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H E L L O 
A while back I took advantage of Misshaus.com Christmas sale, I wanted to review some of the items that I got around using :)

1. Features

This long wearing lipstick is targeted for women who want to make lips moisturized and creates brilliant look by containing jewelry ingredient, mango butter and botanical oil.

2. Ingredients
Mango butter: helps for softening, soothing, moisturizing and reduce degeneration of skin cells.
  • Rosehip oil: benefits for scars, dry and aging skin
  • Diamond power: helps for renewing your skin

  • M luminous.png

What I think?
I wanted lipstick that are moisturizing and vividly opaque color, well it does go on pigmented and feels moisturized but if your lips aren't nicely exfoliated this lip stick goes on very chalky. It does also feel a bit heavy greasy on the lip but it does keep the lip moisturized but not for a long period of time. The CR307 has a undertone of orange-y peach shade, PK102 is a rosy pink with under tone of mauve shade 

★ 3/5

Nice price
Nice shades

feels a bit greasy 
Can be chalky/blotchy if not applied on exfoliated lips
does not keep the lips moisturized for a long period

1. Features

Attractive real black smudge proof eyeliner with fine micro tip with long-lasting benefit without coloring


1. Long-lasting smudge proof benefit for clear eyeline
Polymer creates thin film on the eye areas to prevent smudging or erasing of eyeline and provides you with long-lasting benefit of clear eye makeup.

2. Attractive black color for real black eyeliner
Attractive real black color creates sharp eyeline only by applying once or twice and removes easily without irritation or coloring.
(It may come off if rubbed too hard.)

3. Fine Micro Tip for delicate eyeline
Fine Micro Tip provides you with delicate eyeline and containing moisturizing ingredients, it moisturizes the dry eye area.

4. Perfectly cleansable without irritation
Softly and perfectly cleansable without coloring

             2. Ingredients

Butylene glycol : Moisturizes eye area
Polymer : Helps to prevent eye line from smudge by water and sebum


3How To Use

eye.jpgPlace the fine and thin pen type brush tip close to the eyelash areas and fill in the gaps from the start to the end of the eye
- Keep the tip heading downwards for the Content to fully transfer to the tipand draw the eyeline naturally.
- Keep the tip heading downwards at all times as it is filter type.
- If content does not come out, keep the tip, heading downwards for a while and apply.
- Do not shake the pen too hard to prevent content from leaking.
- If the tip is stained by other makeup, dip the tip in hot water and apply.

What I think?
I love using felt tip liquid eyeliner especially the ones that are panda eye proof, so I wanted to give this eyeliner a try since it sounded great. It does stay on all day without any issues and the felt tip are easy to use especially this felt tip are so thin it is easy to create a wing eyeliner look with~ ok now the bad, it is good that it stays on without budging but it is also hard to wash off.  I use DHC olive oil cleanser and this stuff usually cleans off anything spot free clean but even with my DHC oil cleaner it does not completely come off clean I have to use another makeup removers to get it completely off, another thing that saddened me is that the felt tip seems so dry out fast does not come out fluently.

★ 3/5

Stays on all day
very thin felt tip

Hard to wash off
Dries out fast
Does not come out/apply smoothly

Picture 14.png

1. Features

- Eye shadow & Eye liner in one.
- Multi eye makeup item for quick makeup.
- Clings to the skin and creates glistening eye makeup with shimmering pearl.

2. Ingredients

-Avocado Oil, Sunflower Oil and Macadamia Nut Oil extract: protect the skin with moisturizing and calming effect around the eye areas

What I think?
 The price was really cheap and who doesnt love dual end makeup saves space in the makeup bag! I got BE01 wanted a highlighter shade for inner corner of the eyes, the one end with the sponge applicator is nice to apply on the inner comer of the eye and to my surprise the pencil end was a bit darker so its nice to draw under the eyes for a natural makeup look~ the shade are like champagne beige shade with micro shimmer :) I really like this eyeshadow pencil duo its great for on the run and for when you want to do a simple natural look! Only downside to this product is that it can be a bit greasy/oily at the end of the day.

★ 5/5

Dual end eyeshadow and pencil in one
easy to apply
nicely pigmented
Nice shades
easy to blend

Can be oily/greasy at the end of the day

1. Features

Soft touch water/sweat- resistant convenient auto type pencil, no need to sharpen it
Duo type: includes eyebrow brush

Color: Dark Brown, Brown, Black, Gray Brown and Grey

2. How To Use

1. Brush eyebrow with screw brush
2. Dial 2-3 millimeters of the eyebrow pencil and draw eyebrow to fill in the shape.

* Tip - Select a shade closest to the colour of the eyebrow.

What I think?
I like automatic eyebrow pencils to define the ends of my eyebrows and I couldn't resist the cheap price so had to give it a try. I am glad that I did try it since goes on smoothly, stay on all day and the shade I got which is in Brown is a nice medium brown shade matches my medium brown hair nicely.

