Photo Diary: Japan Vblog and My Gifu trip *pic heavy*


I finally got my Vblog video up on YT :D The video is from my first few weeks in Japan featuring few things I did from purikura with my cousin to my trip out to Gifu ^__^

I didnt show you photos from my Gifu trips, sorta pic heavy so Im sorry X3
 I had a wonderful time visiting my Aunt, Uncle and cousins in Gifu, enjoyed the fresh air and beautiful nature cant wait to go back there again :)

Please click below for the photos :)

Tokaido Shinkansen
when ever you want to travel far distance in Japan you have the option to travel via shinkansen *Bullet train* which travels at a speed of 270km/168mph with limited express stops. Shinkansen fare prices are similar to flying one way trip fees via air plane but you dont have to be dropped off at a airport. To ride the Shinkansen find a nearest JR station for more info please take a look at the link at the top :)

Located at the edge of Ise Bay in the southern part of Mie Prefecture in central Japan, Ise City has a population of about 130,000 people and an area of 179 square kilometers. One-third of Ise City is forestland owned by Ise Jingu, an ancient Shinto shrine over 2000 years old and considered to be Japan's religious and spiritual center. Ise City and Ise Jingu are a destination for almost 7 million visitors a year, most of whom come to pay respects to Japan's ancestry and to pray for peace, safety and prosperity.

Yoro falls has been chosen as one of the Top 100 Waterfalls and one of the 100 Best Spring Water Sites in Japan. It is also famous for a legend that tells the story of a pious son who ladles some water from the waterfall to give to his ailing father, only to find that it tastes like sake!

The waterfall is in Yoro Park, which boasts 3,000 cherry trees that bloom brilliantly in springtime and also has many maple trees that turn the park beautiful gradations of yellow, orange, and red.


  1. omg!!this is like I'm watching a real live anime..
    it looks so peaceful and so beautiful!
    i hope i can go to Japan someday~!

  2. wow so beautiful ^-^ I really like that Japan has so many different facets :)

  3. AWESOME! I've been waiting for this since yesterday ^^ THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING~ It's Lovely

  4. I loved your vlog, Gifu's really beautiful! I never had the chance to see a waterfall yet, hope I can get back to that somewhen.  And you have such a calm hand while filming, how do you do that?  Love the plaza around Ebina, the cinema's pretty awesome (although they don't sell cheese nachos..)  :)

  5. OMG such nice place O_O I used to have an Akita dog but it was long time ago, the pic reminded me of her T_T


  6. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos! Its my dream to visit Japan one day. The food looks delicious as well!


  7. Beautiful pictures Eki. I just watched the vlog and now looking at the pictures here.. some of the views are breathtaking ^^ and your camera takes really nice pictures! I been dreaming about going to Japan for almost a yr now, after this - I want to go there even more!

  8. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING!!! Love love the sights!! So serene and breathtaking♥ All the pictures are great though I wish there was more captions. Like what is that dish called? The red fishy on top of a bowl of rice, sprinkled with dry seaweed strips??? Looked super duper yummy RAWR!! >;D


  9. wow looks amazing! love to go!

  10. Such amazing photos! The areas you visited look so beautiful. 

  11. Looks like you're having a great trip! Loving the photos! and loved your vlog on youtube as well~

  12. glad you had so much fun in Japan eki! (^__^)

    I want to visit Japan someday if I have the chance~
    want to try the food there...it looks delicious... o.o

  13. hachiko! hehe
    the carps are hugee...love all the photos!

  14. えりかちゃん、初めまして、こんにちは!


  15. Thank you Eki for sharing the sights and scenery of Gifu and the falls. I have a fascination with waterfalls and to see Yoro Falls like it was up close and in person was a wonderful treat. I definitely did not notice this place until now and I guess I had learned something new today. It must have been wonderful to immerse yourself in nature, considering that it sounded quaint and tranquil.

  16. Thank you for sharing your experience! I love all the photos! Makes me want to go there when I go to Japan in the future... I love the beautiful scenery. Nice video you made too!

  17. i loved the vid! you made me miss japan so so so so so much! ;_______; i'm from kanagawa-ken also :D how long are you staying in japan for? can't wait for more vidblogs!! your voice is so cute too :3

  18. thank you for sharing about your trip! the photos are amazing! I would love to go back to Japan one day especially for the food! your food pictures always makes me hungry haha...=D 


  19. This place is beautiful Eki! Thank you so much for sharing! Oh and is that pink soba in the last photo? Looks delicious and cute too!

  20. Thanks for sharing! The pictures are so beautiful and the vlog was really interesting. Most of the time from the outside a person only hears about and sees pictures of Japan's cities, so it's awesome that you showed us the countryside.

  21. The photos are so mesmerising~ *0* all the green is so gorgeous. I really want to visit Gifu some day!


let me know what you think~ :3

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