photo diary: Food, Purikura, Daiso + Giveaway


Today I wanted to share my day of shopping from 2 days ago :D Started off eating sashimi lunch set at WANN izakaya this set was like $12! Food are relatively cheap compared to other things in Japan so you can eat quite well at a reasonable prices :) I found out that you can't take photos inside an establishments so it has been really hard trying to take photos to share with you cause the workers inside the store will approach you to not to take photos as a privacy law so I have to secretly stealthily take photos lol D; 

the sashimi tasted really fresh so GOOD! this set came with cold tofu, miso soup rice and pickles

Then went to Jonathans for some dessert, this place is like dennys a family chain restaurant
choose chocobanna parfait~ 

looks exactly like the photos :) so cute but too sweet

a crepe stand

nail shop
nail display
LUSH japan looks exactly like the american store
all products in Japanese and sells Japan exclusive products as well
I was hanging out with my little cousin and she wanted to take Purikura which is a high tech photo taking machine with green screen that lets you deco the photos and it prints out the photos on an sticker paper, the purikura machine let you select the enlargement of your eyes to give off doll effect and gives off flawless skin lol was surprise at how expensive they are cost $10! lol you can also have your purikura photos to be sent to your cell phone and check the image through your cell from their website.

inside purikura shop mostly really young girls taking purikura
the purikura machine we used it was called Bambi-na 3
my little cousin Yuina deco-ing our purikura ^_^
the green screen in the background let you select different backgrounds 
yuina was a pro at making kawaii poses but I was clueless LOL 

After we went to Daiso, which is a large chain 100 yen shop which is equivalent of a dollar store.
I saw so many things that was nice and useful there~ even had really good selections of beauty items :)

foundations and BB creams
this BB cream was from korea!
eyelashes and eye tapes
Bing Mascara the Hardly blurred made me laugh lol I think they wanted to say it doesn't smudge XD
wig bow comb~ so cute
face blotting papers
kawaii blotting paper
stocking really cute selections
hello kitty pre made curry how cute
Here is what I bought from Daiso~ ^__^
So many cute things can believe some of the stuff were 100 yen~

eyelashes and lash case
lip gloss and glitter nail polish
heart pattern stocking
hello kitty eyemask and a pouch

Now on to the giveaway!

I will be giving away all the items pictured to 1 lucky reader!


1. must be my blog reader
2. open to anyone in the world
3. please leave your email, twitter @name
4. please tell me what kind of stuff you would like to see more from Japan ^_^

thats it!

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ends 6/8/12

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  1. The sashimi looks delicious. I love raw salmon, it's my favourite. ;^; Your 100 yen stores are too cute, look at all the beautiful stockings. ^^ Thankyou for your stealthy photos haha!


  2. Cute! You are really having fun! :)

  3. I love to see more about fashion and makeup from japan ^_~

    @sha288 / email: laurensianatasha (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. Email: rurouni_inu_girlhotmail .com

    I want to see more food from Japan!! And the inside of cute stores~~ <3

  5. I'd like to see photos of traditional Japanese gardens! I'd like to have one in my future home. I wonder if it will be too much effort to maintain though? Haha

    stephanie.p.lai at gmail dot com

  6. achang_desu0516@yahoo.com/@ayuuuumilove

    Want to see more about Fashion street out there or stores. And your life there! :D

  7. GFC: 
    ☆ n i n i
    e~mail: fly.away.nini@hotmail.co.nz
    I don`t have twitter > <
    I`d love2see more of cosplaying stuff, purikura&&.fashion/make up, eg gyaru, lolita etc from Japan ^ ^ cute giveaway <3

  8. You both look so pretty in the purikura pictures! And even if you had to take pictures of the sashimi secretly, they came out great. Mine would have come out super blurry, heheheh

  9. it would be cool if you could do a post about new cosmetics in japan that are really popular (ie revlon lip butters here in america)

  10. i'd love to see more tutorials and posts from Japan :)
    email: lissy_bear_xox[at]live.com.au

  11. twitter: vvs9992003 email: vvs9992003gmail.com

    I've never been to Japan before so I'd love to see some pics of the day to day lives of people in Japan!

  12. Coming out of lurking not to enter the competition but to say $10 for purikura?? They should cost 400yen, so if you paid more you were ripped off!

    Bambi-Na3 is a nice machine though, I did a video of taking it and the editing over at my purikura blog : 

  13. tunnel_411_band@yahoo.com , @imaginaryMI
    I would like to see fashion street from Japan!

