Sugarpill eyeshadow Swatches~

Here is a post on Sugarpill swatches and mini review~

From their website

"Sugarpill Cosmetics is a custom line of vibrant, richly pigmented, velvety pressed eyeshadows and sparkling loose powders.

The dream started in 2003, while I was running my colorful fashion line, Shrinkle. To compliment my flashy clothing designs, I began wearing theatrical makeup I adopted from performers in the underground drag queen clubs I frequented. After showing it off online, I immediately realized there was a huge demand for this bright makeup in the club scene. So I decided to make it accessible to my fellow internet friends by offering it alongside my clothing.
However, I always wished I had control over the makeup’s quality, brand image, and the products and colors offered. In 2005 I began plotting a new line of luxury eyeshadows in my own formula, unique colors and dream packaging. Sugarpill was born in 2010, offering dramatic shades with long-lasting wear that remains flawlessly bold throughout the day and night. I hope I've made those drag queens proud!

Amy (Shrinkle)"

As you can see that Sugarpill are independently run cosmetic company based out of Berkeley, CA every item are made in California USA! Sugarpill products are animal cruelty free, carry range of very vibrant and colorful pigmented eyeshadows!

 Sugarpill creator and owner Amy aka "Shrinkle" was kind to sponsor some of Sugapill eyeshadows for me to review!! I have been hearing lots of nice things about Sugarpill so I was excited to try for myself ^__^ Disclaimer: Sugarpill items were sponsored as a review purpose, I am not paid in anyway to review and feature this items here on ekiBlog :) 

I am all for creative individuals to make their dreams to come true~ it is really inspiring to see people who follow their dreams and makes them become reality. I believe everyone should follow their dreams, because what is truly important in life? is to DO what makes YOU truly HAPPY in the end. That is where the individuality in a person comes in, not everyone are the same, our dreams and how we see the world are different. Just dont listen to what other people tells you to do with your life, always follow your heart♥

I am inspired By Amy, I love the world she has painted, very kawaii, colorful and HAPPY. No matter how old I get I could never grow out of loving the innocence of cute things, I've always viewed my life as this world as a magical place almost comical/fantasy world that is why I love cosplay and art.

on the topic of kawaii...
One reader have said to me in a past comment: 

Q:"Really I can't understand that  passion to look as artificial as possible, forming yourself to silly "kawai" puppets, with grinçant voices, only attracting otakus and perverts.

Is their no feminist consciense at all ?? Don't you want to be taken seriously for what you can or is looking Kawai really everything all you can?  

Ok well to answer your question:

A: I choose to follow ART in my life, I want live my life around art, anything creative and sort of UN-NORMAL or you might say unnatural. Growing up I was always sort of different, I have always had a pencil in my hands as long as I can remember "drawing" at every moment imaginable. I grew up in Japan so manga/anime/loving kawaii things was a normal thing, so with that said I dont see anything wrong with loving kawaii or looking kawaii. when I look at cute things it give you a warm and happy feeling on the inside, everyones view of what is beautiful and pretty are different mine happens to adore kawaii/cute more than anything because it make ME happy.

I do not look the way I do to attract opposite sex, certainly not looking the way I do to attract otaku and perverts as matter of fact 99.9% of the people I interact on blog/yt/twitter are girls/ladies, I CHOOSE to look as you call unnatural because that is how I choose to look, just because its not in a natural look does that makes me a less of a woman? Just because I like cute things and choose to look so called "kawaii" over other types of looks are putting other woman down? Do we have to look certain way to please other people? Just because we were born with certain shade/color in our eyes/hair/skin we have to live with that and can't change it to our likings? what comes down in the end is DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. I dont judge on other people in the choice of what they want/choose to look like that is their choice and that is what makes them happy, bottom line is why do everyone have to fit into this mold of so called "normal or natural" because no one is "normal or natural" because there is this thing called INDIVIDUALITY.

Next time please stop judging people based on the exterior, looking certain way isnt a bad thing its what makes each people unique and different, it is certainly not pleasant to be judged in a harsh matter like this when there no motive behind in the choices on looking certain way,,, I choose to look like this because life is short and it is one of the things that makes me HAPPY :)  

ok sorry about that,, ^^;; back to a post~

here is what came with the package, some loose eyeshadow samples, decal sticker and nice business cards! Very thing nicely designed~

*Metallic deep magenta with a dazzling turquoise sheen* 

*Brilliant, highly-reflective metallic gold with breathtaking shine. The brightest gold you’ve ever seen. The micro-fine particles are super tiny, so this looks amazing sprinkled all over as body shimmer too.*

*now white with turquoise sheen and flashing bursts of blue and green. When worn over a dark base, this complex white transforms itself into your new favorite blue eyeshadow.*

 Very surprise with Chroma Lust loose eyeshadows~ very vibrantly pigmented, sticks to the skin really well, super sparkly and beautiful. The Goldilux are super pigmented GOLD shade with beautiful gold shimmers, the Magentric are vibrant pinkish purple shade with hint of blueish green shimmers and the Lumi vibrant white shade with luminescent light blue hue very unique and pretty shade.

