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I am sorry for the lack of updates here, I havent been feeling very well lately, I've been having migraines and so I took few days off from blogging and computing. I am feeling much better thanks to the rest and taking it easy, I wanted to thank all of you for your well wishes on twitter~ thank you! ;_;

Back to the past, the most requested comments from my videos are to show you what I use for my skin and my skin regimen! I have been planning to make a video about how I maintain my skin but I havent had the chance yet as well as I switched my skin products like a month ago so I wanted to see how my skin acted with the new product first, so far so good! Will make an actual skin regimen video soon so that you can see how I use all the products. :)

FYI: some of my readers commented how nice my skin looks and whats my secret,, well I always had a really confused troublesome skin that has been a challenge and a headache in keeping it under control from breakouts and skin issues because my skin is super oily/ super sensitive/breakout prone with dry area so has been a challenge in finding the items that works with my skin. Some product has been too harsh on my sensitive skin causing rashes, some products has been too rich for my oily skin causing breakouts but the products I am currently using has been just right, it has been keeping my face some what breakout free, calm and radiant! But its nowhere near perfect skin, still battling issues with sun spots, millia, clogged pores dark circles and occasional breakouts,  please know that some products may or may not work for you as it did for me, one thing that really helped my skin behave: gently exfoliating my skin on daily bases~ :D

 Quick view of what products I use on my skin at the moment~


In morning I use Dermalogica daily microfoliant~ I like to feel really clean in the morning as I tend to get oily while I am sleeping so when I wake up my face are oily this gentle exfoliating cleanser wash away the oil and leaves a smooth feeling.

At night I use Holika Holika snow white foaming cleanser with Clarisonic with gentle brush head. This cleanser leaves a clean feeling without stripping dryness which I really like but I feel like any foaming cleansers work well with Clarisonic :D

FORGOT to take photos of my makeup cleaner D; Before cleaning my face with a cleanser I use DHC mild cleansing oil to remove my makeup first this way my face is makeup free before I cleanse my face with my Clarisonic :) I am not a big fan of this cleansing oil cause it doesnt wash off clean but still leaves a oily feeling so not a big fan.. but I do recommend their original DHC Deep cleansing oil instead!

 Next steps:

1. TONE: After cleansing my face I use Caudalie beauty elixir, I've always used toner in my skin regimen as I have oily skin.. toners makes my skin feel refreshed and clean which I really like to feel after washing my face~ this toner is quite expensive so I got a small version cause I didnt know how well it would work with my skin and I wouldn't wanna waste my money in buying the large bottle but to my surprise I really love it~ This product leaves a tingling minty sensation that I really like and also leaves my skin feeling smooth :D I do also like that Caudalie products contain natural ingredients great for my sensitive skin~  

2. Treatment: After toning I like to treat my breakout prone areas with Cellnique skin action sebum, I tend to breakout on my forehead, side of my face, nose area and cheek area so I apply a thin coat on that areas to keep them from clogging and breaking out. Been using this products for 2 years and I thank this product for keeping my face clear from major breakouts! :) Only downside small bottle and quite pricey T_T

3. Moisturizer: *Only at night I apply Ole Henriksen Truth serum, I have love hate relationship with this serum... I really love that it makes my skin really supple and moist but I cant wear this often or it makes me breakout so I only use it at night as a added moisturizer for my skin as I cant use creams or it'll make me breakout so I have to stick with serums to moist my face.

