Hadanomy winner~ Haul & Shiseido Tsubaki water


Its been a few days since last time I blogged!! SORRY! Been mad tired past few days, havent been feeling too well either and didnt feel like going on computer to blog... D; I wanted to announce the winner to ArtieStyle Sponsored Hadanomy giveaway♥


I will tweet you cause I forgot to ask for the email address ^^;;

Next giveaway:
Skin79 absolute total bb cream 

Now on to my haul from ArtieStyle.com

 ArtieStyle still offering special Discount code for my readers!
Get 10% off any order of $20 or more! 

First got Shiseido Tsubaki water mist, this is one of Tsubaki lines newest product! Comes in 2 different type just like the shampoo & conditioner in shining*RED* or damage care*WHITE* I been wanting to try this item out for a while now~ I havent seen the white damage care yet as I would like to try that one more than the shiny care version,, first impression so far: smell really really good and pretty :D

Here is the CM :D

Sorry for the weird google translate not making much sense English translation lol,, basically the red one are recommended to use in the morning to calm bed head or add extra shine and smoothness before styling hair.

White bottle Damage care

Recommended to use before bed to add extra moisture and preventing damage from friction against  to the hair from sleeping on pillow, most effective if used with a hair drier to add extra shine.

Next up Artie style now carries candies and snacks!! :D so I wanted to try this Fujiya milky in Royal milk~ I LOVE Peko candies so milky and yummy reminds me of my childhood days lol This Royal milk tea are made with real Assam tea! If you like royal milk tea you will like this candy~ Milky are non hard candy but rather taffy like consistency :)

and lastly, I stocked up on the my current HG mascara Dolly Wink Long mascara!! Artie was kind enough to add an extra one to giveaway to my reader! I will have this giveaway soon ^__^


  1. ooooo the milky treats! haven't had them in so long! used to eat them when i was little!

  2. Thanks for the giveaways eki! congratulations to the winner!

  3. I love Milky candies!

    They taste so delicious. I like the Milky milk candy better than the regular ones you normally see because of the texture of them. I love how they're so soft and chewy ;) 

    But I've never tried the Royal Tea one before, just the original Milky.
    I definitely would wanna try that flavor if I ever find it at the stores


  4. Whoaaaaa I wanna try the mist :).
    BTW, CAN YOU PLEASE REVIEW THE KOJI EYE TUCK TAPE? I wanna see how it works for you! :)

  5. grats :D omedeto lol is that right? ;D

  6. I'm looking forward til the giveaway~!! 
     - Ida / couturexx.blogspot.com

  7. I love Artie Style, they are such a great shop :D

  8. Tsubaki water sounds pretty good, maybe I should try it when my similar kind of products are finished (I just ordered some new hair products so i don`t dare to order more for some time, hehe..!). :--) I have also been thinking about trying the Dolly Wink Long mascara, the reviews have been so good and I think that mascaras that makes your lashes longer suit my lashes better than those that add volume. :--> The package of the mascara is so cute too!

  9. I want your candies! How I wish I could get my hands on those dollywink mascara! I've always wanted to try them ever since I saw your review about it.

  10. Lucky winner! & wow, so many nice gets from Artie Style! ♥

  11. cute blog!gr8 giveaway~btw i folow u^^

  12. I want that tsubaki water too!!! sounds like a great product :D

  13. Great haul! I want to try those candies, I love taffy candies!! I wonder if Mitsuwa will sell them? ^^ Ahhh new Tsubaki products!! I'll be looking out for the White version! Let us know how you like the red one though :D

  14. CANDIES! <3 Congrats to the winner, btw! : D
    And the tsubaki water bottle is so sleek and stylish!

  15. hmmm candies... yummy! :3

    congrats to the winner! :D

  16. Loved the haul!! Those products look awesome. I can't wait to go to Japan and buy those kinds of things! ^^


  17. I hope you will tell us about Shiseido Tsubaki^^
    Because if its good i try it too <3

  18. Wo ! Sounds very interesting ! I searched on french websites but didn't find it : where can we buy it ? Thank you !

  19. waiting the giveaway.. i really love n want that mascara.. i searched it in my town n its nihil.. let me know if ur giveaway are open please... onegaishimassuuuu .. (_ _)

  20. Those products seems to be great! At least they look good :D

  21. These products look quite interesting!! :)

  22. it makes me want to have it now :D

  23. You know .... I think I'll try to buy something so I can get the royal milk tea candy lol. They don't sell that at my store!

  24. hi eki! i was wondering what type of lighting do you use?
    i know that you have made a post on this already but i can't seem to find the post.  Could you link the post please?


let me know what you think~ :3

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