iPhone photo diary: Christmas week


Im going to go backwards in the next few post to make up for the loss of internet,, lol first I want to cover the week of christmas and then I am going to post my Chicago trip :)

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones, mine was filled with much love and care from my friends and family the whole month of Dec felt like it passed by so quickly! I wanted to thank those that have sent me gifts and Xmas greetings! Thank you Loves!

Here are some of the pics from the week leading up to the Christmas day~

made Ninja dress up again~ his face shows his joy lol

Got some packages from my mom in Japan and friends!
some gifts from my mom
Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma mugs!! :dies:
my all time favorite eye drops: Rohto Z!
some of the otona series from Dolly Wink :)
will review this items soon~
she sent me some Liz Lisa clothing but unfortunately some of the clothing were too big on me so I might have a blog sale soon~
Thank you so much Rina!!

she is a master at the claw machine!! taken from Round 1
too cute!

some Skin79 stuff~
ah Melliesh foundation!
the whole Rilakkuma and korilakkuma collection Rina gave me~ ^__^
Gifts from Lena~ thank you sweetie!
ahhh omg Jill Stuart fairy garden gift set T__T thanks babe you are always so good to me~ 
cute gifts from Sandra~ awwee :D

ahh thank you!!
this book came with Liz Lisa Doll knit hat!! thank you!
Hello Kitty cookie set! Drools~ :D~
OMG cutest pen ever!! Its swarovski Hello Kitty pen!

Thank you Katie!! you are too sweet!!
Thank you Rachel!!
Itsumo arigatou!! Thank you Kay-chan~
some gifts from Miyuki chan all the way from her trip to Hokkaido

Hilarious Ninja santa~ aww he looks so sad X3
the fireplace with Xmas card from my loves~
was going crazy with all the last minute gift wrapping lol
snap a pic of me getting ready from a Xmas party~
My Xmas day nails~ Mint green and baby blue polish for the winter
at Zach parents place~ getting ready for the Xmas dinner
They had the biggest real Xmas tree I have ever seen in side a home!! it was 10Ft tall!

On Xmas day before the gift unwrapping

some gifts I got from my Zach~ *its mostly stuff I requested* lol
some caudalie gifts sets Ive been wanting :D
got a giant Bliss lotion I have ever seen before :D

well that was pretty much my Xmas~ how was yours?

well till next time!
btw I am sorry for the giveaway I was planning got delayed as well,, I promise to get that giveaway going in the next post!! *pinky swear* ^__^



  1. Pretty-Peepers SaraJanuary 2, 2012 at 6:44 PM

    I love your pic heavy posts :)  Looks like you've got a lot of goodies!!!  You totally deserve :D  Happy New Year Eki!

  2. Awww.. that Hello kitty swarovski pen is super cute! You look more pretty when you smile/laugh!
    Happy new year!

  3. It looks like you had an an amazing Christmas. Those mugs from your mother are so cute! You are very lucky to have such thoughtful friends.

    My holiday was nice, full of good friends and family. I spent part of New Year's Eve in the hospital, but it wasn't so bad with the outpouring of love from my family, friends, and co-workers.

    I hope you had a happy New Year. Best wishes for 2012!

  4. Oh my gosh your mom has such a good taste! I am loving those dolls so much!! so cute!!!!

  5. Wow so many great photos! And that was so sweet of your family and friends =) And very cute outfit on the kitty xD Thanks so much for sharing =)

    ~ Kieli ~

  6. Thank you sweetie! I am lucky to be surrounded by amazing people including sweetie like you! Thx for reading this post! Happy new year!

  7. Thank you~ she was sweet to send me items I requested ^__^

  8. Omg I am sorry to hear you had to go to the hospital on the eve, hope you are alright. Great to hear you were surrounded by people who loves you! Thank you for your kind wishes I too wish you a amazing 2012 filled with much love sweetie!

  9. Aww your too sweet hun! I am usually very smilely in person but in self pics I tend to not smile with teeth for some reason D; I wish you a Happy New year!!

