Skin79 BB cream comparison + Giveaway

Here are Skin79 BB cream comparison that I have been meaning to do!

 As you know there are TONS of BB creams out there and it can be frustrating trying to find the right one for you, as with Skin79 they have many different series of BB cream, each and every one seems to be slightly different from each other from the shade, consistency and coverage.

I wanted to point out some of the main differences within the 3 Skin79 BB cream that I got to use so far~

Some pointers for Skin79 BB cream:
There are tons of imitation/fake bb creams out there and here are some of the ways Skin79 have improved in insuring your BB cream's Authenticity.

Also Skin79 Have updated their Hot pink BB cream since the one I got in this review, here are the new changes :)

Now on to the comparisons~
I will compare them with LIGHT, MEDUIM, HEAVY in terms of describing how they are out of 3 bb cream in this post.

 1. Oriental Gold BB cream

 This is my favorite out of the 3 since the color matches true to my skin tone, I am about NC20 in mac shade, there isnt much grey undertone like the other ones but rather goes on skin shade. Out of 3 this is the medium shade.

Consistency: MEDIUM
This is the oiliest/moist feeling bb cream out of the 3 but thickness are in the medium not so thick and not so watery, goes on very smooth and evenly. 

Coverage: MEDIUM
The coverage are good, covers almost all my flaws well with a natural finish. you can build it so that it will give off more coverage, out of the 3 this one this bb cream gives off medium coverage.


This is my favorite out of 3 because the shade matches really well and goes on skin shade without weird grey undertone most BB cream gives off, also I have not experienced any breakouts from this BB cream! There is added bonus to this bb cream, it comes with face/lip tint that gives off perfect flushed pink tone :)

No grey undertone
Havent experienced breakouts
comes with face/lip tint
good coverage
great for dry skin type 

can feel too heavy/oily

What it says on SKIN79?

2. Absolute Total BB cream
tube type

what I noticed first thing about this bb cream is that it is really fair! The lightest shade out of 3, remember I am already pretty fair having nc20 tone but this one is about nc15! 

Consistency: LIGHT
This one out of the 3 are the lightest consistency, its not so thick like the other ones but feels moisturizing and goes on very smooth

Coverage: LIGHT
I felt that you needed a lot of product to cover any sort of blemish with this one, goes on very light

I didnt really care for this one too much,, It gives off white pale finish with slight grey undertone, I didnt see any radiance or shimmering effect from their so called diamond power in this bb cream rather it made me have small breakout every time I used this bb cream...   Dont really like how thin the consistency are also I felt like I needed to use more product to cover my face, great for anyone that is really fair and looking for light coverage.

has highest SPF out of 3
good for fair complexion

small breakouts
Too light/pale
thin consistency

what it says on Skin79?

 3. Triple Function Hot pink BB cream

Shade: HEAVY
This bb cream is the darkest shade out of the 3 and with the most grey undertone shade. It goes on slight off shade due to the grey-ness but it oxidate after a while. 

Consistency: HEAVY
Consistency are very similar to Oriental BB cream but I feel like this one feels thicker but not so oily like the Oriental BB cream, goes on very even and smoothly.

Coverage: Heavy
Very good coverage goes on pretty thick so you dont really need too much product to cover the blemishes.  Since this one are thickest out of 3 it does feel slightly heavy on the skin.

I really liked this BB cream at first, but after a while I noticed that it didnt really match my skin tone too well and didnt really care that it has noticeable grey undertone. Since the formula have been updated Im not sure how they are compared to the old formula that I have tried so I really cant say much... Just hope they upgraded to a point that it isnt so much greyish tone and that its not as heavy feeling anymore :D

Coverage are good
Goes on very smoothly

heavy on the grey undertone
feels heavy on skin 

what is says on SKIN79?

Comparison in the BB creams:
1. Oriental BB cream  2. Absolute total BB cream  3. Hot pink BB cream

Now on to the Giveaway! One winner will receive one Brand NEW bottle of Absolute Total BB cream!
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Open to anyone in the world!

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  1. thanks for the lovely giveaway eki! i have been wanting to try bb creams for a long time now and the hot pink one seems popular! i think medium coverage would be nice but i rarely use all-face-coverage anyway.


  2. thanks for the giveaway, and lovely review :)

  3. I have been using Skin79 Triple Function BB cream for about six months now and I really enjoy the product. I like that it is think enough to hide my blemishes but it still delivers a natural finish.

    Natural. Resourceful. Beauty.

  4. thanks for this Giveaway Eki! more power to you and your sponsors. :) 

  5. I hope I win!  I'd really want to try the Absolute versions of Skin 79 ^^

  6. Very useful BB cream review! : ) Personally I am totally confused when I try to look for a BB cream that would match my skin, because often reviews just say if it`s too dark/light for the person herself and then some people say it`s too dark and others that it`s too light. : D And you try to figure out what would happen with your skin tone...! :' ) So hard... But mentioning more facts and which tone of skin (medium, fair...) the BB cream would likely suit helps already a lot..!

