Tokidoki Japan, Sasa Haul & things to review


Finally My Tokidoki Ganbare Nippon! Goods came in :D Very good quality items and I am very pleased! Thank you Tokidoki for being awesome♥

Wanted to share my haul from Sasa.com since this store is one of my favorite store, awesome with lots of asian hard to get products for decent price and free shipping over $75 or over!

DHC Mild Cleansing oil
cute packaging been wanting to try this since I am a fan of DHC :)

Hadanomy Collagen Lotion
Another item I been wanting to try~ read good reviews hope its good :D

Face Cell Roller
Face massager to circulate blood in the face also suppose to slim face X3 lets see if it work lol

Face Q lifting mask  
In moisturizing and whitening mask, Face Q's newest series~ been wanting to try and so far its very tight on the face it sure does make your face feel tight or lifted? lol need to use it more to conclude what I think of them :) 

Dolly wink liquid eyeliner
current HG liquid eyeliner~ :D very easy to line!

Essential Ultra Honey & shea butter hair mask
HG hair mask~ makes my hair so smooth and shiny :D

FaceQ Grape seed & green tea mask
My favorite FaceQ mask! Makes my face feel so nice~ :)

Things to review in future posts! ^__^

 Thank you Eyecandylens.com for sponsoring this items to review!

what it says on their site:
Featured in Yes! and Vivi Magazines!
High-quality, Japan-designed false eyelashes complete your look.  These are a wonderful accessory with circle lenses!

Very kawaii packaging, lashes looks really nice quality :D Will review them soon!

One of Tsubasa's Bambi series lens~! cant wait to wear them and review it♥

 what it says on their site:
Royal Vision Japan's premium line of color circle lenses. As seen in VIVI and Yes Magazines! 
Also sold in Japan under the label "Candy Magic Natural Brown" and "ViVian"

I never tried this series of lens cant wait to review em :D

Thank you buyexclusive.net for sponsoring this items for me to review!

buyexclusive.net features hard to get korean cosmetic brand include, Etude House, Holika Holika, Lioele, Banila co., Skin79, Missha and many more for international customers all in one place~ 

all products shipped directly from Korea! :)

Been wanting to try this BB cream for a while now cant wait to try it and see how it is compared to oriental bb cream! Also they were kind enough to send additional bottle for one lucky reader! will do the giveaway once I review this bb cream :)

Holika Holika is one of korea's newest cute cosmetic brand! cant wait to test out~ the bb cream's texture are like Jelly! :D

with SPF50+ sounds perfect for this coming summer! 

Perfect time to get a foam cleaner since I ran out with my current foam cleanser! gonna use this with clarisonic :) cant wait to see how they are~ 

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend! Filing taxes made me alittle down cause I need to pay alot this year... D; but gonna try to not let that get to me and going to get some creations posted tomorrow hopefully! Also,, I need to get my views going wish there were more time in a day :sigh:

well thanks for stopping by!



  1. I love face Q masks, specially the purple and blue one :P

  2. I'm waiting for my Tokidoki shirt too! (ordered it after you posted about it :D) Looking forward to your future reviews eki! <3 For a moment, I really thought the jello/pudding package BB cream is really pudding...so misleading, must keep away from little kids! Hahaha.

  3. I wanna check out sasa.com! *_* so many nice items! And the hair masks look really good!

    You so lucky you get sponsored : ( -jealous-

  4. I'm jealous of your haul. The face roller looks funny. I always see them around, but am reluctant to try. The lashes also look really nice. I'm looking forward to your review.

  5. that holika holika bb cream packaging is so cute! it looks so delicious i'd probably confuse it for real pudding ><
    so much great stuff! can't wait for the reviews, i'm so excited ^^ i especially want to know if that face roller works. i also want a v shaped face :(!!

  6. i also love sasa eki-chan! everything looks promising! will be waiting for your reviews! the shirt is also the cutest!

  7. So many cute things!!! i want to go shopping now

  8. So cute objects :)
    i love your blogg, this is really coool :)
    can i write your blog name in my blog !?

  9. I placed an order from Sasa yesterday and I'm a bit afraid abut Spanish customs and taxes, because I spent 75 euros (T___T) Hope I don't have any problems and I won't have to pay more.
    I was going to buy Essential hair care products (I want the whole Riche premier set (Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask)) but they didn't have it (T___T) And in other websites I've found it it's way too expensive!