Again very kawaii packaging~ so much attention to each details and design I love it~ ♥

Colors are Dollipop *pink*, Afterparty *blue*, Midori *green* and Tako *white*

The palette come with a mirror on the top flap and again the eyeshadows are SUPER pigmented and Vibrant!! I was so amazed at hovibrant they are with one swipe and the texture are super smooth and milled very finely, they are as you see in the palette shade once in skin. The Dollipop and Tako are matte with no shimmer or shine, the Afteparty and Midori has a light pearly shimmer to them which creates a beautiful finish! 

Vibrant plum purple shade with hint of pink undertone, but the color seems to get deeper deep purple once you build it very pretty purple shade eyeshadow for sure :D

all the shade together~ this swatches are without eyeshadow primers so you can really see that they are BRIGHT & VIBRANT on their own imagine how it will be with a primer even more colorful! If you are looking for an eyeshadows that pops with vibrant color and are made with quality, I highly recommend Sugarpill~♥

Thank you Amy for sending me your amazing creations! I really see your love through your products, thank you for making this world alittle bit more colorful and fun! :hugs:

will be doing a fun colorful cosplay-ish make up video tutorials using Sugarpill when I finally have time to shoot some videos lol X3

take care LOVES~



  1. wow *_*
    so bright colors! i like it.

  2. i'm sure you'll come up with pretty eyelooks with these eyeshadows eki. they seem so pigmented and are ever so pretty! :D

  3. Наталья КисельMay 31, 2011 at 11:19 PM

    wow *_*so bright colors! i like it.

  4. Наталья КисельMay 31, 2011 at 11:19 PM

    wow *_*so bright colors! i like it.

  5. Lovely post! I've heard about Sugarpill products but I've never seen any before. I'm in love with the packaging and vibrant colours. I'm definitely checking out their site now.

    And yeh, I totally agree with dressing the way you want to. I  get so annoyed when people assume that one wants to look good to impress other people. People can choose to dress themselves the way they want if it makes them feel good about themselves or they're comfortable in it =_=

  6. I love self expression because it's what makes every individual so unique and that's very valuable!  I adore you for who you are. <3

  7. they sure look sooo pigmented!♥

  8. lovely lovely<3 The eye shadows are soooo pretty!!! I really agree with your answer to the comment. I know I certainly change the way I look because it makes me happy to see myself transform<3

  9. I like vibrant plum purple shade
    so nice

  10. Very pigmented! I love the gold pigment~

  11. I looove Sugarpill~! and Amy seems like such a lovely girl. although my collection is nearly complete, I must admit I'm a bit envious that she personally sent you some products. you take great photos, Eki!

  12. Eki, don't listen to those haters seriously! embrace your individuality, nothing's wrong with that! dont let them bring you down!:)

  13. Wow the colors are amazing! It almost look like it's art supplies :D 
    Whomever that posted that "serious" question, I wonder how she looks like in real life? It sounds like she is always au naturel (i.e. no eye makeup, no foundation, no shaving pits!!) to be taken seriously by others. If so, she is one brave lady! I feel awkward and not confident when my face is bare and my pits are not checked while wearing short sleeve shirts ;P

  14. Wow, just looking at these colours makes ma happy!!! And I agree with everything you said about each person choosing to look the way it makes them happy and about indiviluality! Amen! \o/

  15. I love sugarpill!!! So glad you love it!! the colors are so vibrant yet still very wearable!

  16. I should definitely try Sugarpill some day too~ especially the 'sweatheart' palette, the colours look simply amazing :D
    Very nice pictures btw! I really like the way you take your pictures :3
    & I am looking forward to your cosplay-look :)

  17. Eki, I think you look way more natural with your individual apperience than those people who posted those negative comments could ever think!

  18. I agree so much with you! I mean hey, we have the ability to be able to change our appearance however we want, why shouldn't we huh?!
    And in the end, to me, being natural is having an honest and real personality and not having a face free of makeup!!

    and wow those eyeshadows look so well pigmented, very nice! :D

  19. great review! hoping to see photos of you wearing the eyeshadow :)

  20. wow, those eyeshadows look great! like only colourpigment and nothing else although they hopefully are not since this would make them unusable.
    and i have to totally agree to your opinion. at first i´m sure that kawaii looking women/girls do not only attract perverts
    and at second i think you should never only dress up for someone else but at first for yourself.
    eki, you are great the way you are so stay cute!
    have i mentioned that i believe that prejudices are the most annoying and unnecessary thing on earth?
    being different is something to be proud of...
    what "being different" means is something everyone has to find out on his own.
    i´m sorry if i made mistakes, i´m german and still learning english.