  14. GFC : Lalaa
    Email : lala_odob@yahoo.com
    Twitter : @adekumalaputri
    I'd like to see more about Japanese foods, beauty products, and fashion (esp. Lolita!!) *o*
    Thanks for the giveaway ^^

  15. Email: tzinmun(at)yahoo.com.sg
    Twitter: hewydewychewy
    GFC: Sekaii
    I dunno! I love everything you post up in Japan, cos I've never seen anything so up close! Anything from Japan is fascinating ^^

  16. clng0809 @msn.com
    I really like your posts so far. It would be cool to see the fashion of regular girls in Japan!

  17. Twitter— shirleyy_wu

    Email— contact@shirley -wu.com

    The foooood! and Make up of course :D I remember going to Jonathan's just to eat late at night... and seriously wasn't used to that thing where you press a button and the waiter comes to your table instead of waving them down D:

  18. venelse@gmail.com, twitter: @AmyVel 

    I have an aunt who lives in Japan but I'm havin' difficulty communicating with her because of the language but I'm trying my best to learn the language now. 

    The only thing that I know about her is that her hair is silky and beautiful and it's always in style. She told me that  that's how all Japanese girls are which I totally agree. Be it beauty or styling, they always appear beautiful and sweet to me so maybe I can see more photos of the food that local girls love eating and probably hair styling products? I heard that their curling iron is portable,  how cool is that! (haha maybe some of you have seen it, but in SG, there are a lot of stuff that are not available so I have never seen one before)

    Sorry for writing such a long comment ^^ but thank you so much for all the photos and information! I always feel that looking at your blog makes me gain knowledge that makes me closer to my aunt even if there's a language barrier (^,^)

  19. anschluss_phau23@yahoo.com
    twitter: paularoyale
    I would like to see skin care products! I'm a skincare junkee.. <3 

  20. selmazhenggmail .com


    This post is great! I am fascinated by Japanese dollar stores because the products are so cheap yet great quality! I'd love to see more finds from these dollar stores :)

  21. Wow, there is so much I want to see!  Hair, fashion, and especially food.  And pretty you of course!  I think you looked cute next to your cousin.  ^_^ 

    email: dragooness@gmail.com
    twitter: ladydragooness

    I'm loving your updates.  Glad you are enjoying your trip so far! 

  22. my email:  original.one@gmail.com
    twitter: @atypicalone 
    I dont have any suggestions of what more pics for you to take, because honestly, i'm really enjoying ALL the pics you take, eki!    The pics of yourself, food, stuff you see are really fun to look at!  I feel i am there experiencing a dream travel to Japan.   =)  Hope you and your family are faring well there!  stay safe.  thank you for the giveaway as always!

  23. I would like to see more stuff related to fast cooking (just use boiling water and is ready to drink/eat). Recently I just found instant miso soup. All I have to do is using boiling water + instant soup. As simple as ABC. Another stuff I would like to see is some weird equipment like bento, kitchen and home ware that we can only find in Japan. 

    mail: miney2_lel@yahoo.com
    twitter: @3lin___ 

  24. I'd like to see more food! *v* Maybe something like the small noodle stalls outside? <3 's all!

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    mail: kitsunedoncosgmail .com
    Karolina Jurikkova

  25. I am follower sherry
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    I love to see more stuff related to fashion clothing and shoes

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    I would like to see more clothes/stores and beauty items :D

  27. Dk Nurul Hanisah Pg SaidMay 28, 2012 at 11:53 PM

    I'd love to see more posts on Japan. Anything is fine :) maybe more drugstore brands (new ones maybe?) I used to be an exchange student there and seeing your posts really remind of of Japan. Really makes me want to go there again. Nostalgic, especially this post :) purikura, daiso, the crepes ( ;w; )

    e-mail: nurulh.said@gmail.com
    twitter: @ erepurinsu_203

    really enjoying these posts btw :)

  28. it was 900yen I think it was high cause we choose to print 2 copies of the sticker sheet.

  29. name: rhania chang
    email: rescueta@gmai l.com
    twitter: @rhaindropz
    i want to see more hello kitty =)

  30. I would love to see more Japanese food posts :D I just LOVE Japanese food!

    Twitter: @MichelleAmie
    email: mystylesays@live.com.au                         

  31.  omg! i love japan *squeal*

    everything looks so nice ^^

    twitter: @adioscabrones
    Email: samdongk(at)gmail(dot)com

    i'm kinda curious at how japanese people are dressed in the streets? ^^
    like women/girls in teens to 20s?
    i'm curious if they really dress like in the jap magazine and whatnots hehe

    also like famous japanese clothing stores? i would love to see how they look like ^^

    thanks! :)

  32. Your cousin looks really cute!

    e-mail: oflifeandlists@gmail.com
    twitter: don't have it
    I'm really enjoying all of your japan posts. Fashion, food, and maybe some tips or practical knowledge about Japan that would be useful to someone who plans on visiting the country for the first time.

