Cosmagic Eyebrow mascara & Sweet deco blush review

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It has been few days since my last post, hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I took a mini vacation out in Wisconsin, had some of their famous cheeses and just relaxed out in the woodland. ^__^
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I wanted to share my Cosmagic product review since I had many request in their Eyebrow mascara, I also made a video review so that you can get a better idea of the actual product usage~
disclaimer: not a sponsored review :)

Cosmagic Visual Up Brow mascara in Light brown 

what is this product?

well as you might know I bleached my hair few months back and I also bleached my eyebrow to match the light shade hair color but my eyebrows grew back really fast and it looked funny with having a black peppered mix eyebrows so by using a eyebrow mascara it will cover your dark colored eyebrow to match your light hair color without smudging and stays on all day without it fading. It also comes in 2 shades this light brow or brown shade.


Also comes with paper brow comb so that you can groom and trim your eyebrows :)

without and with the eyebrow mascara

Also comes with eyebrow template if you need help shaping your eyebrows~

What I think?

I like it cause it stays on all day without having to worry about it smudging or fading but it does take some practice to apply, it does go on like a traditional mascara so it does coat you eyebrows making them stiff, I really dont mind the stiffness cause it also keeps my hair nicely shaped. :)


stays on all day
washes off easily
nice squezable packaging 

makes eyebrows stiff
only comes in 2 shades

where to get it?

Cosmagic Sweet Deco cheek blush in strawberry pink

Cosmagic model is Kumickey and I've always been curious about this blush cause its kawaii lol so thanks to my hunnie Sandra for gifting me this blush I got to try it out~ I like the fact that it comes with more than one shade, I always love blush that comes with base shade and highlighting shade to contour my cheek to give off gradient look to them. If you are like me and like your cheek to have contour to them with pinky flush look, then you will like this blush! :) 

Come with a cream blush that is not oily but goes on dry, a base pink shade with shimmer and a highlight shade.

What I think?

well in the video I have applied the blush generously so that you can see what shades they will look like, I have to say they are quite pigmented so they are actually more vibrant in person I was quite pleased at how pigmented they were. The deeper shade pink does have some shimmery particles but after applying the highlight shade the shimmery particles seems to fade away so it is not overpowering shimmer. The highlight powder is finely milled so it does go on very smoothly which I love, the cream blush goes on very light so if you wanted to wear this blush light and on the natural side this cream blush will be enough but the heart shape makes it hard to get the products lol

Oh and I dont get the puff looking thing even after reading the instruction,, to be honest I didnt bother using it cause it seems useless but I guess to give off the feel more of a princess-y blush application? :P


nicely pigmented
finely milled goes on very smooth
comes with 3 different shades
nice pinky cheek shades

can be to shimmery
puff stick are useless lol
hard to get the products out with this packaging design

where to get:

comes with weird heart shaped template so that you can apply your blush in a heart shade lol cute concept but still weird...

swatches: eyebrow mascara, cream blush, deeper shade, highlight shade

other items from COSMAGIC
they should really get a ENGLISH site going... :sigh:

Fiber in mascara

soft tip shadow liner

pencil eyebrow liner

Mineral face powder  

waterproof pencil eyeliner

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you like the review and gave you a better idea of this products~ oh and I guess the eyebrow mascaras got discontinued but you still can get them at the store that I have suggested! :)


  1. Hi Eki, great reviews. When I saw that puff stick I just knew it would be useless lol. It's funny they would include it guess it is kind of a cute idea even if it's not practical.

  2. Thanks for the detailed review and video!  I can't believe you had time to do all this after you got back from your trip!  Anyhow, the blush is super kawii...but maybe a bit shimmery.  Also, I'm always so afraid to trim my eyebrows like that...though you make it look so easy.  It's frustrating...us asians have such unruly eyebrows.  Anyhow, thanks for the post Eki!  <3 <3 <3

  3. thanks for the video ekichan! :) i want to try the blush! :3

  4. The paper brow comb included looks so handy and cute :3

  5. I think the products look gorgeous on you!!

  6. the blush is too pigmented for me... I've yet found a way to apply it without it looking too pink on my cheeks. But I have to agree, the heart shaped design makes it hard for you to get the right amount of product using brushes. I'm still pretty clueless on the puff stick. I thought it was just for decoration!

  7. I've been wanting to try out the blush, so this review was really helpful for me. Thank you~

  8. Whoa! That blush is a lot more pigmented than I imagined... Surprising!

    I've been curious about the Cosmagic mascara though since I've been seeing it in magazines... The wand is interesting!!! 

  9. The blush is so pigmented and the heart template is so cute. :D

  10. I really like how the Cosmagic brow mascara comes with the paper comb & brow stencil, so useful! ♥ I'm also a fan of the Sweet Deco Cheek blush too~ I still have mine & forgot how pretty it is!

  11. Wow that brow mascara is new for me! I didn't knew you could apply mascara on your eyebrows!

    and Canmake blush looks cute, but I still preffer canmake for blushes, dont know why xD I want to try tsubasa's though..*-*

  12. omg the blusher! the eyebrow thing made me lol haha :) ♥

  13. Wow, Eki an EYEBROW Mascara in LIGHT Brown?!  I have really thick black brows but my hair is naturally the tone you wear. Do you think that the Mascara is useful for thick hair aswell?! Been searching for things like that for years!!! They only sell eyebrow powder but this looks really messy :(

  14. That's funny, I was just thinking about brow mascaras yesterday and how they worked. Lo and behold, you made a post on one! I thought they put a layer of dye over your eyebrow hair, but it seems from your post that they really color the entire eyebrow area where you apply. Doesn't look very comfortable but I can see how it would help people who don't want to dye their brows and have lighter hair!

    The blush packing is super cute but omg the glitter... So not for me! I prefer more matte blushes. :)

  15. i think the blush is too shimmery. i have watched the video and i more like the color before you applied blush powder. looked more natural.
    and the light brown eyebrow was matched with your hair color. :) nice.
    and by the way, i like your lip color.

  16. Great review! I like the brow mascara

  17. I've been eyeing that blush set for a while now, thank you for reviewing it! I have a think for make-up that has cute packaging but I don't want to buy something and be disappointed haha

  18. ok i like the puff ball i know is useless, and i love the shades of pink too cute


  19. Hi eki, I would love to know what you think about Palgantong cosmetics and bb cream? I really admire you and I hope to know what you think about this brand <3

  20. I always wanted to try that blush! :D
    Shame that the fluffy stick doesnt do much as thats a way the product was unique!

  21. Hello! I think the heart template is for when you want to do your blush like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's. :) http://userserve-ak.last.fm/serve/_/69483294/kyary+pamyu+pamyu.png It's a little too light to see but if you tilt your screen enough, you can see a faint heart-shaped blush on her cheeks. I tried to copy it but the one I made with inexperienced hands was too messy so I ended up erasing it. :P

  22. Hello! I think the heart template is for when you want to do your blush like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's. :) http://userserve-ak.last.fm/serve/_/69483294/kyary+pamyu+pamyu.png It's a little too light to see but if you tilt your screen enough, you can see a faint heart-shaped blush on her cheeks. I tried to copy it but the one I made with inexperienced hands was too messy so I ended up washing it off. :P The template would come in handy just in case you're feeling playful with the blush brush. :)

  23. Hello eki, i love your blog and every product you have reviewed so tempting me to buy and try it all :D

    May i know what did you use for the lip in this review? I really love the color <3

    Thank you


let me know what you think~ :3

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