    I`d love to know which BB creams would you recommend for a person with fair or very fair skin tone..! :--) 

  7. lau_a95@hotmail:disqus .com
    My twitter: lokul13
    My favorite bb cream is the misha perfect cover.

  8. Great post! Thanks a lot for the chance.

  9. awesome giveway ^^

  10. Nice Review! I really like Oriental Gold but never used the 2 others, I think I should try the Hot pinky next time :D

  11. Hi Eki! I'm so glad your doing another giveaway! I would like to say that I always love your reviews. Very honest and straight to the point. Pictures are always on point and it's great to see that you do interact at with your fans from all around the world with these giveaways. :)

    <3 from USA.

  12. Nice giveaway ! :D

  13. I wanna join your giveaway but I dun know wt is 'retweeted '(-_-)

  14. Definitely entered this giveaway, haha! ♥ Thank you so much for reviewing all of these though~ I feel like I understand the differences between all of these so much better now :)

  15. thank you for this review~ I was thinking of getting the hot pink since it was the most popular now I'm just going to get the oriental since hate hate the grey cast bb creams usually have

  16. I'm entering ^^ the BB cream looks good. btw have you ever hear of BB cream with white consistency? I've been using luview whitening bb cream, it has a magical concept. reviewed it on my blog already ^^

  17. Thank you for hosting this Eki! :D I joined!

  18. Just joined your giveaway Eki! Goodluck everyone! :)

  19. Thank you for hosting this! I think I'm leaning towards your favorite bb cream of the three too!


  20. great giveaway!

  21. lovely swatches, lovely givaway!  :)

  22. thanks for this giveaway hun its awesome!
    *fingers crossed*

  23. Love your review<3
    I recently bought the Hot pink one the upgraded one and it really is a great product(My grandma even steals some from mexD).
    I have to say that on my skin at least it does not feel that heavy so maybe they have fixed that^^


  24. i love you girl , you are amazing <3 '  thank you <3 ' 


  26. Great review Eki! I wish I could use BBcreams, they have so much going on for them but my skin is really heavy in the yellow undertone area and Im a bit too tan to wear these creams. I tried once and my mum asked why my face looked so weird LOL Gotta give it up to the mums that truthfully tell you how you look before stepping out the door! Thanks for the giveaway too, the winner is gonna be lucky! =D

  27. Fuufuufuuu I've been trying to win a give away for the Skin79 TRIPLE FUNCTION hot pink BB Cream but I can't even find one person giving that away and School is starting for me soon so I need BB Cream. :c If someone knows a giveaway for a hot pink skin 79 triple function BB cream, they should let me know!
    I hope I win! :D

  28. Been using the hot pink BB cream and on my 2nd bottle now! Loving it! <3

  29. Hi, nice giveaway and lovely review! keep 'em coming!


  30. Thank you so much for offering this giveaway! I love your blogs! :)

  31. I actually have the Oriental Gold bb cream and really like it. I wanted to try the Hot Pink one, but now that I've seen your swatches, I don't think it would be a good color choice for me because it's darker. Maybe I'll give the Gold version a try instead :) And thank you for the great giveaway!

  32. thanks for this giveaway!  I want to try the Oriental Gold bb cream. =)


  33. thanks for the awesome review and the giveaway ^3^ i never tried any skin79 bb cream :o

  34. Thnx so much for the giveaway Eki!! Will love to win a BB cream! Love your blog and posts!! hugs!

  35. Thanks for this! I just also made post about BB-creams and then noticed this! Thank you! I'm also having giveaway, including BB-cream! ^__^ You can find it here (where I also shared your giveaway); http://piecesofkiwi.blogspot.com/2011/08/giveaways-to-enter.html

  36. Hi hi Eki!  Thanks for hosting this giveaway!  I've entered and good luck everyone! :)

  37. Hi, Eki!thanks for hosting lovely giveaway!!I've entered your giveaway^^

  38. This was an awesome post!  It's got to be one of the most helpful reviews I've read online so far.  Thanks for putting all that work and effort into it.  I have a better idea of which Skin79 BB Cream to invest in now (and what kinds of things to look for when selecting a BB Cream).  

    Hopefully one day you'll review other brands (like Missha or Dr Jart) and compare them with Skin79  :)

  39. Thank you for doing this giveaway! and Thanks for the tips on the fake bb cream, so helpful!

  40. The BB cream looks good. These have heard of BB cream with white consistency. I have used the whitening cream review BB has a magical concept. The review on this given blog.

  41. i sweat a lot during the summer. which bb cream has the best oil control?

  42. Marsha Karta SwadharmaAugust 14, 2012 at 7:15 AM

    Thank you for this review eki-chan :). I see that you always use oriental bb cream. Skin79 said that Oriental bb cream for mature skin. How old are you ? ._. because I want to try this bb cream.... Thank you :D

    BlushOff [Beauty Blog]


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