★ 5/5

nice automatic pencil type with a brush to blend of the other side
goes on smoothly
stays put all day

umm not thing I can think of.. :P

Here are the swatches

1. Features

World Best Seller BB Cream Specialized 3-in-1 BB cream with excellent covering plus UV screening, whitening and wrinkle care effect
Multi Function BB Cream 
This 3-in 1 BB Cream which evens and whitens skin tone white preventing aging process with advanced covering effect

Perfect Coverage
It covers blemishes effectively while making the skin looks natural and splendid with smooth texture and finish.  

Perfect on you skin 
2) Containing Rosemary extracts and Camomile extracts with skin calming effect, Gatuline RC with skin resilience effect (extracted from beech bud), moisturizing ingredient of hyaluronic acid and ceramide with moisturizing effect, it keeps the skin comfortable and moisturized.

Excellent UV Screening Effect 
SPF 42/PA+++ You don't need to apply sunblock separately.

2. Ingredients

It contains not only ingredients which are certificated from KFDA (Korea Food and Drug Administration) but also many of moisturizing ingredients, soothing ingredients and firming ingredients. 
Camomile Extract
It has anti inflammation and soothing effect, also helps to restoration of skin cell and weakens allergic reaction.
Rosemary Extract
It prevents from skin aging with calming, soothing, anti fungal and anti oxidization.
It is a main ingredient which consists of stratum coreneum and keeps the skin moisturized with moisture holding effect.
Hyaluronic Acid
It is one of NMF(natural moisturizing factor) ingredients which is made by the latest BIO technology. It protects skin from irritations or bacteria and keeps the skin moist while creating thin and transparent barrier on the epidermis.
Gatuline RCIt is extracted from beech bud, promotes metabolism and holding energy effect, so that it is effective for firming and moisturizing effects.

What I think?
I think most people have tried Missha BB cream or was their first BB cream that they have tried since it is one of the BB cream that offers large variety of shades since most BB cream comes in only 1 or 2 shades. Comes in 5 different shades so you have a better chance of finding a shade that matches your skin tone, got this 2 shades in 21 and 23 as a free gift from misshaus.com if you are new customer you can sign up for a free FULL SIZE bb cream in 21! 

ok enough of the blabber lol I will go over what I like first about this bb cream, It does cover just about all my flaws I would say they are semi full coverage bb cream, does give off nice glow and not too dewy, it did not cause me to have breakouts, and the shade No.21 matched my skin shade of NC 20-25 nicely. I think the No. 23 will match NC30 nicely :)

Now on to the bad, I don't like how it goes on really grey tone, I know most other BB cream does go on grey-ish undertone but I feel like this bb cream goes on extra grey-ish shade, it feel quite heavy on my skin I like bb creams that feel like natural once on and not wearing like anything this bb cream feels like I am wearing some thing but after a while you get used to it~ Oh and the smell are quite strongly scented with a perfume-y scent which I don't really care for too much.

★ 4/5

Nice coverage
Gives off nice glow
Did not cause breakouts on me
Nice shade selections

Feels heavy on skin
Looks extra grey-under tone
strong perfume-y scent

1. Features

Before you using BB Cream!
Create Even surface with full of moist before applying BB Cream
Whitening + Wrinkle Repairing 


2. Ingredients

Moringa Oil

Moisturizing, Detoxifying and Anti-pollution effects
Patent Ingredients, Mannan and Olive 

They create moisture shield and helps to have a moisturized skin that is ready for the next step.
Adenosine and Arbutin 

It improves skin tone and fine lines
Meadowfoam seed oil and Oldenlandia Diffusa extract

keep skin moisturized.

3. How To Use

Before applying BB Cream, apply an appropriate amount evenly over the face. Then pat lightly until fully absorbed 

Can be used as a primer before foundation to give moisturized look, and help to adhere face makeup

What I think?
Having weird skin type that is super oily but sensitive to lot of skin products, I stay away from primers mainly cause most that I have tried in the past have made me breakout and cause my pore to clog so I was  hesitant to use this since I got this as a free gift for spending over $60 at the time. I tested on my hands and saw that it felt like a silicon based textured cream that goes on silky that are not so oily and saw that it goes on luminescent finish with micro pearly shimmer. I gave it a try on my face since it didn't feel that oily, did help my bb cream go on even more smoothly, gave off nice glow but I felt like it made my face really pale with pink undertone and after a while I felt like my face felt oilier with time. I think this product is good for anyone that wants extra glow to their face but I don't know if its great for people with oily skin type. 

★ 3/5

Applies smoothly
creates a grow
good for dry skin type

Made my skin oilier
strong scent like baby powder

01 Features

Dry your nail quickly!!