  33. Twitter: @ssohmq 
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    I would like to see more make up (drugstore!), food post and shopping places on japan! :)

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    twitter: @milkypearls I want to see street fashion and landmarks! I visited Japan a few years ago and I want to go back so bad! I love seeing new pictures of landmarks I visited. Very nostalgic.

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    I'd like to see more photos of Japan and more shopping places, but not only of gyaru style!

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    twitter:  @june155 I would love to see more Japanese candy! Haha i love Japanese candy!:D

  37. email: Undraasmind   at  gmail.com

    Have always wanted to go to Japan, even entered different competitions to win a ticket to Japan but to no avail. I hope one day I will be able to visit. Would love to see more about Asakusa, if it is possible. Have a great vacation :).

  38. email: starrise.roulettegmail .com
    twitter: don't have one

  39. I follow this blog as Ichigo
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    twitter: don't have one, srry :(

    I'd love to see more of Japan's fashion and maybe some beauty tips. >__<

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    would love to see more of your food adventures! and themes cafes like the alice in wonderland cafe ^^

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    Please post more about the Japan's food and Japanese school..teheee

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    I love to see more cosmetics and sceneries from Japan! <3

  43. name: Sheri
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    thanks!! i would like to see more anime/manga or gyaru style stuff!

  44. I would love to see more cultural sites or anime stuff!

    name: Kate & Zena
    email: kgrant05 @ gmail [dot] com

  45. I'd love to see more boutiques and stores with cute/kawaii products! Clothing, make-up, stuffed toys etc! But also some of the beautiful scenery in Japan, the nature and the architecture. I went there last summer, and I miss it so much! 

    Here's my email: bubblipop@gmail.com and my twitter: @bubblipop 

  46. more food posts...i noticed that japanese take great pride in the presentation of their foods. even the fake displays are yummy looking!

  47. I'd love to see more boutiques and stores with cute/kawaii products! Clothing, make-up, stuffed toys, phone decorating accessories etc! But also some of the beautiful scenery in Japan, the nature and the architecture. I went there last summer, and I miss it so much! And I really admire your style and looks, you're always so cute and beautiful, so lots of pictures of yourself too, please~! 

    I'm Julia and here's my email: 
    and my twitter: @bubblipop 

    Have a continued great vacation, Eki! xoxo

  48. apdazzled@hotmail.com

    I would like to see more of skincare and beauty products Japanese use, places to shop at and the fashion styles gals are dressed during this summer. :) 
    Thanks for the giveaway! ^^

  49. I would like to see Japan cosplayers xD and also I like those shops with cute products~ cant resist =D

    GFC - Irene
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  50. haha eki-nee~ I always look forward to seeing your posts on Japan <3 you make me miss it so much!
    If there is anything that i would like to see more of is basically shops and restaurants that your recommend! even cultural buildings like temples :)

    sarah.pyon@gmail.com / @yotface 

    Looking forward to more posts ^^ take care!!

  51. I've been a long time reader of yours Eki, and I love all your tutorials! One thing I want to see more of is Japanese street food and shibuya 109! ~

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  52. GFC - Matcha
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    i want to see AKB48 theater in don quijote 8th floor! >w<

  53. I would love to see more street fashion from Japan. They are so creative and even tho some of them are wearing little weird clothes, they still look amazing. :D If a western person would wear something like that, he would sit in a soft white room. :D

    GFC: Kiyomi
    email: kaisla.vbr@gmail.com
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  54. I miss Japan so much, so I would honestly love to see anything ^_^ I like seeing these day to day things you post since brings back my memories till I go back haha 
    mail: hashbrowns_88 @hotmail.com 
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    arigatou erikasan!

  55. I would love to see more yummy foods from Japan! And of course more makeup!!!

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  56. Jenilene PanganibanMay 29, 2012 at 1:54 AM

    I've always read your blog posts and even watched your videos because I love them! ♥
    Email is jenilene.panganiban@gmail.com and Twitter is @jenjenjen11. 
    I'd like to see more makeup and fashion posts! Especially the style there in Japan! I love their sense of style and I adore their makeup and hair. Thanks for doing this giveaway! :)

  57. I wanna see more cultural stuff like the scenery! That includes the city buildings and historic sites :D
    GFC: Kissing CandyEmail: claymore2062 yahoo.com

  58. i have one of those stockings but different brand, it looks exactly the same hehe
    Great photos! i want some of your FOOD O_O oishiooo soohh~

