iPhone Diary: Chicago trip 2011


Going backwards on the post again ^^;; 

In this post I wanted to share my mini trip to Chicago that we went a little bit before Xmas for our much needed r&r~ 

All photos are taken in iPhone 4s 
*sorry I have been truly lazy with using the DSLR... D;

We mainly wanted to go for all the good FOOD i.e. Japanese/asian food lol was there for 3 days total and stay over downtown over on Streeterville at Doubletree by Hilton which was a pleasant stay at a good value :)  Didn't do much of the sightseeing as we were just there to mostly relax/eat but here are some of the pics I manage to take~ 

view from our room~ you can see former Sears tower all the way in the back in the center :)
Our hotel gave us warm walnuts chocolate chip cookies whenever they greeted us! It was really good and a nice treat~
sweet~ very comfortable bed

pleasant surprise to see their toiletry was Crabtree & Evelyn! paraben free!
first place we ate was at Sushi station a kaiten sushi place*conveyor belt sushi
basically the sushi are on a convayor belt all you have to do is grab a sushi or you can also order from your server~
each colored plates represents price range of the sushi

here is what I ate: saba nigiri, negi toro nigiri
Ume cucumber roll, tempura imitation crab nigiri~ sooo GOOD!
had a tiramisu as my dessert :)
was very pleased with this kaiten sushi place~ there are two location located in Chicago area!
sightseeing~ with a camera man aka zach in the corner lol
visited Chicago's #1 tourist destination: Chicago Navy Pier

I had to eat at Gyu-Kaku cause I love this place and also Zach has never been so it was a nice treat~

spicy tuna volcano?
drools.... wish they had this here where I live too T__T
we also tried Peach chu-hi its is a shochu mixed drink~ quite good and its PINK!
random outfit

very rare FOTD~ lol sorry to be lacking on doing one nowdays D;
the famous The Bean at Millennium Park

It wars quite breath taking~ very unique!
Hippo Japanese bakery at Mitsuwa~ LOVE this place!
aww they had Kiki and Jiji my one of my favorite Ghibli movie~

Doraemon pan! so cute!
Anpanman! grew up watching both Doraemon and Anpanman~ ^__^
tried to stay warm cause Chicago was for real THE Windy City!!
I manage to find super authentic Japanese eats called Kurumaya~ they had some menu written only in Japanese 0__o thats super authentic lol
haha had onigiri... I know I can make it at home but something about eating onigiri at places tastes better~
I had to get shishamo *smelt fish* cause I haven't had it in ages! you eat the whole fish~ :D~ I know it kinda looks gross but so good and so healthy! lol
lastly had a asari sakemushi~ *Clams steam broiled with sake garlic :D

well that was it for this post! If you like to visit a nice huge city with all the ethnic eats and lots of places to sightsee you will enjoy this city~ :) plus they shot Batman and Transformer movies in this city! lol

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Hope you are all having a wonderful New year so far~ I have been trying to keep up with my New Years Resolution~ so far doing well but its only been 6 days in so far lol



  1. yumm so many foood!! > <"
    wish i could eat somee :D all those places look awesome <3

  2. The food makes me wanna drool! Love all the photos too, makes me feel like i'm in the city with you 

  3. Great pics. Food looked really delicious and you look very prett!

  4. lovely! which lenses are you wearing here? oh, and may i ask the type of brown lenses you are wearing on your banner?? so pretty! :))

  5. Great pictures and delicious food pics ♥

  6. the foods look delicious ^^
    and the doraemon pan is so cute >_<

  7. Wah, Chicago looks lovely!! I love the yummy food pictures! Your iPhone has really good pictures qualities.

  8. You seriously have the most adorable baby looking face I've ever seen!! Chicago looks amazing and so does the food! :)


  9. Ahh I loved this post, i really want to go to Chicago some day so it was great so see this :D

  10. your hotel room looks great! love all these photos! especially the ones with the sweets! yummy!! 

  11. Did you go to Hilton or one of the family hotels? I recognize the pillows : ) And the sushi looks so good, making me crave some right now! ><

  12. Wow...Looks like you had a good time! The food pics look so tasty!...Now I'm hungry...heehee ^_^

  13. FOOD PORN! Nomnom! I thought the title said "Copenhagen Trip" and I was just about to fall off my chair. D:

  14. Your iPhone takes AMAZING photos ♥ Hard to believe they're from a mobile phone! Looks like you had a lovely time too.

  15. great photos!!!!


  16. Nononononononono! I'm drooling! xD
    Look at that cute anpanman!! xD

  17. Chicagooo!!! haha Looks fun ^^ And I love how you looked in the photos!

    -- tht-christina.blogspot.com

  18. Love your white coat, so so so cute!

  19. The food looks yummy! and you look gorgeous :D


  20. Nice!! Chicago is beautiful.. I hope to go one day. How long are you in the US for?

  21. What a wonderful photos!! >.< Want to goo!

  22. love your white coat~~where is it from?

  23. Haha I went to Chicago for Christmas too :)

  24. Very nice photos and you look beautiful! That food looks awesome too! Thanks for sharing =)

    ~ Kieli ~

  25. D'aww your outfits always look so cute on you! All the food is making me hungry haha :'3

  26. Eki-chan, you are always so beautiful and kind~  Always!  Please don't change. ^0^

    I am very new to blogging.  I would really appreciate it if you'd check out my blog at http://amomentfortea.blogspot.com/.  ^^  Thank you so much!

  27. Eki where did you get your white hat/beanie? And yhose brown boots...? It's too cute x3<3

  28. Looks like you had a great time!  I LOVE your white coat!!  Where oh where did you get it from?

    And all the food looks yummy, even the cute pink kaiten plates & peach drink look nice too, hehe.

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  30. You're so pretty! Looks like you had a great time! It's so nice that the hotel gives you cookies and Crabtree & Evelyn bath stuff, so nice!! All the food is seriously making me so hungry ><! Thanks for sharing!

  31. Looks like you had a great day!! Violet circle lenses suits you perfectly!

  32. aww all your outfits are so cute!! 


  33. Love all the photos too, makes me feel like i'm in the city with you ^^



let me know what you think~ :3

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