Popsister 11/2011 mag scans *pic heavy*

November 2011 issue of PopSister~ :D

Sad to report that this is the LAST issue of PopSister... T__T
I messed up on last issue of popsister it was OCT lol This issue doesn't feature Tsu-chan so I was quite surprised to not see her in this issue D; also the quality isnt as par to usual quality so I am sorry about that... X3

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  1. why is it the last issue of popsister?

  2. noooooooo i love popsister T^T

  3. とても悲しい ! :(I just got the Oct Vivi, though, so I am pretty happy about that.... TE AMO,Jhttp://sanitynotebook.blogspot.com/

  4. Last issue?? ;____; I hope a new magazine will spawn from this, I don't want to see any of these lovely models go..... thanks for the scans as always, Eki! It's sad that Tsu-chan wasn't in this issue, but there must be a reason. Are these models all retiring or something? ;O Maybe Tsu-chan just doesn't want to be part of the "end"? ^^

  5. I read on JP wiki and popsister's twitter, It said to be on hiatus.

  6. ohnoes, why the last? ; -;
    and thanks for the upload!! <3

  7. tsu-chan graduated on the oct. issue, eki! there was a letter from her talking about it on the first pageee :( im gonna miss PopSister D:


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