  59. I want to see more food! > < I loved going to cafes and crepe stalls when I went to Japan last year.
    Email: my.name.is.hypogmail .com
    twitter: @hyperkellogs

  60. I would love to see more of anything, Love pretty much everything about Japan!
    Love those crepe stores, i swear deserts in Japan are  much sweeter and cuter!Email: imagyaru@gmail.com, @imagyaru 

  61. GFC - Putri Tunjung
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    Twitter  - @_pandaz_

    OMG, please come to the place wheres fashionable girls and boys are gathering. I want to see their fashion!!
    Oh, and please get a picture of kakkoi Japan boys :P

  62. very cute giveaway! ^.^ I´d really like to see some pictures of japanese streetwear :)
    GFC- CookieCat
    Email: CookieCatsWorldyahoo .de

  63. haaa~seeing and reading your blog posts on Japan makes me want to return so much more >w< ♥ !!!
    I really can't wait to return next summer ^^ !

    email: fannycapuia@hotmail.com
    twitter:   @ asiancookieayuI would love to see some more pictures of the shops and thing you buy and some more pictures of the street fashion and some pictures of the streets and cities as I am curious of how things might have changed since 2010 :D !

  64. Email - katemon(at symbol)earthlink.net

    I'd like to see more food, it's looks so yummy!!! ^^

  65. Hi Eki,
    vkaicher1982@gmail.com, Twitter @avantgirl
    Definitely show more food pics (if you can, haha) and sightseeing in Japan, i.e. landmarks.  I've always wanted to go!

  66. That sashimi looks absolutely mouth-watering! I loved all the Daiso photos, thank you so much for sharing. I'd love to see more food photos as well as just random things that catch your interest, there must be so much to see!

    I would love to enter the giveaway - thank you for holding such a lovely one! 
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    Hope you're having a lovely time! ^.^
    Tahti xo

  67. Love to enter the giveaway !

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    Love to see more of the environment and the shops ! They looked so nice ! ^^

    Thanks !

  68. That's the reason I'd like to go to Japan one day. Thanks for sharing all these beautiful pictures!
    I'd like to see more pictures of cute stuff (stationary) ^^
    Thanks a lot!
    eli_green22 at yahoo dot com dot br

  69. Name: Clarisse Litiatco
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    Would love to see more of your travel pics and your pics without make up or lenses! And nail art tutorials please,!

  70. I miss Japan so much!

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    Have a nice day :)

  72. The food is delicious, I wish they have that kind of food in Canada >.<

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  73. Makes me more excited to head to Japan!  ^.^

  74. I really love your entrys about Japan, so inspiring! I would be great if you could take some in-store photos of famous fashion brands like Liz Lisa, D.I.A and such - I'm a sucker for that. >////< But actually everything fashion related would be just fine! I love your blog <3

    Name: Chirality (Christina)
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  75. I'd like to see more food posts and fashion snaps! :)
    Plus shopping hauls too! Hehe :3
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    Sorry, I don't have a Twitter >_<

  76. Eki! I followed your journey to japan through twitter and enjoy your pics on instagram. I just can't wait what pic to show up next coz they're so interesting(:

    Wow.. What an amazing giveaway. I hope i can win it. Hehe.. I would love to see my fave character, rilakkuma. Thank you, eki<3



  77. The day I finally get to go to Japan I'm going bankrupt LOL SO many kawaii things!!! I'm so happy for you Erika, seriously, I think this trip is going to do your soul a lot of good ♥
    What I'd love to see more about Japan, being my second favourite country in the world (after my own, of course hehe) are more traditional things, like food, any thing that isn't well known on this side of the globe, and also, I'd love to see pictures of historical sites and 美術館 (museums), because I know there are many great Japanese artists and I want to learn more about them. Thank you so much for doing this, you're very generous. Wish I could be there with you sweetie!!! ♥♥♥ xo Lau

  78. Name: Riame
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    I'd like to see more food posts, posts of the landscape and buildings, the shopping and also loads of kawaii things that Japan has that other places don't really have. :]]

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    I would like to see traditional dishes photos and of course the nature like flowers :D

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    My favourite are food and shopping posts because they're such simple thing but so different in Japan (I guess less food because you can't take pictures in the restuarants lol)

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    I have no twitter x3
    I'd like to see themed restaurants, events, and unusual items :]

  83. Katherine Rose Rivera
    @ KathnekoI want to see more dresses and hairstyles from Japan

  84. I recently went to Saizen (also from Daiso) recently this afternoon. Planning to host a giveaway so i went there to buy some stuff!


