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Hello there :D

I hope everyone had a nice Halloween! Mine was ok gave out some candies to the kiddies but it was way too cold that we didn't get a lot of trick or treaters.. :( Then after Zach and I went out to hang out with some friends to eat some chicken wings at a Thai place near by lol...

Just a another weekly iPhone photos diary to share with you~ I promise to work on a real post tomorrow.. my body has been feeling like crap lately that I couldn't dedicate sometime to make a real blog post,, but please don't worry I am trying to not get sick by taking a real good care of my health! OH and I will announce the winner to Sigma brush set tomorrow as well~ ^__^

Ninja celebrating Halloween lol I know he looks pissed... X3
After finally upgrading to new iPhone 4s it made me want to take advantage of all the cool camera apps with some sugguestions from twitter friends I have come across some kawaii and cool apps :)

Kawaii photo app the lets you deco your photos like Purikura and then you can share them with other people~ the photo above was edited on both Snapeee and Pick app :3 

Snapeee App

Pick App

Camera+ App
The photos below was edited on Camera+ its one of top downloaded app in the app store~ I am still trying to find a app that have filters and color adjusting setting all in one,, what photo editing app do you like? please let me know! :)

Zach & I on Halloween night~ we didnt dress up in a costume though,, ^^;;
try to do a Pin-up look~ but my lips look awfully weird and too big with red lip stick D; wearing MAC lipstick in Russian Red
Ninja looking picture ready :3
iPhone case my friend Jennifer gave me from Korea~ Jetoy Choo Choo cat! 

random lunch I had~ I HEART banh mi & viet iced coffee :D~
Nail polishes from PeriPera~ really cute colors and polish bottles!
you see the kitty?
I got my order from Caudalie-usa.com nicely packaged!
they were doing a promo where spend $50 and get full size cleansing water for free! :) Gonna test out their cleaners and see how they are~
Free GWP deluxe samples~
That was it for this post~ thanks for stopping by!
Stay warm and take care~



  1. The cat on the nail polish is cute ^^!

  2. You are so cute!!! That kitty pic is funny >w< And those kitty nail polish is so cute!!!!

    xoxo tifuani

  3. omg~ I LOVE the images~ especially how you contrast so well of that picture of you and zach!!
    Love the makeup coz you look hot <3
    Please give ninja a massive huggle for me! hahaha i love his angry eyebrows!!

  4. Hun~ Mei Tu Xiu Xiu has nice filters :) you can also use it to make collages ^^ I'm not sure if you can search for the app with the pinyin .. so here's the chinese characters for it: 美图秀秀

  5. Wow.. great haul~!! :O Ngaaaw, love the edited photo of your cat.. made me LOL.

    Try smile cat (it's a Korean app .. in English once downloaded.. super weird), MoreBeaute2 (good for touching up and doing a PS sorta editing)

  6. You and your kitteh are adorable! Love your haul!

  7. You should try instagram for iphone! :D its really good!

  8. Pudding Camera of course!! Perfect for selfcam pics haha. It's from Korea but it's ok u don't need to understand them to use this app, easy like eating a pie :D~

  9. Great Photos....love the red lips :)

  10. Ninja looks very cool on the first pic :) Great photos!

  11. Loving your make up here and Ninja is adorable!

  12. Your makeup is absolutely stunning. Love it! :-D

  13. omg the kitty picture. haha so cute. I like the pinup look on you, the red lips don't look weird at all!

  14. Zach looks HOT in that picture! He reminds me of Taylor Kitsch! ^_^ You guys are the cutest couple ever, of all time ^_^

  15. I've always wanted to try MAC's Russian Red, but I think my lips would look weird with it on. :( But Eki, it looks amazing on you!

  16. i don't have iphone, but i use this for editing my photo: photoshop (duh), photoscape, and picnik.com

    i love picnik.com! you should try it.. :)

  17. Red lips totally DO NOT look weird on you bb!! You look fabulous ♥
    You & your boyfriend make such a hot couple too, haha~

  18. i think the red suits you, imagine someone with real flat lips red would not suit them, you need a lip for red, and you have it =) x

  19. Ur bf looks like Rafael Nadal (tennis player)! Red lips looks good on you maybe you're just not used to it ;p

  20. Haha don't tell Zach but when I saw you post that photo on Twitter, I first thought was that he looked like he was dressed up as Edward Cullen from Twilight... lol

    You look great with red lips!! You should do bold lips more often =)

  21. I love Caudalie their products are very gentle for my sensitive skin! :)your kitty is so cute!!!

  22. After reading your post I looked up other cute photo apps and I recommend this one: http://itunes.apple.com/hk/app/kawaii-photo-editing-application/id472143590?mt=8. Super easy to use and it's so cute!!!

  23. I love this photo diary, I like to see more about your daily life and photos of your cute cat!! The red lip look is really impressive on you - you look great! And the Vietnamese food makes me so hungry, its been so long since I've eaten Vietnamese food TT

    This makes me want to do a photo diary too, perhaps after today (start of my new job) my life will be more busy/exciting XD

  24. The kitty nail polish is so cute!! You look so pretty with the red lipstick! I wish I was able to update my iphone and still keep my jailbreak >___<.  Hee x2, Ninja is so cute =D!  I hope you're loving your new place!! **hug hug** I miss you~~

  25. The apps are cute~ I hope you could always smile on every posts of yours

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  26. zach looks so charming... lol

  27. You are so cute!!! That kitty pic is funny >w< And those kitty nail polish is so cute!!!!



let me know what you think~ :3

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