Hi loves♥

Just wanted to share pictures from my b-day weekend~ :D
Thank you SO MUCH for all the wishes made me so HAPPY to see them all in my twitter/blog/FB♥ *Im sorry that I dont use FB much D;*

I did indeed have a nice B-day just relaxed with my loved ones and family ^__^

First I wanted to Congratulate the winner for MaiHiro+kusopop giveaway~ 

Venni C♥~ XD

as you suggested I will do a colorful tutorial for the spring rather than my same o' same neutrals lol :P

Mini blog news:

Also at the moment I am getting all the items together for my giveaway since I finally got my sasa.com order in~!! so please stay tuned for that still trying to figure out if I want one winner for 2 winners for the giveaway,, I think more winners are better and split the gifts? :)

Reviews and review are on the way~ it been a while since reviews here and I am truly sorry about not getting them out... :sigh: here are some of the list if items to review:  my skin care regimen, Dolly wink mascara, Contacts, Holika Holika and Skin79 bb cream + giveaway :)  

ok back to my Bday post~

I got this lovely tulips from Zach's family! was a pleasant surprise~ reminds me of Spring which I cannot wait for the beautiful colors and warmth!!

so colorful and pretty :)

Ninja has to inspect everything~ he becomes mr. inspecto and gives me my ok's lol :3

Getting ready for the B-day dinner at Melting pot its a fondue chain restaurant~ my first time going there so I was really excited :) The downfall of this place is that it took forever to get the food and you have to cook your main course so in all we were there like almost 3 hours!! D; But it was fun experience~  

The wide shots are all taken with Lumix GH2 :) Havent really tested it out yet so it was a good time to bring with since its smaller and more compact than the D90 :D 

started off with cheese fondue with Wisconsin trio cheese, you get breads, apple and vegi.
The cheese mix had wine in it so it had strong wine flavor, I donno if I liked it that much.. still good

 Forgot to take the pic of the salads,, its ok it wasnt that special lol then the dinner we got the shrimp, teriyaki beef and chicken also you get a side of vegi~ all comes raw so you cook it in the hot mixture, we got the bouillon mixture

my food looks very plain,, they have this weird metal plates not so glamourous lol well overall the food was ok,, it was cooked in the bouillon mixture but the flavors are still bland... so you get a side of sauces but still something felt missing blah :P

Now on to dessert :my most excited moment of the night: lol

They have different type of chocolate mixture we chose cookies and cream since Zach loves cookies and I love dark chocolate and with the dessert you get the following items below to dip :) well it was indeed good but I didnt really care for the cookies bits

I was looking  at the light fixture and zach snapped this I thought it was neat since you can see my mascara clearly~ :D Its Dolly Wink mascara in lengthening~ so far I LOVE it~♥ very similar to Fiberwing and that is always a plus in my book! Thanks Rina :hugs:

Our waitress asked if it was special occasion and put a candles in the cheese cake :D Making my wish lol Overall I thought it was ok, fun to eat but food was just ok to me,, the dessert was really good though :) 

after we were all stuffed zach snapped this pic of me and my mom with his iphone not the best quality XP my bangs driving me crazy,,, was thinking of growing it out but its in that mid stage where I end up trimming but Im resisting to do that... XP

Now on to my BDay gifts from my Hunnies♥ have to cut it since pic heavy X3 Thank you babes for much love, happy wishes and generous gift♥ :hugs: T0T


Love from Sandra my Love♥

Thank you for always showering me with so much love sweetie~ I truly appreciate our friendship, thank you for always putting a smile on my face♥ so HAPPY to have you in my life!! :BIG HUGS:

 Hello Kitty Bday card!! so cute!

