Nail Polish swatches~ PeriPera & OPI

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Before my nail polish post I wanted to congratulate the winner to my Sigma Brush set giveaway!
After going through all the qualifying entries and putting all the entries in a random drawer here is the winner to this giveaway!


I will pass on your info to Sigma and you should be contacted by them soon :)

Thank you everyone for entering in this giveaway, Im sorry if you were not the winner but I do have other wonderful giveaway lined up so please stay tuned! 

Back to the post topic,  

I recently got items from www.periperaus.com 
Peripera is a popular brand in Korea for our lipsticks, eyeliner and nail polishes. Their Nail Polishes have been ranked no.1 in S. Korea for a consecutive 8 months now.

Rose Nail Polish

Long-lasting formula that glides on your nails effortlessly with brilliant color! Will last for atleast a full week without any chipping! With just one coat, get clear vivid color that will last. Best nail polish formula and voted no.1 nail polish in South Korea!

Perfume Nail Polish

Not voted as Korea's top rated Nail Polish without a reason! You are bound to fall in love with our "Perfume Nail Polish" formula.The Perfume Nail Polish in particular has a very pleasant sweet subtle scent that will last on your nails for atleast a week. Our strong enamel polish formula is built for rich color pigmentation with long lasting technology. You only need one coat and your nails will go without chipping for one week. Peripera guarantees our Perfume Nail Polish will become your new staple polish! We are just that confident you will love it

with flash, 2 coats of nail polish 

What I think?
I was really happy to see the pastel colors since its one of my favorite colors to wear on my nails, they have a good selections of vivid colors along with pastels. What I notice when I opened the bottle to apply the nail polish was that the brush head was we pretty thick compare to other nail polish application brushes didn't know if I'll like it but after applying with the thicker brushes I found that it was easer and more efficient way to apply the polishes, also I found that this polishes are really thick in consistency that I only had to apply 2 coats to achieve this opaque finish! Best of all after wearing the nail polish they didn't start chipping until wearing them for a good week! :) 

Another plus is that this polish smells pleasant after it is applied on the nail~ I would they I see why they are voted #1 nail polish in Korea

5/5  ★ ★ ★ ★

Long lasting wear
Very opaque only need 2 coats to achieve opacity 
smells nice
Good size bottles


Just wanted to share how some of OPI's glitter polishes looked like side by side~ I couldn't find all my glitter poi polishes after I moved,, D; if I find more of them I will show you the swatches next time :)


  1. Aww what a bummer. Looking forward to your next giveaway! :-) Those peripera nail polishes are sooooo pigmented! Love it. <3

  2.  The pastel colours are really lovely!

  3. jessheartfreflectionsNovember 3, 2011 at 4:56 PM

    I love the colors! It's so pretty <3

  4. I love pastel colors as well, they look so soft and cute on nails!!!
    I also like those sparkling OPI glitters, even thought they are painful when trying to remove the polishes...

  5. I think I'm going to order some peripera next time I do my bulk buying from Gmarket haha I saw 4 nail polishes for only 8000won or something (but that's not including the shipping  >.<) I read about the different brushes too and from the examples comparing the traditionally thinner brush with the peripera brush.. it seemed to give a more precise and even application :D

  6. I really love the pastel colours! And the bottle with the cat is gorgeous. ^_^ Thankyou for the swatches!

  7. The bottle is designed so cutely! I really like the colors too! 

  8. these polishes are gorgeous! esp the pkging. the blue is my favorite!!! :)

  9. You take great pictures eki.. i love it! :D i love glitter polishes :D it looks so gorgeous!!!

  10. Ah, the pastels are so cute! <3 And the bottles designs are pretty!

    xx http://pockiexx.blogspot.com/

  11. The peripera polishes are so pretty! I love pastels but I don't know if I can wear them anymore since it's fall D:

  12. the baby doll colors are so cute and pretty! love the peripera polish packaging!

  13. omg I love pastel colours!!!!

  14. OMG Super cute peripera nailpolish!!! I want to buy :3

    xoxo tifuani

  15. Thank you for the swatches! Lovely nails!

  16. the bottles of these Peripera nail polishes look so adorable!

  17. I love the Peripera bottles.. so cute and elegant! 
    Is the gone gonzo the new OPI muppets shade? :D I love all glitter polishes, except for the removal process XD

  18. Olá,vim conhecer seu cantinho e aproveitei para seguir!
    Parabêns pelo Blog e muito sucesso pra ti!

    Me faz uma visita também,e se quiser seguir,será muito bem vinda!


  19. I never could pull of the polished look until I became pregnant. My nails are stronger/ longer than ever so I'm really having fun with them while I can. I'm impressed with how many different colors and finishes there are to try.

  20. wow those pastel colors are fabulous!!!

    <3 rae

  21. Hi! I have actually wanted to ask you something for a long time, it is not about this post, but I hope it's ok that I post it here. (not that I don't love the  polishes, I like the pastel colors a lot!) I bought the Dolly Wink Long Mascara, and I'm really liking it, but I was wondering if you have tried the Volume too (I believe I remember you using it in a tutorial..), and how you find it compared to the Long one. Because I've read the volume one also lengthens a lot.., but I think it works in a different way (without fibers). I was especially wondering whether it works well with a manual eyelash curler, as the panasonic heated curler uses a lot of batteries imo! I hope you can answer this question, so I can decide which one to order next.. ! 

  22. Those pastel colors are so cute! :)

  23. I love glitter nail polishes. I have a green one, blue, red, and loose glitters. Usually i buy finger paints nail polishes they're my favorite.


  24. I love the pastel colors! They're so.. vibrant and cute! Loving the glitter polish too and the cat cap :)

    xo. Oliviavisit my blogwww.oliviachann.blogspot.comgiveaway about to be announced ! Follow to find out when it starts/ends :)

  25. love the pastel colors!! waaa!! especially the blue one!! > <

  26. That nail polish from sout korea looks so good!

  27. All those polishes look amazing. I especially love the pastels~

  28. The PeriPera polishes are SO pretty! They remind me of spring, haha ♥

  29. congrats to the winner :D loving the peripera nail polish :D great review hun! looking forward to more :D

  30. Thanks for the review! I've been looking for pastel colours for spring (in Australia) and I was surprised that OPI doesn't carry any pretty pastel colours. -.-"

  31. I love every single one of the milky colors! Also OPI Teenage Dream is one of my favourite polishes ever~ thanks for the review!

  32. I really love nail polishes with pastel colors~ Thanks for sharing.

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  33. I prefer the first collection's colours. Lovely colours. :)

  34. I love the pale pink and glitter gold!
    And I've tried the teenage dream nail polish before, and it is STUNNING. Well worth the price even though it is pricey =P

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  36. Such pretty nail polish colors! Love this post. 


  37. ahh beautiful nail colourss!!
    especially O.P.I i want them soo badd!

  38. Wow such gorgeous colors! I love the gold :)

  39. Damn nice the pastel colours of the nail polish. I need to find these in Singapore :)


let me know what you think~ :3

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