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I made this chocolate cream cupcakes for the Xmas party since they are Zach's favorite :D Its the most requested food that he requests for me to make I even taught him the recipe so he can make them for himself when Im feeling lazy lol  

After posting this photo on my instagram I was asked about this recipe so I wanted to share them with you cause its so easy to make and its so yummy!

This makes 24 ekilove cupcakes hehe :P

what you'll need:
1 box of cake mix, I prefer Duncan Hines dark chocolate fudge mix
3 eggs
1/2 cup of grapeseed oil

For the cream topping:
1 pint of whipping heavy cream
5 table spoon of 100% cocoa powder
4 table spoon of confectioners sugar
small box of chocolate Jello instant pudding powder (use only half the package)
Hersheys dark chocolate syrup
Better if you have a beater to mix in the cream mixture to get the heavy cream texture

Make the cake mix as directed on the box, mix the eggs and grapeseed oil together put them in cupcake bakers and bake on 350F for about 13-17 min

After the cake cools down mix in all the ingredients for the cream topping, make sure the beat the heavy cream with the confectioners sugar first until it forms a semi thick texture then add the other ingredients to get the smooth creamy texture. The whole beating time should take about 30 sec to a minute dont over beat or it'll get too thick.

Then drizzle the chocolate syrup and its done :D

 It really isnt a sugary cupcakes so people that hates sugar icing will like this cupcake too~ ^_^

Hope you enjoy it!


  1. *drools* mmmmmm I want some now. I need some Eki love cupcakes hehe. I'll try this recipe out one day! Great post babe! xoxo

  2. So yummy looking! But no, I must resist! ^_^ I really can't take overly sweet cupcakes, so these would be good for me... even if I'm on a diet. :P

    Happy Days 2012

  3. thanks for the recipe.. gonna try it soon xD

  4. this sounds LETHAL! hahhaha so much sugar and cream.

    ,.. but they also sound delicious

  5. I'm soo gonna try this!!! O_O+++ *bookmarks*

  6. The visual is so pretty, I can definately expect this to be delicious! Thank You so much for sharing the recipe~ Gonna make this for my grandmother's birthday the week after next ^^

  7. Omnomnom @___________________@.

  8. You're pretty and a good cook!
    that looks so yummy!!i freaking love chocolate <3 <3 <3

  9. sounds tasty, but i'm tempted to make the cake from scratch. This would have been great for party dessert at a friend's birthday.

  10. What a great recipe (: I am not into sugary frosting so it sounds like a must-try ^_^ Pinned it!

  11. woooow~ i have to try this! thanks for sharing!

  12. OMG these look so yummy!
    You've made me really want some cupcakes Eki >.<"

  13. those look yummy!! very professional-looking

  14. Happy New Year!
    As there are also readers from Europe, we'd appreciate, if you could give alternatives for the online-american products. P'raps you could write what's equivalent or what it inside the products so that we could bake them too =)
    By the way: I adore your okonomiyaki recepe. I still do them ♥

  15. I tried out this recipe today and oh my goodness! It was so- good!! My family loved it(*´▽`*)I couldn't decorate it as pretty as you did, but the taste was already a treat itself. Thanks for sharing this Eki ♥

    xo emi

  16. yummy! I have to try making this >.<

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  18. Thank you so much for the recipe! I made the chocolate whipped cream to top the dark chocolate cupcakes I made for my mom's birthday. She absolutely loved it! :)

    Here is a picture that I took of the finished results! I didn't have all the ingredients to make it look as nice as the cupcakes that you made, but maybe next time.



let me know what you think~ :3

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