  21. hi Eki: i've been intermittently following your blog and i must confess that it is so because you have THE most GORGEOUS picture taking skills. sometimes, after long hours of reading and studying i just want to look at something beautiful and so i come here :) now, i normally do not comment on posts because i feel i have nothing to add but after stumbling upon the disturbing remarks made by those two angry readers, i felt i had to say something:

    you are completely and utterly inspiring. the honest effort that you put into your makeup.. your hair.. your clothes and blog posts tells me that you are someone that pays serious attention to detail, is determined to put her best foot forward and takes ample amount of time to make something both functional AND visually attractive. you ALWAYS make it a priority to be presentable AND, on top of that, you're a successful entrepreneur. i am ecstatic that you celebrate uniqueness and consciously share that with the world. 

    i've realized how hard it was to even put on eye liner a few years back. eye hand coordination must be excellent and creative juices must be flowing in order to achieve any look. please, stay amazing. you're not cute, you are versatile. you can transform yourself into whatever exterior you wish and yet it is all because on the inside.. at it's very core.. you are nothing less than the Splendid: Eki.

    heart you for being true to yourself. 
    you have my support <3

  22. I ♥ these colours! I've always love bright, vibrant and deep shades and that was how MAC managed to make me go broke xD~ I'd definitely check these out when i have a chance!
    ~Tutorials are greatly appreciated~!!!!! <(n.n<)~

  23. oh sorry, one more thing
    i looked at your portfolio a few months back - and you have THE most INSANE talent. wow. the make-up transformations were so award-worthy. 
    also, i was struck by your drawing/painting ability that i had to show some of your work to my younger brother, who graduated from an art junior high school and art high school. in his words, "she got skills."  


    keep it uppppp~ ~ ~  ~

  24. The packaging is beautiful, and they are so amazingly pigmented! I will put this on my shopping list :)

  25. Maybe you may not find someone else's style to empower you, but when you tell a woman that you do not take her seriously because of the way she looks, you are the one being antifeminist! God forbid we do something for ourselves without men being our first thought. >____> I get so angry when people who don't understand feminism go around pretending to be progressive, ugh. I am sorry you had to deal with that, eki! Back on topic...

    I love your Sugarpill swatches! I have a few of the products but haven't really figured out a good look with them because they are so bright @___@ Looking forward to your tutorial :D

  26. Honestly I think some feminists are too extreme.  There is more to life than just living on the high horse about how smart us females are and how we have the right to this and that.  Liking make up is a woman's right too so some people should stop bagging it.  

    In the real world, people are more likely to listen to people who are not only well spoken, but also presented well.  People do not like to listen to a smart ass who looks scruffy and haggered.  Eki, you are multi-talented with great photography, make up, craft, jewellery making skills, the list goes on and these are just your hobbies.  Some people just have to complain about crap because they are miserable.  Great post and I hope to see more of those e/s :) Support!  

  27. That is crazy how pigmented those colors are! :)

  28. 1,000% agreed on everything you said in response to that person's 'question.' I've faced the same kind of criticism for 'dressing up' & 'why do you want to look so fancy?' (wtf lol) & it's for the exact same reason: I LIKE DOING IT. I don't care if people like it or not, I don't do it for them, I do it for me. I think this world will be a much better place once people start realising that happiness is a personal thing, it shouldn't depend on other people or other things. /end comment
    That said, Sugarpill cosmetics are SO pretty ♥ How lucky to get all these fabulous items sponsored! I love how sparkly the sparkly shades are & how pigmented all of them are. Definitely look worth to buy!

  29. wow the packaging is so nice and the swatches are really niec too :)

  30. Oh wow, these Sugarpill eyeshadows are soooo beautiful! I really like the loose ones the most, I have been wanting a pink color like Magentric XD

    I think your response to that rude comment was very appropriate and well written. I honestly would not have taken them serious from this point "Is their no feminist consciense at all" because a true feminist would never say that. All the women who like beauty and fashion that I know, do it for themselves, not even other women.

  31. I really want a sugarpill eyeshadow too:((wish it's available in my country

  32. such pretty colors. love how pigmented they are. i will need to look into these.

  33. Very strong pigments! I hope you have fun with them. :D

  34. Some people forget that the term feminist is a term used for any person that believes women and men should be equality. That is it. So any gender can be a feminist. It does not make you less of a feminist if you like to wear make up, dress up,  or even take care of yourself. I just find it silly people are attacking you when they truly have no idea of this idea. 

