Review: Kao Liese Prettia foaming hair dye in Natural Ash

 H E L L O

I've colored my hair again! LOL 
This time with everyone's suggestions and request I tried out Kao Liese Prettia foaming hair dye! I got it in the shade of Natural Ash~

Prettia series comes in 22 different shades!

Made a Video so that you can get a better idea of this hair dye. In the Video I am showing how to mix the hair dye along with the results, before and after :)

What I think?
 I really like how easy it was to apply the foam on to my hair without much mess, I only needed one box to completely cover my whole hair! After leaving the dye in for about 30 min the new growth and the mid section seemed to even out but did not completely color it in a ash tone but rather turn out medium brown and the ends where I previously bleached turned in to nice Ash brown just like the box shade. Over all the color difference isnt that obvious and I really like the shade. Also this dye didn't strip my hair dry and the dye didn't sting my scalp which are a MAJOR PLUS in my book! :)  

Evened out my new growth and tone down my reddish tint
Really easy to apply
Semi thick foam easy to blend
Even though I gave it 4 stars I really liked the results but minus 1 star cause if you have true virgin black to dark brown hair this dye might not turn out like the box shade,,

Hope this review helps! :)

I made a video tutorial on this my everyday/natural look so please stay tuned for that ^^



  1. Eki san kireisugi. the colour suits you well!! :)

  2. It really
    looks very easy to apply. Thank you for the review. 

    I am
    switching between hairdresser and self-coloring... Maybe I try that one



  3. Question: Although I love this greyish colors, is it a trend now in Japan? To have greyish, unsaturated hair?

  4. i love the liese bubble hair dye the old packaging that they have. I use milk tea brown all the time for my hair and im very impressed because even though i have dark brown hair, i still get the hair color that i want.. downside only it's not available here in the philippines so i have to buy online or ask someone i know that is going to HK or japan to get me a new one because usually it takes around 3 months before i dye again.. great review eki!!!

  5. your hair after looks really soft and luscious hehe! it a beautiful colour!
    Krissy xoxo ~

  6. i love your hair colourr!! love the ash tones =D

    Laura x


  7. I like this color on you! <3


  8. Gorgeous! It looks amazing on you

  9. wow..you are so pretty!
    do you lose weight?

  10. loike it. have try it. yup, easy to use.

  11. This is so easy to apply..thanks for this helpful review.


  12.  I just bought chestnut brown Liese bubble dye too. Hope it'll turn out as well as yours did! <(*o*<) .. Beautiful as always babe, thanks for sharing♥


  13. You look beautiful as usual, and I love those circle lenses you have on, they suit you well.

  14. I love this color! Makes me want to dye my hair.. !

  15. The colour looks really good on you ^^

  16. Wow! This is so nice~ I love it!

  17. I've never tried hair dye in foam, but see  is easier and more convenient to apply. Your hair was very cute and I liked so much the color.


    Kiss *3*

  18. looks good! I wish Winnipeg had a T&T >_<

  19. Hey Eki!

    I like how your color turns out. Will this work for me? I've been using Loreal Preference True Brunettes UL61 when it comes to dyeing my hair. I just want my hair to stay in a rich brown color but this hair dye gradually turns my hair lighter with every use. Please help! I don't wanna become blonde! I've used this color since my hair was black and I could never make it the same color as before; just gets lighter.

  20. Oh wow gorgeous *-* I totally love it !


  21. Eki, I was wondering. I live in America, and have very dark hair that's hard to dye lighter shades of brown. Would you recommend using a brand from Japan? Since it seems to be meant for those with darker hair? If so where would I be able to get a hold of some, since I'm living in the states? Thanks so much! <3

  22. U Look so pretty! nice review! it does make me want to try it~ although in a way I am afraid to try new things when it comes to hair dyes =P 

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  23. love this liese bubble hair dye! it's so easy for me to diy!
    i need some help Eki.i kept thinking about the perfume scent that I smelled in Japan December 2008, i rmb i was at disneyland and it seems that almost every girls was wearing the same perfume! so I'm wondering if you know what perfume was popular during that period? or could you check out for me?maybe your cousin or so? hehehethank you :D <3 

  24. I've been researching this product for awhile and I'm looking forward to finally using it. I bought the "Milk tea" box which is apparently the lightest shade which I'm going to use on my virgin black hair. I know the first time I use it my hair will not be as light as yours but do you think it will be after the 2nd time? Also how soon after I dye my hair the first time can I dye it a 2nd time to achieve your look? Please help. :(


let me know what you think~ :3

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