iPhone photo diary: Urbanears Plattan Plus review

 Hi there~

How was your week? Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! :)

Just wanted to share some photos from few weeks ago also some from last weekend and a mini review! 

I got a Urbanears Plattan Plus headphone in Pool *discontinued color* 

Urbanears is a collective out of Scandinavia, motivated by a common interest in global relationships and shared involvement in the relevance of the living brand. Urbanears promotes a deeper connection to color, form and people while providing the freedom to transcend individuality and unify the sound experience.

What I think?
I thought it was neat that this Plattan headphone can be compacted in for easier traveling and this has an addtional plug in called "The Zound plug" so that you can share what you are listening with another person by plugging additional head set to this headphone. If you get the Plattan PLUS you will get a sound control and a mic built into the wire! Also I love that there is a wire only on the one side of the headphone! :) 

For being under $100 headphones at $60 the sound quality are as good as say a $100 headphone and are somewhat sound canceling. But I can definitely can hear the sound quality difference between my Bose headphone and this Plattan headphone, the sound quality are some what muffled are not as clear as the Bose but it still sounds good just not great.

Overall its a great traveling headphones, very stylish and are quite comfortable!
★ 4/5

"PLUS" comes with sound control and a mic 
can be compacted
Great Price
"The Zound Plug" let you share what you are listening to

sounds muffled doesn't sound that clear

They used to have a lot of colors to choose from but currently they only have 10 to choose from.
Mainly got this headphone cause I wanted it to match my macbook but as you can see the headphones are in a deeper shade of ocean green than a mint green. D;

saw that Super Target now carries macaroons! 
cute apple pillows are Target~ ;)
thought is was too cute!
One of my favorite food are olives! funny cause when I came to US I HATED them but now I love them lol especially the ones with blue cheese in the center! so yumm~ :D~
doodling on junk mail lol Chopper!!

last weekend Zach and the family went to Skiing! well actually Zach was the only one Snowboarding lol

staying warm wearing all thermal wear with down cause it was quite chilly since it started snowing then misting rain D;

After 6 hours of skiing my legs were like jello~ >_<

well that was it for this post!

Next up!
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  1. Zatheela Abdul RasheedFebruary 5, 2012 at 10:30 PM

    lovely pictures! cute snow!

  2. The headphones look really nice - it's awesome that they come in so many colors.
    I would totally buy those marshmellows for the art on the packaging - too cute!

  3. I love olives, I'd eat them all day everyday! Those in the picture look so yummy : 9

  4. Heyyy! 3 year anniversary already?! Well almost.. Haha, but congrats eki! <3 Loving the pics as usual. Can't wait to see more! :3

  5. I wish we had snow around there... and those headphones look really stylist. I wouldn't mind to grab one of those for me.

  6. i love your doodles. they're so good.

  7. just stumbled across your blog! love the photos and the way you reviewed the headphones. Following you now! ^^ keep up the good work!! xxxx

  8. how cool is that! Lately I've been thinking about buying an Iphone or a macbook :) you're very beautiful :) Love your blog!


  9. Awe, that's so disappointing that the sound on those headphones isn't so great! :( I've been wanting a pair of old-school huge headphones for my iPod & those looked so cute! Ah well...
    You look so adorable in your skiing gear! ♥

  10.  Those headphones are such eye candy! But just wanted to get your opinion though, if I were to get these headphones more for the sound quality than the look, would you recommend it? :]

  11. Aww sorry that the headphones weren't exactly what you wanted.  And dang my Target needs to step up its game! LOL!  Eki you & your "doodles" (works of art) are always gorgeous!

  12. Beautiful drawings dear! Always so talented! You make me miss the snow so much!

  13. You draw very well!! Beautiful!

  14. Omg!!! Chopper!!! So cute~! You are so talented~ Also that minty colour headphone is beautiful~! So cute how it matches with your laptop case :3

    xoxo tifuani

  15. Hi Eki-chan, you look so pretty in the snows! it's like looking at a postcard hahaha :D

    Love the headphone. I have a skullcandy and I love it too :))



  16. Oh my gosh I must get macaroons at Target if mine has any o.O

  17. O I kind of want to get that headphone... but also feel I won’t use it.. haha

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo
    i’m hosting a GIVEAWAY ^^

  18. very stylish headphones! i really like it that it has a lot of colors.

  19. those headphones look great, i love all the colours!!!

    The Ugly Moments

  20. I like the green headphones!  Great color to go with your mint Macbook :)

    I hope you have an amazing Valentine's Day Eki!

  21. CHOPPER!!! awww i really love your drawing!!

  22. Cool headphones and they match your laptop cover!!



let me know what you think~ :3

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