Koji Tuck in Tape review + Giveaway

Today I wanted to review this product Koji Tuck in tape! Item sponsored by Pinkyparadise.com as a review purpose :)

Everyone has a different eye shape so it may or may not turn out like how it did on me, I also wanted to address that I have natural double eyelid so I know this doesnt make sense for me to apply this product but this is a review to show my readers how this product work and share my opinion about this product, also its always fun creating a different look and playing around, be creative & have FUN with your face~ :D 

Koji Eye Talk Tuck Tape 60 Pc Double Eyelid Glue 


what is says in pinkyparadise?

A set of 60 pieces double-sided adhesive tapes for creating prefect double eyelid, long lasting performance, no discomfort even uses for a long time. It comes with as many as 60 pieces, a cost effective way for eye beauty

what is eyelid tape?

well eyelid tapes are used to create a larger eyelids which makes your eyes seem larger, works on people with both single lids or double lids. Very popular item in asia in creating a larger eye effect or to correct eyelid that uneven and would like both of your eyes to have even eyelids.

How to use 

Here are the before and after!

I know there isnt that much of a BIG difference in the before after pic cause I already have a double eyelids but this tape made a huge difference in making them larger!

How to take it off?
Simply use a Oil based makeup cleaner and it come off easily!


Ok well so the idea of the tape was fun cause I do see alot of models in Japan and asia use eye tapes to create bigger eyes, I felt more awake when I had them on lol but at the same time it is uncomfortable at first cause you have something on your eyelid but after a while you get used to it. What frustrated me was the application, the main frustration came from after applying the tape and taking off the white ends!! Grr that thing does not tear off easily so you have to tug on it hard to get it to tear so it made the tape move or come off which once it came loose off the eyelid you cant really use that tape cause its not so sticky anymore and I had to use another one so trying to apply one eye I ended us using like 2 tapes... :( so the 60pc for both eyes only give you 30 usage but with this issue you may not get 30 looks.. D:

Other than that, the tape are super adhesive and did not come off easily so that is good, downside I think are that the tape look shiny if you blink or look down so its sorta noticeable but you can apply makeup over it so maybe its not so obvious. 


comes in a nice case
very adhesive stays on very nicely
can apply makeup over it

hard to apply
tape looks shiny so can be obvious

Giveaway time!
One winner will win Koji tuck tape and a mystery gift from me! :D
 some reason the forum isnt embedding so please go HERE to enter!

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Some example of how eyelid tape can change your looks~

Sayoko Ozaki &hearts; she is my favorite model so gorgeous!!

She already have a double eyelid but uses tape to enhance her eyes to gorgeous eyes ^__^

Before tape:

after with tape:

Hope you liked my review! have fun babe!&amp;amp;amp;hearts;



  1. oh wow<3 I seriously love the look!  I use eyelid tape too to make my eyelids larger for when I apply heavy makeup ^o^ but yeah I hate how shiny it is @_@ so I tried scotch tape instead and it actually works quite well~ =D

  2. Thanks for a great review and all the effort you put into it~ must have been hard work!! I use AB Mezical fiber~ similar to Mezaik ones and cheaper. I was curious about how this Tuck in tape works.. but I don't think I'd use it. Like you mentioned, those white tabs look hard to take off and there's nothing I hate more than wasting the adhesive tapes D: Also, I feel iffy about creating bigger double eyelid because I don't like the extra folding of my eyelid skin ^^;; but doesn't seem noticeable after you put on ur makeup hun!

  3. Eki, you look SO gorgeous here & I love your yellow nails~! ♥

  4. Hi, ive never commented here, but here i go : )
    ive been following ur blog for a while and i gotta say that its very interesting :) thanks for all the tips!
    Plus i like your drawings too~
    Regarding the post subject, i like Sayoko too! Shes pretty :O
    But are u sure she has 'natural' double eyelids? I dont think so, unless not like the "before" pics oO
    Ive seen some pics of her in her blog without make up and omg shes looks sooooo different it was such a shock for me haha >< anyways, maybe shes been through some kind of surgery so now she does have double eyelids (idk if the pics ive seen are old).
    Keep up with the cool blog :)

  5. Thank you for the unbelievably thorough reviews, especially the #1-7 step tutorial.  I first learned that eyelid tape existed through Jen and I love seeing the difference they make.

  6. I have natural double lids AND gigantic eyes, but I love the look of deep eyelids like Tsubasa-chan or Sayoko-chan <3

  7. Ahh you look gorgious Eki! 
    i'm glad i already have natural double eyelids, but its still tempting to buy those tapes because of even more bigger looking eyes * ^*

  8. ooh i definitely want to try this! it looks so great :) i am blessed with double eyelids but i like the exaggerated look too

  9. I've been using mezaik fiber and I like it! It gets really pricey if you use it often though.. But I feel like it's the most convenient and natural looking double eyelid.. tool ! 

  10. ahh she is gorgeous and so are you Eki! man you're making me want this tape now haha :)

  11. Hi eki, I like your blog and your products, and i want to say you are so pretty !  I read your blog all days! <3

  12. Hope I'll win this . I've always wanted beautiful double eyelids but i'm not born with it :( 

  13. Sayoko Ozaki <3 ~ i'm a fan of her's too :)
    the tape looks gorgeous on you ^^

  14. it's been a while since i visited your blog,eki-chan
    i'm so sorry
    i have been so busy

    you dyed your hair again!
    i have to say that i like you better being a brunette
    it just makes you look really flawless!

    i have seen eyelid tapes being sold here but i haven't tried them since i have a lid (even though it's small)
    but i think it is really a very interesting product!

    i remember watching a video, i think it's a chinese show about girls applying make-up using tapes & eyelid glue & i got fascinated by it!

  15. U got sexy look here. Pretty!

  16. I love the look you did with the eyelid tape! You definitely don't need it, but it's nice to experiment with different looks :)

  17. your blog is so cute and girly! i love it! and the quality of your reviews are always great :) may i ask what lighting you use for your photos? i'd looking into getting a ring light myself :)

  18. wow1 they really do transform your face, im impressed! I have a hooded lid so i think these would be good for me! im going to check out the give-away hopefully i can still enter. i do have a question for you: can you feel it on your lid all day? is it uncomfortable? you really do look amazing in these pictures!

  19. ah never mind on the questions i asked, maybe if i just read your opinion first! haha

  20. Thank you for the unbelievably thorough reviews, especially the #1-7 step tutorial. I first learned that eyelid tape existed through Jen and I love seeing the difference they make.



let me know what you think~ :3

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