iPhone Diary: hair cut


Yesterday I got a hair cut! I decided that I wanted some bangs, it took me good 6 months to grow out my bangs from the last time I had them short so I was super hesitant to cut it off but I wondered why so many people in Japan have bangs and my logic came up with that having bangs creates a shade for your forehead.. less sun on the face LOL so I went along with it also cause I will be walking a lot outdoors haha.. here is my before the hair cut photo below,,

rode on the bus to get to the hair salon it was only 10 min away from my house

The salon is called Hair studio TIME, this is a hair salon chain in Japan

The salon was really nice with all the workers had really nice stylish hair styles so I knew I was in good hands lol and the price was quite cheap compared to other salons in that area. My hair cut and style only cost $30 compared to other places it was about $50 and also in Japan you don't have to tip so you only have to pay for the hair cut! For my hair I basically told my stylist I wanted a trim, thin out my hair and have light bangs.

after the hair cut~ my hair feels so much lighter and easier to style. He did a really good job at thinning out my hair :)

Had lunch at a kaiten sushi place near the hair salon

really cheap prices! plates starting at $1.30

salmon nigiri with onion mayo~ SO GOOD!
I love pudding (flan) so I had to get it! In Japan almost anything you order the food will look exactly like the photo :D

Then I went to AU one of the cell phone provider in Japan to see some smartphone prepaid plans, I was so many phone that I have not seen in US

Like this phone made by Sharp! Its PINK!

Then I stopped by a store on the way home to look at some hair supplies 

Kids all in one shampoo and conditioner so cute!
shampoo and conditioner aisle
In Japan they sell everything in re-fill bags to save some plastic, its eco friendly. look how cheap this Essential conditioner only $4!
hair dye aisle
Tsu-chan on the Palty hair dye
snack aisle
Match Milky! yumm!

As  requested, I will be posting more of my randomness in Japan! ^_^ Today I went to Daiso so I will show you what I bought along with a first giveaway from Japan featuring Japanese items :D



  1. your pictures make me even more excited for when i go japan! 36 to go!! hehehe

  2. your hair looks lovely and that sushi looks so delicious~

  3. the sushi and the pudding looks so delicious XD
    i like your haircut :) so pretty 

  4. Now I feel like takin' a trip to Japan! 

    You look nice with side bangs ^^ Enjoy yourself even more (Well you're already am :p)

  5. the sushi looks yummy! and there are lots of snacks! I'll be looking forward to your next post about Japan! I would like to visit someday. 


  6. I love your new haircut, Eki - it suits you! *_*


  7. Oh I miss Japan so much!! it's an special awesome place! I can't wait to go back! <3 thanks for sharing all those moments :) I love your hair style too!

  8. I love how you share all these small random things, like what the bus looks like :) it's very interesting! you look pretty in your new hair style!

  9. They really transform your hair. I can see the difference. Nice! Au phone, can it works in US? Sushi is my favourite food! 

  10. omg the sushi looks amazingg!

  11. Ugh the pudding looks so delicious and also the sushi. ;w;
    Yesterday, I was reading your previous entries, and I was thinking it will be nice if Eki cutted her hair.
    But now you finally did it XD I love your new haircuts.<3

  12. Love you new bangs! You make me want to go to Japan right now! The food looks great and super delicious, and the re-fill bags are a great idea (wish they would implement that in America)! The smart phone selection is really great as well, especially since they come in all those nice colors, instead of the usual black or white.

  13. Wow! Loving your hair cut! The bangs make you look more younger! (not that you look old...hee hee) Maybe I should cut my bangs again, to keep the sun away since I burn red all the time...lol I grew mines out for about  two years now! Can't wait to see some more randomness from your trip to Japan! <3

  14. I love seeing all the pictures from your stay in Japan!  Looks like you're enjoying yourself!  :)

  15. your new hair style looks really cute ^.^ I really need my bangs to be cut too :D

  16. love the haircut! i need to go back to Japan, i loved it the last time I was there not too long ago.  I didn't buy enough stuff when I was there...must go back soon :)  and the food is amazing, i couldn't stop eating when i was there haha

  17. Eki, I'm loving your new bangs!!! And I really enjoy all your photos on Instagram :)

  18. Your haircut is super cute. ^^ I love the idea of having everything as refills, so eco friendly.

  19. Love your haircut. I think it looks great!

  20. Even though i live in L.A. I still want to go to Japan anyways. Cute bangs, awe I want to go Daiso but it's up north near the rest of family. I went last year for one of my aunts funerals after wards back the grind. Than I notice a lot gurus going to Daiso and Marukai has some Daiso products so I was really happy plus live between two.I hope you have more happy memories and experiences.

  21. Good that you're hairstyling turned out better than mine. My japanese is good but somehow the hairstylist and I had a hard time understanding each other T_T  I let my bangs grow out since the summer in Japanese is so hot and sweaty, I don' know how all the Japanese manage to look still good :<

  22. Whoa, looks amazing Eki-nee and regardless if you have bangs or not, you are still beautiful <3 Can't wait to see more of your Japan adventures and you're going to meet Cheesie!! Looking forward to that ^^

  23. I like the new hair! I'm currently growing mine out but I'm always tempted to get them cut >.< And the food photos look yummy :F haha Plus, phones in other countries have so much more variety!

  24. Lidool_baybee_angelMay 28, 2012 at 12:51 PM

    Your hair makes you look so much younger!
    I love it :D

  25. Your haircut is cute!!
    Can I ask what contacts you are wearing? I love them!

  26. Eki san! I was thinking to cut my 4 months bang I also .. my hair appointment is this Thursday. Well haven't decide cos it's quite long touching my chin now.

  27. super fun post eki~ feels like i've just spent the day with you =) loving the new look, bangs always look super pretty x

  28. Your haircut looks so cute, Eki! I love all the travel pics and culture notes (: Thanks for sharing your day with us, Eki!

  29. fun post! love it! & very cute hair cut ^^ !!!!

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  30. Eki, your new haircut is beautiful! And I love what you have been doing with your eyebrows lately, they look stunning!

  31. P.S.: Can't wait for you to get back, I want to order a ton of jewelry.Your new collection is SO beautiful!!!

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  33. name : Irina Wolf
    twitter: @RinaOokami
    facebook: http://www.facebook.com/RinaOokami
    mail: Irina_wolf@live.nl
    Stuff i would like to see more from Japan:
    I would love to see more hairdyes/brands from Japan ^,^

    XO Ri <3

  34. WOW luv this! Your haircut is so cute, you're gorgeous :-) Check out my blog soon please hopefully you'll like it and maybe get others to check it out xx


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