  10. The essential hair mask really is amazing, its the only one ive found thats good for my thick hair!! I've never purchased anything from Sasa but i'm really tempted to try it now you recommend it.. the face masks look adorable might give them a try!! Thanks for sharing!! xVanessita (from www.vanessita6xx.blogspot.com) xxx :)

  11. *o*!! The BB cream Jelly looks so cute! <3 Looks edible like... like Mango Jelly or something like that @.@!! I can't wait to see your reviews on them c: Especially the Bambi circle lens too~ :3

  12. woww, looks like you bought a lot again =D can't wait for the reviews eki ^^ <3

  13. You certainly had a huge shopping spree!
    Excited to see the reviews :)

  14. cant wait to see the reviews for these products ^^ i love the almond brown in princess mimi i think u will love it too =)

    i cant wait to try green n chocolate i just ordered from eyecandy and waitin for it =)


  15. Everything looks lovely! I have a similar face massager, but I'm always too lazy to use it everyday.

  16. So many cute things :) Can't wait for the review

  17. Wow that's a haul! I'm looking forward to your review on BB Creams. As nearly foundations are too dark for me, I'm wanting a BB Cream for quite a lot of time, but I cannot buy or see it in stores :-(

  18. Everything looks so amazing! Can't wait for the reviews on everything! Ah... I love looking at your pics, they are just so clear! I recently got the FaceQ masks too, and I can't wait to test them out!

  19. Great haul! I'm super excited to see your reviews, I check back here numerous times each day looking for updates ^^;

    I'm super excited you got the Almond lenses! I recently purchased the Apple Greens, but I'm curious how Almond looks because it seems really natural. I'm also looking forward to the lashes review!! Oh, so much to look forward to, thank you so much for being an amazing blogger!!

  20. The shirts are cute...
    And great haul you have there...

  21. its such a cute t-shirt and bag. love the face masks, i have a few of face q and so far i like them. can't wait to see what you think of the others, maybe ill get some too if its good. thanks.

  22. its such a cute t-shirt and bag. love the face masks, i have a few of face q and so far i like them. can't wait to see what you think of the others, maybe ill get some too if its good. thanks.

  23. I hope you'll do a review of the DHC Mild Cleansing Oil one day ^^ I'm very curious about that one!

  24. I love the Hadanomy Collagen Lotion! Really lovely on the skin :) The Dolly Wink eyeliner is lovely too~! :D
    I'm still waiting on my MBD HK masks to come and I will send you a few :)
    I can't wait for your reviews on the lenses! I've seen a few reviews on the bambi series and really want to try a few.
    I've seen the Holika Holika stuff on g-market and am really curious to see how they are, especially the bb cream!
    Hope your weekend was good despite the taxes! <3 xxx

  25. Wow, you bought a lot of masks (hair and face) LOL. Is the collagen lotion for the face or the hair?I remember seeing one with a similar packaging but I believe it was for the hair.

    And ooh, those lenses look so nice! I can't wait to see your review.
    LOL, I honestly thought that stuff was ACTUAL jello!

  26. So cool stuffs *.*
    Unfortunately here, in Hungary I can't buy them :/

  27. It's okay~ Paying alot for taxes just means you're making alot of money! ^^ I can't wait for the review on the lenses!

  28. OMG! What a haul! I love everything you posted! Going to add them to my list! The hair mask and face Q are a MUST-HAVE!

  29. that is my absolute favourite bb cream!

  30. Hi Eki,

    I wonder what camera you use to take pictures of your daily outfit. Im planning to buy one...a nice camera investment budget range between $500-$700.

    I really appreciate if you could assist me with this one. Thank you eki. and I adore your kawainess


  31. what a haul! i can't wait for your product reviews :)

  32. wow that is a lot of items! The shirt looks so adorable and I like the fact that buying it donates to Japan =D~I can't wait to see all those reviews<3

  33. You got so many things lately! Looking forward to the reviews on Hadanomy Collagen Lotion ;'D
    The holika holika jelly packaging is so cute!!

  34. great haul from sasa. please review those items especially hadanomy :) i got the tokidoki shirt. how long did it take for shipping in your case?

  35. I love your blog. Whenever you a new post, it's all pics and goodies stuff. Please do the another review about Face Q lifting mask and Holika Holika products. hihi Great hauls. ^_^

  36. Nice haul! I look forward to your thoughts on the Hadanomy Collagen Lotion. I was surprised to find it heavy and thick in texture.

  37. nice sasa haul! i've been wanting to try the dhc oil and the collagen lotion too, can't wait to hear your reviews on it :)

    the holika jelly bb cream looks so cute and interesting!


  39. sugoiii...stekii desu wa..dolly wink + toki doki black eyeliner or violet hoshi Y^Y

  40. such nice items! i really love the dollywink eyeliner as well xD

  41. Hi Eki, can you please do a review on the holica holica foam cleanser? What are your thoughts on My Beauty Diary mask vs Face Q mask? Thanks!


let me know what you think~ :3

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