    I have to say you said exactly what was on my mind when I read those comments. You are truly amazing. <3

  35. These colors are so nicee! :) Love themm~ Do you know where you can get them. . . or anywhere in the U.S.? :O

  36. There are a lot of haters in this world, unfortunately. But I think being about to express yourself with make up is a talent, and you are very talented. And I think it's great that you want to share your talent with readers through your blog! So keep up the good work!!

  37. Feminism should really be about accepting all aspects of being a woman, individual femininity, and supporting other women. Not judging or criticising other females. That totally defeats the pupose.
    Maybe Japan's concept of femininity is different to ours. Many Japanese girls love kawaii things, makeup, clothes, nails, talking in a high voice, embrace traits such as gentleness and purity etc. Some Western women see this as weakness and disempowerment. However I believe it is a form of self expression. You know, many backward guys don't like women wearing makeup or revealing clothes, as they are trying to take away our individuality and sensuality.
    Female sensuality is the one of the most lasting and powerful thing we have.
    Who says you have to have hairy armpits, wear shapeless clothes, and refuse to wear makeup to be a real woman, but if you do, that's your decision, let other people make theirs too.
    To the poster of this self righteous comment I'd say stop criticising your fellow sisters and try to be a little more tolerant and open minded to how other women wish to express themselves. After all it's one of the few rights as women that we really have.

  38. Also Eki is insanely talented when it comes to artsy things like makeup, photgraphy etc, and not taking her seriously because of the way she looks on the outside is chavinism in itself!

    Love the Sugarpill swatches, so pretty and vibrant.

  39. You tell em, girlie!!! Make-up is fun, and what's wrong with fun? :) Those eyeshadows are so pretty, too!!!! I WANT THE PURPLE!!

  40. Hi Eki. I love what you wrote about being true to yourself :) It makes me sad that people want to criticize what you like, I don't think they're happy with themselves - misery wants company. :/ Anyway, lovely review - the photos are stunning!  :)

  41. Feminism doesn't just mean that though, Wenjin Kang. That's a very narrow-minded and stereotypical view of feminism. It also means bringing issues such as sexual assault, abuse (any and all of its forms), harassment and many other gender issues (especially birth control) to the masses and educating them. It's about educating the masses about sex trafficking and human trafficking, especially in the poor countries. It's also about empowering women of their rights. It's about showing the disparity in wages, in education, in healthcare and in jobs in the USA and in the rest of the world. It's a way people can analyze a piece of work (any kind) and it's a movement in literature.  It's SO MUCH MORE than "it's a belief than men and women should be equal." Feminism is a worldwide movement to empower men and women to change the world they live in  through EDUCATION of women's issues.

  42. the colours are so so vibrant, Love the swatches, can't wait to get my hands on them!

  43. they look so cool! i reckon those colors would definitely come out on my tanned skin! hahaha thanks for the review. 

  44. Awww...you're such an inspiring girl!

  45. Sugarpill has so many nicely pigmented products, but I wish they carried less outrageously colorful items too ]: I love that everything is cruelty-free!

    Oh, and just do your best to ignore haters, I know it's something easier said than done, but honestly, I think that person just sounds out-of-her-mind jealous!

  46. I'm so happy to hear your response to that reader's comment and I agree wholeheartedly.  I don't understand how people try to project their own personal ideas of what's right and their definition of happiness onto others... why become frustrated and upset enough to bad mouth you about it?  Its not *your* life so why ruin someone's day/week?  :(  Everyone is fighting their own battles in life and we each have enough going on... we don't need negativity like that.  I dunno.. at least keep it to yourself?  I'm not good with confrontation and I don't think you should say something mean if you can help it.  Especially not to a stranger that you don't even know.

    I'm going through this with my own family right now and it really hurts.  Just have to push on and keep going.  When we get hurt like this we need to try to be more tolerant of others.  We may not be able to change how others think or say, but we can at least work on ourselves a little bit  :)

    Sigh.  Thanks for this (and everything else) Eki ... *hug*  

    <3 janelle

  47. Oh I agree. Some people are into the sexy look whereby they expose lots of skin and boobs (even when they wear tracksuits) and have bee stung lips which some might think is just silly - some love to be really really tanned (real OR fake) some like to be really pale and colorless - some like goth some like emo - some like girls some like boys - some even try it all to live life to the full - hey, as long as you're not HARMING anyone or putting anyone at DISADVANTAGE, and it makes you happy and you have fun doing it, really, why not? If someone wants to say something negative about somebody, go join a chat group of pessimists or something.

  48. sooo pretty and colorful bright >u<

  49. what bright colors!! i love it :D can you do a candy colored look?

  50. what a vibrant color :D

  51. Hello Eki! I would just like to say, maybe you could tell the owner of Sugarpill to perhaps credit the artist who drew the art on the box? I've seen that artwork before, and I think it would do both of them an injustice if they didn't put who the art really belongs too. Thank you!

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let me know what you think~ :3

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