JS hand cream!! :D so kawaii~ I bought a same hand cream for you lovely readers as well♥

cant WAIT to use this Tsubaki scalp massage mask~ will review it once I use it few time :D

 super kawaii measuring cup!! thank you Hun I love this its so me lol XD

Love from one of my bestie Mary~

Thank you girl for this amazing presents!! You know me so well!! LOL XD
I miss you and hope you are doing well in good O' FL  :P

 I love Muk Luks! keep my feet warm! thanks hun~ I love it♥

Hi my name is eki and I LOVE:

1. LOVE Anything UME especially this dried Ume and seaweed with Ume :D~
Love stinky dried squid especially this squid with cheese!! SO GOOD! :drools:
Thanks Mary!! so happy~ XD

2. LOVE Tea's and candies *mostly Japanese candies* lol!! XD

3. LOVE anything KAWAII!! looking at cute things makes me happy~ dont ya think so too :)

Mary sent me this super adorable book by Inhae Lee~♥ super creative and well done made me super happy reading and seeing the images~ I love it! Im a fan now!! ^__^

 Check out mymilktoof.blogspot.com if you havent seen this yet, it will put a smile on your face guaranteed! 

Mary said I remind her of ickle lol 

she said "They remind me so much of you, especially ickle and not because of how tiny & cute they are, although those are vaild reasons, but because they are good friends, always helping out and doing their best to keep everyone they love happy, all while making the world a cuter place" aww T__T  Mary thank you for this gifting me piece of happiness and smile in my life, I love you ♥

 Inhae you are amazing! Photos are amazing and everything are so well made and the story are just too cute, we need more of this sort of creativity that brings happiness in this world~♥

Love from another amazing friend Lena~♥

Thank you for always remembering and thinking of me hun! You are amazing friend and I am truly lucky to have you in my life :hugs; Hope you are not stressing too much and taking it easy sweetie,, Thank you for your LOVE♥

Aww another Js Hand lotion :D Thank you for this I can use all the hand cream in the world in this dry weather ^__^

Been curious about this blush~ thank you!

Jill Stuart pouch! so elegant and pretty~ thank you sweetie! 

Love from Cat

Thank you sweetie for ALAYS remembering about me and sending me happiness with your sweetness♥ Thank you for being me lovely dear friend ^__^ :BIG HUGS:

Happy Bday to you too sweetie!! I am sorry I forgot about it I will make up for it I promise!!

Hello Kitty polishes!! I been looking for mint pastel green/blue polish!! thank you sweetie! such a pretty shade XD

Lastly Love from May!

She is my go to mask queen! Thank you hun for thinking of me and always being SO SWEET to me!! :hugs: Happy early Bday to you too!! ^__^ Her Bday is this thursday so many blogger babes with April Birthdays and fellow Aries!! I guess we were meant to blog lol :P

Giant big brush *0* if I need a tan I can bronze my whole body with this lol XD

Pretty polishes! Nubar polish is gorgeous! cant wait to pretty my nails now!! thank you sweetie for everything :hugs:

wee that was long post XD

Thank you for reading it all the way to the end!! :) I want to get back into blogging again it feel like Ive been out of it and I want to feel like Im here again,, Thank you for all the sweet messages you all leave me with, they all bring a smile to me face♥

I am also finding time to create items so please stay tuned for new product in ekiLove ^0^

well hope you are ALL doing well and always please take care~



  1. Happy belated birthday, Eki. I wished you an early birthday but I forgot to actually wish you a happy birthday ON your birthday!
    Glad your special day was spent well, as it always should be!

  2. awww <3 its so nice to see you enjoy your bday with your loved ones... your mom is gorgeous! you look like sisters! :)

    loved looking at all your presents, especially the photobook, ickle and lardee are so adorable! :)

  3. Happy Birthday! I've been to the Melting Pot and dessert was my favorite part. super yummy!
    All the bday gifts are so kawaii!

