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Just a post about food lol been so hot lately that I havent been productive lately... 
In Japan after the earthquake/tsunami last year with the power plant incident, everywhere and everybody are on a "setsuden" mode which is energy saving mode, when ever you go to a store they are on a setsuden energy conserving mode so the stores are trying save energy usage by reducing the usage of AC ^^;; so its quite hot everywhere you go I end up wanting iced items like cold matcha latte or ice creams lol

I forgot where this place was,, sorry but their matcha latte was so good XD

went to Mos burger which is a fast food restaurant 
Got their ebi "shrimp" katsu burger which is shirmp with mashed potatoes fried patty with shredded cabbage with tartar sauce on a bun with side of white grape soda, I wasnt too impressed but was still good :D I like Mos burger cause their ingredients are mostly local and organic based~ 

Food from Gasuto cafe which is a chain restaurant
Got their hamburger and fried chicken lunch set which included a side salad and a peach jelly dessert~ was quite good but slightly big portion for me but the dessert was not that good lol

went to Baskin Robbins cause it was too hot to cool off lol All the American chain restaurants in Japan has their own menus so they are slightly kawaii than the American menu X3

 look how cute their soda floats and animal sundays are ^__^

I always end up getting run raisin or mint chocolate when I go here lol

well that is it for this post,, I been trying to get my Vblog video edited but seems to bee taking forever cause lack of motivation in this heat but will get it up and ready by tomorrow ^__^

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  1. ^-^ the food looks so yummy and cute :) I think I´ll get fat if I come to Japan xD
     is food expensive there?


  2. Ooo! I didn't know they were still in setsuden mode... :O The only thing I read in the news was anger from other countries about Japan wanting to restart one of the plants ... o.o

  3. Wow I always see these chain restaurants but never enter, I don't know why... the burgers at Mos are quite expensive for their size ._." After reading your entry I wanna have ice cream too ;A;

  4. omg...that looks delicious *drooling*
    it is so hot here too T^T and no ice cream nearby...T_______________T

  5. Food pictures.. <3 I'm in love and hungry, lol!

  6. marshakartaswardharmaJuly 10, 2012 at 9:28 AM

    this post make me so hungry right now !! arwgh ! the hamburger looks small at the first photo cute.

    BlushOff [Beauty Blog]

  7. oh my god the food porn T___T; /sobs

  8. Everything looks SO cute! I wish the restaurants here would put that much effort into the styling of their food :)

  9. My eyes are hungry just looking at those pictures♥ Thanks for posting them up babe ;D


  10. Everything looks so good and cute! A shame you have to deal with the heat but it's all for a good reason :) Glad to see you are still enjoying the hot days in Japan! 

  11. everything looks so yummy and cute :)

  12. I feel you when it comes to being very non-productive in the heat. I have been basically feeling the same way ever since the heat wave hit. Anyway, love the food! They look so delicious! 

  13. Grr, that menu in BR Japan is so unfair!
    Why can't BR America offer ice cream in the form of cute bears?

  14. Even simple food like drinks and ice cream is made so cute in Japan.
    And I've tried that shrimp burger from MOS burger too... I had the same reaction as you. Maybe because they made the burgers look too good on the menu so it raised our expectations too high lol

  15. Mmm, everything looks so delicious! Being on this keto diet's murder when you see pictures like these. XD

  16. Love the photos! It's too bad to hear how hot it is there, and how the people are unable to use much AC, I know I barely made it through last year's summer there TT Eating cooling food is a great way to deal with it! I have seen those Baskin Robbin's treats before on Tumblr but as always with tumblr there was no credit/link, I'm glad I can know where they come from now!

  17. Wahhhhh I wanna' be in Japan right now! ♥ Everything looks so cute and yummy!

    ~ Kieli ~

  18. im so hungry look ur photos,  coz everything looks so yummy and cute

  19. yummy looking goodies! new follower over here! i hope you follow back {:

  20. YUM YUM
    im jealous 


  21. Aahh, I'm in Japan actually studying abroad and Japanese sweets are pretty hard to resist. Sorry for asking here, but I don't have a twitter account, I was wondering if you know if it's possible to buy EOS lenses in Japan? I've seen Japanese brand lenses at Don Quixote, but I'm looking for a specific EOS brand.

  22. O no! I HATE THE HEAT !! that doesn’t sound very good... but all your food pixx does look yummy though! plus it’s summer time now, so i guess it makes sense that it is hot =P 

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  23. Oh my.... love them all ^^  Mint chocolate sounds yummy, I love everything with mint lol


  24. Hola!! soy de México y me encanta tu blog, es el mejor! cada post me llena de emoción en conocer tooodo lo que expresas, me encanta Japón y toda su cultura, sería mi sueño vivir alla. besos!

  25. all those food really makes me HUNGRY~~~

  26. hi eki!
    wish i could go back to japan! Would have been great to do a collab vid with you!!!And meet you in japan! If you are coming to australia let me know!! If yo are interested in doing anything together either on youtube (i have a youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/fraufraublog?feature=mhee) or blogwise please let me know!! :) 

  27. so jealous! everything in japan is sooo cuuuuute!!!


let me know what you think~ :3

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