Photo Diary: My Christmas


How was your Christmas and your holiday going so far? Can you believe we are nearing 2013!? I feel like my Christmas passed by really quick am glad that the rush is over with and looking forward to the brand new year! 

Just wanted to share what was my Christmas week was like :)


I was so disappointed that we didnt get snow on Christmas, unlike last years Christmas we had a lovely white Christmas this year! :) It just puts a nice mood when you wake up on Xmas day and see snow covered land scape, it really does feel like Christmas and freezing too lol ^^;;

Every year ever since I moved to MN I spend my Christmas with Zach's family. It's truly sweet to be around family during this time of the year since I dont have many family in US, it really does make the whole Xmas experience so much sweeter to have people in your life to share the merry christmas! :)

Some of the gifts this year~  theres always girly stuff and gadgets mixed in our presents lol Zach got me this Chloe perfume, so pretty~ Ive loved this scent but I just never got it since I end up wearing same scents year after year so this is a nice addition :)

Hockey is a huge part of Zach's family and most of minnesotans lol every year Zachs cousin makes this outdoor hockey rink at his backyard so we end up playing hockey on Christmas night since all the family get together~ 

I've never played hockey in my life but after playing outdoor hockey with them I actually find it really fun! ^^

well this was pretty much my Christmas! 
I wish you all a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 2013!!



  1. awww looks like you guys had a very merry christmas! We got snow on Christmas for the first time in a year it was truly a miracle~ Getting perfume as a present is always nice :) I see you got some new boots too :o and an ipad mini! Great gifts, is that ice on the outdoor hockey rink?

  2. I had always felt that Hockey is a rough game and isn't suitable for girls but you've changed my thinking. It could be played and enjoyed with your love ones too :) I'm glad you had an amazing Christmas and so as I. I hope 2013 will be a great year for you~ Happy New Year Dear ^^

  3. Oh my! The snow! The beauty of nature, the cats and the family! how perfect! I wish for a white winter one day! ^^

  4. awww...that was fun!
    the gifts also really nice <3

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let me know what you think~ :3

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