  4. belated happy birthday! :3 stay gorgeous and pretty dear! <3 the food pictures look amazing! i also love the flower pictures. x)

  5. happy birthday eki! glad that u enjoyed your birthday! your gifts look amazing! <3

  6. i have always adore your pictures :) u have a really good photography skills ^^


  7. Happy belated birthday EKIII
    You have post great photo's again ^^
    Those foods looks nice <33
    And Milk Toof is sooo cute really <33


  8. hello eki!
    happy belated birthday to you!!!
    so many great presents :O your friends are so nice ♥
    love the book with the teeth lol it's super cute ^___^
    the food looks yummy, especially dessert!
    and you look so adorable as always ;)


  9. Lovely pictures Hun! Happy Birthday again! I got the same feeling from Melting Pot, food was blah but dessert was yummers!! Glad you had an amazing bday!

  10. Happy birthday ~ !! My birthday is in April too~! the tulips are gorgeous =3

  11. Awe happy belated birthday!!
    Sooooo many kawaii gifts!!
    And it looks like you had fun at dinner!!


  12. Happy belated Birthday, again! Sounds like your had a fab birthday!
    So many pretty gifts! omg I LOVE milktoof! ickle and Lardee are sooo cute and they always crack me up.

  13. Happy belated birthday , i am sure you had a fun filled day,all the gifts are so pretty and cute i

  14. Such beautiful pictures! Looks like you had a wonderful day celebrating your Birthday with your mother and Zach ^.^

    Just a note for you, some tulips are poisonous to cats, the bulb of the tulips are very hazardous to cats, a few sprinkle on the their coats could kill them. I'm not trying to scare you, I had this experience with Nero, he goes to sniff everything (being the nosy one that he is) Then I found out about this.

    So just letting you aware of this incase you are not aware of it. I love the picturte of Ninja with the flowers. beautifully taken!

    Hope you're having a great day Eki,

    Take care

    lisa x

  15. Happy belated birthday!
    you have so many presents! and they're all so sweet and nice!
    i like your picture when you're preparing to go to the restaurant, you looked natural and pretty ;'D

  16. Awh, it looks like you had a beautiful day! ♥ Those tulips are gorgeous & omg Melting Pot! I love that restaurant~ I admit at first I was turned off by the thought of cooking your own dinner, but it's so much fun! & the dessert plate more than makes uo for it, haha ;D
    & your mum is so pretty, just like you! ♥

  17. Super kawaaii cat~~~
    It's so good to see you have such a sweet day~
    You're so nice, and deserve all the good things happening to u
    Hope u have another year of happy days~~~

  18. Happy Birthday!! I love the pics and your awesome gifts!! <3

  19. Happy late bday! omg you look just like your mom, she's gorgeous.

  20. Happy Birthday!! The tulips were a great choice of flower for this time of year and for a birthday, they look beautiful. I know my friend has talked about going to the melting pot before, but its too bad it turned out to be just so-so. Well fondue is more about the experience than the taste I guess XD

    Its so great you have many wonderful friends who are thinking of you and sending you such lovely things. Its really sweet^^

  21. Happy b-day my dear!!!!! glad you had a wonderful time!!!!
    and love the cute gifts!!! And the tulips wayyy too cute and beautiful
    just like you! n___n

  22. Happy belated birthday!

    I just wanted to finally tell you that I think you are extremely pretty - almost perfect! (As perfect as humans can get, I should say.)

    Wishing you all the best ~

  23. OMG the food looks sooo good!! I'm jelly!!! Anyways you look pretty doll. :D Happy Belated!! xoxo And someone sure seems very lucky on their birthday, love your presents. :D

  24. i agree on melting pot. while the idea is cool, their food is just ok. happy belated birthday and have fun with your presents :)

  25. happy birthday! looking forward for the tsubaki massage mask review! the measuring cups are super cute omg

  26. happy birthday! looking forward for the tsubaki massage mask review! the measuring cups are super cute omg

  27. Belated happy birthday Eki <3 Looks like you had a wonderful celebration (those flowers are BEAUTIFUL!)

  28. Happy Birthday :) The flowers are so pretty and I want to try a restaurant like the Melting Pot, it seems like a great idea to try out food

  29. Happy birthday dearest Eki! The dinner looked really good plus the desserts...mmm! There are so many people born in April! I'm looking forward to your reviews especially Holika Holika products ^^