  10. Ah I'm sorry forgot to mention it was super heavy pic post >_< thank you for going through it!! Thank you! Hope you have a amazing 2012 with your loved ones filled with much joy and happiness <3

  11. You got so many amazing and cute goodies this holiday! You have amazing family and friends. :) Love the photos! Happy New Year!

  12. Eva_Chic_ProfessionalJanuary 2, 2012 at 8:52 PM

    I absolutely love your nails!  Your cat looks cute and you look gorgeous as always!
    By the way, the weather has been pretty mild, no?  It's my first time living in MN and I'm surprised that there hasn't really been snow.  

  13. I used a bath "basket" like that in the dorm. ^^ Your cat looks as thrilled as my dog did when I dressed him up for Christmas pictures. Your fireplace looks beautiful!! <3

  14. It's like a Rilakkuma and Hello Kitty wonderland! AHHH so cute :3

  15. >"< I wan all the hello kitty stuff and cosmetics!!! Ahhh~~so jealous nia~

  16. omg! Give me all the rilakkuma stuff! Esp the mugs and pink squirrel T_T!!!

  17. I love your photos. They are so entertaining... like that pretty Hello Kitty pen and that giant body lotion haha. And all those pics of your cat are adorable. My cat hates being dressed up. He somehow figures out how to get out of the costumes =(

  18. you got a lot of nice stuff! and your cat is sooo cute!!!


  19. Wow. So much cute stuff!!! I love the melty blend chocolate in matcha flavor!!! :)

  20. *Rawr* Gifts are soooo cute <3 Enjoy it!

  21. do you ever give gifts to other bloggers...?

  22. omg so lucky! ^^ hope to see reviews on all the new stuff you got, esp the JS & DW items!

  23. Awesome gifts!
    What cute Santa bring you presents. 

  24. WOAH so many gifts! D: And the cat suit is super cute! : D

  25. You and Ninja are ADORABLE!! Such Kawaii pressies for a Kawaii lady!

  26. So cute! I really love the Rilakkuma mugs!

    It's too bad some of the clothes didn't fit- they're super pretty! 
    Your Xmas outfit looks super sweet, too :)

  27. Seems you were a nice girl last year, soooo many presents! :)

  28. I LOVE LIS LISA. I will be watching your blog VERY closely for the sales. ^^ <33333333

  29. Oh what lovely photos, really you got so many nice beauty products and cute items! I feel like December passed in lightening speed as well TT I want my Christmas back, it's my favorite holiday, well guess I have to wait another year haha. I love the last few photos, the tree next to the big fireplace - that's so perfect, I love that look!

  30. Victoria Allen HopeJanuary 3, 2012 at 1:42 PM

    wow! so many cool/cute things;.;
    I loved your kitten´s costume;.;

    you´re really cute!

    Kiss Kiss

  31. omg, so many presents!! so cute! :D

  32. I love the picture of you and Ninja in front of the tree.

  33. Oh! Do you know when will you do the blog sale? I REALLY loved the Liz Lisa coat =O

  34. Awww thank you! That made me blush ^-^

    Happy New Year to you too!

    ~ Kieli ~

  35. WOW! I love your mom! she got you all that cute stuff!! and everything from friends and family...I am so jelly! 

    OMGGGG im looking forward to this blog sale 

  36. So much Kawai!!

    Check out my new blog:http://bucketofcoffee.blogspot.com/

  37. I love the packaging of everything! Japanese products really are just too cute! :)


  38. SO many beauty care products.... I like a good thing... but too much of one thing is... well too much. I would like a little more diversity then just beauty care products, even if it was my favorite thing.

  39. Wow, you got sooo many presents!! Can't wait to see the reviews on the dolly wink otona series!! Looks like you had a great holiday :)

  40. Lucky you! Hehehe~ Cute Rilakkuma doll ^^ <3


  41. Your photos has awesome quality if they are taken by an Iphone! I can't seem to take such quality photos with my Ipad/ Iphone :(

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  43. awesome!!!1 iwant to be you!!! >< aww !

  44. you got a lot of nice stuff! and your cat is sooo cute!!!


let me know what you think~ :3

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