Review: Loreal Preference 5A medium ash brown


Also I colored my hair! I guess Its my annual "going dark for the winter hair!" lol

well I think I used this shade before but couldnt remember,, I am always attracted to anything that calls the shade with an "ash" tone lol This is Loreal Preference in 5A Medium ash brown. I love preference cause it really doesnt damage my super color processed hair, also its a plus that it doesnt sting or itch my scalp and the color turns out quite well. :)



 I like it~ not too dark not light either lol it even out the color, my ends were lighter since I bleached my hair before so the ends always ends up lighter after few washes after coloring my hair,,

so the top of the hair colored medium/dark brown with hint of ash tone and the part that was bleached in the past colored in a nice "BOX" shade, a true medium ash brown~ its actually really pretty shade if you had your hair bleached in the past and get it colored with this shade you'll get a nice darkish medium ash brown ^__^

 Sorry for the crappy quality photos it was all taken with my iphone,, I am seriously getting lazy with taking photo cause iphone is just too convenient,, poor dslr are sitting in the dust lol One of my new years solution should be to bust out my dslr every time I take any photos LOL



  1. Love the color. I think it brings out your eyes more.


  2. You look great with both colors... lucky doll! hehe I haven't gone all dark in a while... not sure if I could get used to that right now. haha :X

  3. I LOVE the dark color on you... It just does something to your aura (that sounds weirder than I mean it) that is so alluring *_* PS. I have one of those phone cases! It's a cat wearing a hoodie xD

  4. ahhhhhh so gorgeous :) It's such a nice brown too!

  5. Love the dark colour! Very cute! :3

  6. The Unprofessional Beauty BlogDecember 31, 2012 at 12:42 AM

    Love the dark color on you.

  7. You're really gorgeous with this hair color!

  8. very nice color; ash tends to fade on me though :(

  9. what do you do to take care of your hair?


let me know what you think~ :3

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