting on all the extra thing.

    And maybe some hair-tutorial or something like that :D That would be awesome! :D


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    My email is lavenderbell@gmail.com
    Thanks :3.

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    I'd love to see outfits, more tutorials, food tips (I loved it when you did the green tea latte post!) but I do think your blog is great as it is Eki.


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    Thank you!!

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    ~I hope to see more step by step make up tutorials and reviews of a variety of products that have different uses and products of different quality and making comparisons (like drug store to slightly more well known brand).
    ~ litoangel741@yahoo.com

    ~thanks for the giveaway ntm what a coincidence i really wanted to try the rhoto lychee line of eye drop liquids.

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    Thanks Eki!

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    I would love to see some more make up tutorials :D

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    I guess I would like to see more makeup tutorials and perhaps hair styling tutorials? ^ ^ That would be nice!
    OH AND more food diy too~



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