4. Treatment/moisturizer: I have issues with sun spots and uneven skin tone so I decided to try out Caudalie vinoperfect serum I have to say the price really made me not want to buy this item for a long time but after finishing 2 bottle of Paul & Joe whitening serum and it really didnt do anything for my sun spots I wanted to try something else that would work in evening out my skin so why not try out something that was more organic & natural~ to my surprise I really love how this serum makes my skin feels/looks super smooth and glow-y! I havent really noticed lightening effect but definitely my skin has a healthier complexion ^__^ Another good thing is that you only need a little bit and it covers whole face~ there are deals online for Caudalie products so keep an eye open I got mine from spalook.com for 20% off and they seems to always have discount coupons there :D   

I also try to pamper myself with occasional face sheet mask time and they are great for this coming winter in keeping your skin moist and supple :D my favorites are My beauty diary mask in birds nest, Love more peptide duo lifting mask in white crystal & platinum and Face Q masks ^__^

well hope seeing what products I use gave you some insight~ if you have oily skin try to exfoliate more often, if you have sensitive skin try to use products that are more natural without harsh chemicals like parabens :D 



  1. Yay, this is so interesting! I am very curious about your foaming cleanser with the Clarisonic. Is your cleanser a cream/gel that foams when you rub it into your skin? I'm having trouble using my Clarisonic with my Anna Sui foaming cleanser. It's a liquid in the bottle but when it comes out of the pump it becomes a foam. When I use my face or a silicone face cleansing pad, one pump is plenty for my whole face, but when I use the Clarisonic, I run out of foam after one cheek! So I'm very curious how you use your foaming cleanser with the Clarisonic!

  2. I have to say, it's really a good insight into what products you use to maintain your nice skin. I have problem with oily skin and I'm acne prone as well. I have yet to find a product that helps me maintain my breakouts and fade away the scarring T__T But I will keep looking. The products you mentioned that were pricey might be well worth your money if they've been working for you the past 2 years though ^__^

  3. waah I've been wanting to try HOLIKA HOLIKA too <33

  4. I'm with you - love Caudalie products and Clarisonic!

  5. Konnichiwa Eki san ! Blog hikkoshitanode moshi yokereba mata follow yoroshiku onegaishimasu !><


  6. I love the Ole Henriksen Truth Serum. I didn't break out from it and it really makes the skin supple and glowy! Nice routine..

  7. interesting picks... they are all new to me. since I've never heard of those brands before.

  8. It sucks, but it's always so true that the best products are usually the most expensive :( I guess it's that old saying, you get what you pay for haha~
    I'm really tempted to try the Caudalie products now though ♥ I have the same issues with oily skin & uneven skin tone so I could definitely benefit from some of these!

  9. Wow you use a lot of serums, I just use jojoba oil as a facial moisturizer then SPF

  10. i want to try

  11. thanks for sharing your skincare routine ekichan! :)

  12. Is cellnique good??I heard good things about that brand..I will take a look for this soon~

  13. i want to have a clarisonic too!!! is the foam cleanser good??? where can i get it?


  14. I would love to try Caudalie products - I've been hearing all sorts of great things about them~!

  15. Thanks for sharing this, how often do you use clarisonic? :) I have the dermalogica exfoliator too, it smells like detergent :/

  16. Hi! Saw this poster on https://www.facebook.com/shop.prettylove?sk=info and it makes me think of you immediately. Is that your shop? 

  17. award for eki :) http://amz88.blogspot.com/2011/09/miathank-youawards.html

  18. Loida de Velez-RoblesOctober 4, 2011 at 11:43 AM

    We have the same issues with my skin. I am also prone to breakouts. And I agree with you, gentle exfoliating does the trick in removing those unsightly blemishes.


  19. Hey thanks for the great ideas ^^, my skin is more combination/oily, and lately I've been getting really bad break outs that leave long lasting scars >.< unfortunately.... Have you tried any cheaper products that have worked with your sensitive skin, and also, do you just buy your skin products online or get it at a local store?

  20. Thank you for always openly sharing your beauty regimen! Your skin care reviews are always interesting. I can see that you're a big fan of moisturizers. How many times do you recommend girls with dry skin to moisturize?

  21. Thanks! I'll definitely try these. I've been taking a beating from all the work stress lately and I think it's taken a great toll on my skin. I hope it works for me as it did for you!
    skin beauty review

  22. My skin is dry and very sensitive and i must try these products...

    Skin Repair


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