Photo Diary: Shibuya 109 meet up with Cheese


Just got back from my 10 day family trip to Gifu! I apologize for the long absence there was not wifi where I was staying.. ^__^;;

 Before I left to my trip to Gifu I had a chance to meet up with my friend Cheesie from

I wanted to share my date with Cheesie with you~ :) Thank you Cheese for making time to see me before my trip I had a wonderful time with you, hope to see you again later this year ^__^

If you come to Japan you must take Purikura picture lol

cheesie and I trying to do kawaii poses lol

It was raining that date quite gloomy and dark, after the Spring and before Summer its called "TSUYU" which is gloomy and rainy season which lasts mostly during June so if you come to Japan during Tsuyu expect some gloomy weather ^^;;

we met up at the gyaru paradise 109 for our date :)

billboards next to 109

our date started out with eating at kiriko de napoli on the 7th floor, ordered sweets set came with spaghetti of choice and a desert for around $12. End up ordering tarako spaghetti and strawberry chocolate parfait, it was really GOOD! :D then we went shopping after~

As I mentioned before, you are not allowed to take photos inside an establishment because the workers inside the 109 will approach you and tell you that you are not allowed to take photos and will ask you to put your camera away so I had a really hard time trying to sneak a photo but here are all that I could sneak a pictures of side 109 store lol

a wig store that sells Navana wig that TSUBASA is modeling

Liz Lisa store
balloon shorts at Liz Lisa
Liz Lisa accessories

mitsu maru store
peach John store
Esperanza shoes store

all the ladies at 109 were wearing platform heels :D

kawaii Sale associate at one spo, she happily pose when I asked her for a picture ;)
Swarovski crystal blinged out iphone accessories
cute outfit dont remember which store this was lol
night time view outside Hachiko train station
last picture before our departure~

well that was my day at Shibuya 109, it is a great place to shop for really stylish and kawaii Japanese  brands all at one stop but some items can be quite pricey, but there were tons of sale and discounted items as well. there is also Mens 109 as well across the street from shibuya 109 ^__^

till next time, take care!



  1. love cheesie and you. what a small world, i didn't know you both are friend with each other. I read cheesie blog for long time and yours. really love both of you, inspired me to go japan

  2. everything is so cute in japan.. and girly! i love it ^___^ wow, the S.A is gorgeousssss and looks really friendly!! <3

  3. OMG! :D Me her Jyoshi is my favourite Puri machine! And kiriko de napoli is one of my favourite cafes!! I'm glad you had so much fun!! Is it hot in Tsuyu or cold? D:

  4. nice nice trip...will wait for your next trip post.

  5. OMG the clothes looks so kawaii!!! You're makin' me have the urge to visit Japan ^^

    Thank You so much for the beautiful photos ^^

  6. japan has so much cute things! i want to go there so bad! 

  7. Cute pics. I want to go to japan again. Love this stores.

  8. Ohhhh, so nice pictures! *w*
    I wanna go to Japan, seems so nice :D
    And two beautiful girls in purikura, really cute!!


  9. both of you are pretty <3


  10. You look amazing in your photos Erika!!! ♥ Shibuya seems great, wish I could go shopping there with you ^^ Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing with us your journey xo 

  11. lovely pics. shopping at 109 is always so good and i really like your puris. you are so beautiful!!!

  12. you're both so so pretty! 
    that shoe store looks like heaven...

  13. I love these pictures! Thanks for sneaking in the pictures haha ^^
    That's so awesome that you were able to spend time with Cheesie there, seems like you two had lots of fun :)

  14. You both look so pretty and your purikura photos are so cute with Cheesie. Looking at your photos of Shibuya 109 makes me miss Japan so much and I can't wait to go back there. Esperanza shoe store was my favourite, I managed to get two pairs of shoes when I went a few years back and the staff are all so pretty too.

  15. sounds like you had a lot of fun! :D I would love to go shopping there one time~

  16. Wow! Your shopping trip looked like it was tons of fun! The clothes in japan are so much cuter and better looking than in America, too. I had always heard my Asian friends say this, but I didn't know what they meant until now. Also, that Lisa Lisa shop looks great! I have heard about the Lisa Lisa brand on other blogs, but this is the first time I've seen a store, or their clothes before.

  17. awwwww I love both of you~~~~ WISH I WAS THERE haha.. looks like fun~ U look so cute n sexy with the short skirt =P !!!

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  18. Woah so many cute things! >: D AND FOOD PORN! NOM NOM! And seriously.. T_T I always look for my favorite jrock bands when I look at street-pictures of Tokyo.. Haha!

  19. Shibuya was always and will always be my favorite part of Tokyo! I love the whole atmosphere but I prefer shopping at the little stores around since my style doesn't suit most of the stores in Shibuya 109! I love to stroll around though. And your purikura turned out so cute! I'm too tall that my head is cut off at the fashion shoots, lol.

  20. I never knew you were friends with Cheesie! So lucky~ The famous Shibuya 109...

  21. Cute photobooth pics and the shops look so inviting!


  22. T_T
    seeing all this makes me miss the 109.
    ahh i want to go shopping again there ;; ♥

  23. Ahh this looks like so much fun!!! 
    I definitely want to go to Japan even more now..just to go shopping LOL!

  24. Intuition MagicdragJune 8, 2012 at 11:47 AM

    Both of you are so cute!! I also wanna go Japan someday


  25. You two looked great!
    And omg Japan has such cute things. I'd have to save up quite a bit if I go to Japan for shopping sprees haha

  26. omg  reading this post made me want to visit Japan even more! All those cute stuff and all. It's so awesome! You guys are so pretty!

  27. aww no i want to go back to japan even more.. last time i went was with a tour. 2 hours is NOT enough. I should spend at least a day at the building!! can you also list other good shopping and eating places in Japan?? I'd love to go hopefully in August or December!!

  28. You too are so cute together!
    looks like you had fun on your date very jealous :)

  29. wohooo.. \^_^/
    i've been waiting for this post since u post u're photo in twitter.. I realy love liz liza stuff, i've seen it in Cheesie's blog.. hahaha..I wish in Indonesia have a place like that too.. haha..


  30. Hi Eki ! I'm Belle from Malaysia.
    it's my first time commenting on your blog post i think but I did stalk you a long time ago :3

    Love this post very much ! And can you suggest which place in Japan sells more cheaper or budget clothings ?

    Hope to hear you reply soon ! and if possible please email me those places :3

    Arigatoo ^__^

  31. It looks like you had a wonderful day! :D

  32. Aaaaw so many pretty clothes, bags and shoes! I wanna go to Japan NOW! I love your outfit, it was really cute :)

  33. Thank you for sharing these pictures~ I wish to go to Japan one day!!! everything looks so kawaii!! <3

  34. Waaah! U where here in Gifu for 10 days and I didn't know :( 

    Where in Gifu did you stay? 
    I live about 30 minutes with bus från Gifu Station.  I would have wanted to meet you... 
    But I guess you've would've been to busy for that anyway, but still. Haha. 


  35. Glad to see you had an amazing time in Japan :D

  36. OMG you also met up with cheesie? soo awesomee! you guys look adorable together ^^ and Japan is just beyond awesome Ox

  37. At some point I was wondering if you knew Cheesie.
    You two look so cute together!
    I'm glad that you were able to sneak pictures of the shops! 

  38. Thanks for showing us photos of Shibuya 109. I had been always curious to find out what's actually inside the stores. I really love the Liz Lisa store. So cute! 


let me know what you think~ :3

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