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  88. Seeing all your photos makes me miss Tokyo so much,  I'd better start saving up to book my ticket for next year. Can't wait to see more of your photo posts. ^^

  89. E-mail: saythelove gmail.com
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    Hello Eki, i can't believe the Daiso in Japan are selling so much goodies that is so worthy to grab! It's so different from Singapore's Daiso, hardly have much stuff that i would buy honestly! Taiwan's Daiso actually has most of the DIY/decoration stuff only! Hope i win the giveaway hehe!

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    I would love to see street fashion!! =D

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    Hi Eki. I do really love Japan and I love to read your post about Japan! >_< I also envy that Daiso Japan provides so many cute and also affordable things!!! I would love to know about daily life at Japan, delicious food from Japan, and of course all of those cute thingy. I wish I could go to Japan one day! :)
    And I think you looks so cute already eventhough you said you're not posing... :) you're just too cute ^^ Purikura in Japan looks so tempting. I might wanna try it one day

  92. sweetloveangel_1908@yahoo .com


    I love to see more of kawaii stuff in Japan!!! ^__^I also want to see more yummy food and interesting things and places in Japan... ^__^Japan is one of my dream vacation spots! I wish to go there in the future... =)

  93. The food pictures were a bit hard to look at before breakfast, but I always love food pictures haha. Wow they are already have a Bambina 3 machine, they make new versions so quickly DX Your purikura is really cute, its a fun memory of the day.

    chouzuruATgmail.com @chozuru
    I have seen alot of Japan, but I would like to see the places you shop, more food, things you find interesting etc

  94. Really cool and nice stuffs sweetie!
    The food looks delicious!

    Sakuranko Blog
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  95. Jennifer Huang

    I'd love to see more food and sights in Japan! I've always wanted to travel there because so many people (and tv shows) seem to make Japan the best Asian country to visit ^^ and i always love how up to date the technology, fashion and everything is!!

  96. Love the photobooth pictures. You girls look so great. I would love to see where you eat!

    twitter @allthingssgirly

  97. Awww I miss Daiso a lot! Your Daiso has a lot of awesome stuff though! Mine was so small >< oh fun giveaway!


  98. Oh my goodness! I absolutely love your haul! I follow your blog. :)

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    Thanks a lot for such a cute giveaway! I'd love to see anything Gyaru-related, maybe eben photos with some Gals or Shop-staff :3

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    I would like to see more food pics! :D Yummyy! hehe

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    i would love to see more face care products, and BB creams

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    I love seeing all the cute things that you can get at the 100 yen stores! So much better than what we can get at the dollar stores... I love seeing swatches and reviews on Asian cosmetics in general, especially since the packaging tends to be so much cuter :)

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    I would like to see your recommendation to places to visit and eat.

  104. andrewrmiergmail .com

    I always wanted to take a purikura photo, but we don't have cool machines like that = 3 =  Oooh~  I would love to see more skin products and makeup, also trends like Gyaru,  food or gadgets! 

  105. Aki
    sakurihikari@ yahoo .com

    Hi Eki! seeing all your posts about japan makes me miss it so much QQ. I really wanna see photos of shibuya 109! :D I wonder what fashions that have right now~~

  106. Wow such a cute giveaway!!!  I wish there would be cute products like this in France!!

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    Btw I would love to see more cute stuffs, and japanese streets

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    Honestly I would love to see more of everything! Hubby and I are saving very hard so we can have our "late" honeymoon in Japan! I love makeups and hauls .. sushi DEFINITELY yes! Places to see would be great and my hubby is into all things gaming so maybe arcade places too?!? <(*o*<)

    Thank you so much for remembering about us your readers! Domo arigato gozaimasu♥

  108. dilysyeak@hotmail.com twitter : @ dilysyeak ^-^ i'd like to see fashion posts! :D

  109. Cute giveaway <3 There needs to be more stuff in Cali!

    Email: choco_kawaii1@.comTwitter: Rina_HaneulStreet fashion shots & makeup pics please ^.^

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    I would like to see more fashion (what is the current fashion in Japan) and cosmetic stuff from Japan. But actually I would be interested in reading any post regarding Japan.

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    I wanna see pictures of you shopping around :D I'd love to see all the unique food from different restaurants. 

  112. Wow so pretty, Im going Kyoto in July can't wait! Japan look so pretty and exicting!

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    I don't have a Twitter :(

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    Also, thank you for hosting a giveaway!
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    I hope my japanese made sense.. ^^" 
    My japanese friends just recently went back to Japan too~ ah i wish I can be there right now! >.<
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    My twitter is @JmeeLaii. Thank you! Hope you're enjoying your trip back ^^ 

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