  30. OMG you and your mom look Soooooo alike =]
    lovely bday gifts =D

  31. OH gosh Happy birthday Eki!!
    All the pictures are amazing and you and your mom look so much alike :D

  32. happy belated bday eki!! i hope you had a good one! so many cute and lovely gifts ^^
    that dolly wink mascara looks amazing, you look beautiful as always~

  33. I love going to Melting Pot just for the fun experience :) It looks like you had a wonderful birthday!

  34. Aw! Glad you had such a great time! ^3^ you look so gorgeous!

    So many gifts haha ~~ you deserve this and more! xoxo

  35. ♥~ ♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~ ♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~ ♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~
    こんにちは。OMC (Oh my cute♥!) (^3^)
    I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN.♥ I followed your blog that is so cute~ care to give a little love to mine? :3


    YOU MAY DIE OF CUTE OVERLOAD. And if it’s not your kawaii cup of tea, that’s okay ^^ but I think you will fall in love with my happy-happy blog land~!

    ♥~ ♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~ ♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~ ♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~

  36. im so shocked to see my name written on your blog.. how do i contact you Eki??
    anyways.. happy birthday!!! hope you review some of the gifts you've gotten! -like the.. jill stuart lotion!

  37. ooo I love posts with Ninja in them, he's such a cutie! Happy birthday Eki =]

  38. The tulips are breathtaking, Eki! The best gift a girl can receive is flowers... I remember when my boyfriend made me wait outside with him until midnight a few years ago, and he surprised me with a bundle of dahlias! I was so happy, I almost started crying haha He said he had to order them weeks ahead, so sweet ><

    HAHA Ninja!! I let my dog inspect EVERYTHING I bring home! She's so curious about everything, so I let her fulfill her curiosity until she's bored and walks away heehee

    I kinda want to try food from that restaurant, just for the experience :) I think I've heard of it, but I don't think we have them around here >< Well, someday!! I'm sorry you didn't enjoy the food so much, but at least you got to experience it with people you love ^^ Btw you and your mommy look SO much alike! You're both so kawaii XD

    All the gifts are just lovely! You're very lucky to have such wonderful friends ne ^^ I can't wait for a review of the Tsubaki mask! I'm recently a fan of Tsubaki products and I want to try everything!!

  39. Hi Eki. Happy birthday! I'm a Spanish girl who finds your blog lovely. I love gyaru fashion, so thanks for your scans of Popsister and others magazines (Popsister is my favourite) I've linked your blog in my strange blog, where I try to open a new world with my favourite things of Spain and Japan. You can tell I'm an otaku, but I like to find the authentic character of Japanese and Spanish people, not stereotypes. Kisses from Spain.


  40. Happy Birhtday Eki! *_~

  41. Happy Birhtday Eki! Ninja looks like he's smelling the flowers.*_~

  42. Happy Belated Birthday!!
    You got showered with so much love!! ♥ (:

    And that chocolate fondue looks delicious!

  43. omg your mom is gorgeous babe.. NO WONDER you are so beautiful. Geez :) your birthday photos are lovely. everything looks yummy !!! esp those gifts from your friends.. candies galore!

  44. お誕生日 おめでとう えきちゃん!

    うらやましい〜you got so many lovely gifts ^__^ hope you had a great birthday =)

    私のブログを読んだら 嬉しいよ <3<3


  45. Happy Birthday, eki!.. :)
    i love your blog since the first day i found it.. hehe ^^
    keep on being you. my inspiration! @ xoxo

  46. OMG great gifts! Again, Happy Birthday, just in case you didn't get my tweet :) As always, love your blog!


  47. Glad you had a Happy Birthday! Fun to see all the gifts you received, you deserve them Eki! <3 Btw, Your mommy is so pretty, you look a lot like her! ^___^

  48. i am soooo bad at remembering blogger's birthdays >__< or even my IRL friends. just this year! idk! i feel so bad :(

    i'm glad you had a fun day though <33 you look gorgeous and very happy!


let me know what you think~ :3

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