Popteen 2/2012 issue mag scan *pic heavy*

Popteen 2/2010 issue!

Voted by Gyaru: Top popular false lashes rank!
Gyaru has voted in which brand are their most favorite and here are the top 5 brands

Top brands:
3. D.U.P

Top Diamond lashes by votes:
1. Dolly eye
2. Fairy eye
3. Dramatic eye
4. Celeb eye
5. Cats eye
6. Angel eye
7. Gorgeous eye
8. Koakuma eye
9. Sexy eye
10. Beauty eye

Top Dolly Wink lashes:
1. #1 Dolly sweet
2. #2 Sweet girly
3. #5 Real Nude

Top D.U.P lashes:
1. 902 Koakuma eyes
2. 805 Rich eyes
3.611 Fairy eyes
3. *tie* 909 Cute eyes

Top Eyemazing lashes:
1. #001
2. #301
3. #003

Top Jewerich lashes:
1. #02
2. #01
3. #03

Click below for more~ :)


  1. Thank you~! <3 I love those pages about Kumi and Yui together. :)

  2. thankyou! <3 i love the makeup tutorial part. I'm from http://koalakiss.blogspot.com :D

  3. Thank you so much for this!  I can appreciate how much time it must have taken you to scan all of these.

  4. i wish i knew how to read it! I have been coming to your blog for like a week and you have me obsessed with Japanese things! this whole magazine is too cute- it is so different from any of the states magazines - i wanna go to Japan!

  5. it would be cool if you did a haul/review of all makeup from Japan - just sayin! I would love it!

  6. thank you for the scans!!! It is impossible for me to get magazines here that are new (local shop sells 2008 ones -.-;) some of the writing is still too small to read but I really appreciate this :)
    arigatou ekisan ^^

  7. Thank you, Eki! 
    I'm saving some pages ;D

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  9. I've always love reading POPTEEN but can't make out what they are saying so kinda hard to try on their makeups and hairstyle but it's nice looking at the pictures :) 

    It's time to go take Japanese language class I guess :p

  10. Hi Eki,

    Thanks so much for uploading the Popteen issues.
    I can't get Popteen in the Netherlands, And to buy a (older) magazine is just waaaay too expensive. So A big hug from Holland ^^<3

    Xx Ri

  11. thank you so much for uploading. popteen is so cutesy~


  12. I love this blog, this is one of my favourite blog.... :)

  13. Thank you for sharing eki! :)

  14. OMG! I try to find the website that have the scan pics from popteen! and now I find it! thanks for your sharing!

  15. Thank you for sharing eki! :) I'm saving some pages ;D



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