NO Fragrance / NO Colour / NO Stimulation
Containing KERATIN & COLLAGEN, this nail polish dryer is to be sprayed onto the nail after the top coat application for shiny & long lasting color. Contains Silicon, Collagen, Keratin and Natural Seed Oil that protect nails. When sprayed on the nail, it creates transparent crystal film on the nail and maximizes its glossiness and keeps nail polish for a long time

Direction : Spray 2~3 times on the nail 15cm away from it. After applying top coat, spray it for more glossy effect.

what I think?
I been on the hunt for a spray that dries out the nail polish for quicker drying time so when I saw this in misshaus.com I had to try it out, sounded great with all the ingredients that helps the nails with all the oils but what I found out was that it didn't help my polish dry faster. First the spray does not spray evenly I expected a mist like spray nozzle sorta like hair spray type but this comes out splotchy, too much of the product comes out, once on the nail it just feels like oil that sits there and really doesn't help the polish to dry any faster. What I like about this product is that I found out its good to use as a cuticle oil lol Oh and it does make the nails appear shinier once the polish dries! :)

★ 3/5

Nice oils for the cuticles
Makes the nail polish shinier 

The spray does not spray evenly comes out splotchy
does not really makes the polish dry any faster

well that was it for this post! Hope this review helped you get a better idea of some of the Missha products that you might not tried it :)



  1. Wow Wow, I looove Missha PC BB Cream! Look really intetersant the rst of the products, I'll try them at the future!

    Thanks for share <3

  2. Thank you for the review.. Your review is very clear and the photos are always awesome :)
    Missha BB cream is my favourite one ^^


  3. waaaa, i love your photo, can u write tutorial for making that photo ^0^ thansk

  4. This is a very comprehensive review, thanks :) 
    I loved Missha BB Cream until I found out Etude's bbcream which I love even more, have you tried it?

    xoxo champagne

  5. wow, great review! 

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  6. all the products look lovely. i have the bb cream and its quite good. very good coverage too.. i just with they weer available in the UK.

  7. I love your blog! I loved the review! *-------* I bought the 21 BB missha, I hope you get well on my skin tone. I really liked the dual eye and I will try to buy it. kissus

  8. i love the misssha bb perfect cover and the bb boomer! they are two of my favourite products!


  9. i love this review , ive always wanted someone to review these products before i purchased them.... i love missha products and always wanted to try them, but now i know whatll be good and bad.. so thanks alot...

  10. I love missha, the perfect cover works great but I'm not a big fan of BB Boomer though, made my skin too shiny

  11. thanks for the swatches and review eki! :) the lippies look so pretty!

  12. Thanks for such a thorough review! :)

    Yishi x

  13. Oooh...I'm diggin' the CR307 lipstick! Love that color on you too dear! This post must have taken you some time. Thanks so much posting it! 

  14. I tried the primer a couple of times and while I think it's quite pretty, if I use it with the BB cream it feels very heavy on my face. Both lipstick colors look very pretty!

  15. I've been eyeing that CR307 lipstick, but I don't like to spend a lot on Asian cosmetics knowing that they're much cheaper in Asia. I totally agree about the Perfect Cover BB cream being heavy and grey-toned, it even broke me out sadly... Have you tried the L'egere White Multi BB cream? I heard about it from fuzkittie, the BB cream has really good coverage and is slightly moisturizing without being greasy and is long-wearing. Best BB cream I've ever tried :x

  16. Nice hail and review...very informative! thanks so much for sharing...I hope I get try the Missha bb cream sometime soon..=)

  17. Seems like everyone says Perfect Cover BB cream in No.23 is perfect for NC30 skin but I'm supposed to be NC30 & I find No.23 too light? I also wonder why the Missha BB cream shades jump for 21 to 23 to 27... Where's the in between shades??

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  20. lovely post!!! nice products and you did a great job in reviewing it...


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  22. wow! an awesomely long post my love! great work! must have taken you a while for this beauty so thank you for the lovely post! :D

  23. Really great review - I haven't bought anything from Missha in awhile, I may have to check these out!



  24. Hi Eki great reviews. Ew gross I hate it when lipsticks have that heavy slippery feeling and doesnt feel like it blends into your lip. Also I've tried that bb cream too and the grey cast is too much on my already dull complexion. Thanks for for great reviews.

  25. wooowww i dunno that missha has a nice eye liner like this. thank you pretty eiki ^^

  26. Ahhh I wanted the CR307 but they were sold out.  Both lip colors look really pretty on you, especially the CR307!

    Great reviews, I'll have to check out the duo eye tip and auto eyebrow pencil next time there's a sale!

  27. thanks for your post! i just bought the missha bb cream thanks to your review, i got it in #21 and i'm about NC 20 so hopefully it works out!

  28. I so agree, I use so many BB creams, I was really disappointed with Missha. I have the shade 21 too and it's soooo ashy compared to other BB creams I use and the smell is distracting too, it reminds me of baby wipes! Great review Eki.

  29. I love Missha, I have No 31 and No 27 and they aren't grey toned, more warm and yellow toned :) I think their lighter shades aren't the best, but their darker shades are great!

  30. eki,is that old version of Missa BB Cream Perfect Cover??they have the newest ver(the wash pinky-color design)..n it doesn't have grey undertone too~

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  32. Your review is very clear and the photos are always awesome :)



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