Lush Herbalism cleanser review, Revlon fantasy Lengths look

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so I been wanting to do a review on this cleanser for a while now~ Been using this cleanser for about week and a half, the cleanser comes in a dough like consistency. This cleanser smells like grass :P I donno if I like the smell too much at first but you get used to it, there is small chunks in it so its great as a exfoliator but it does not rather so its not soapy at all.

At first when I used to it after I washed off my make up with a different cleanser and then I used this product, I didnt like it at first since it doesnt feel like I washed my face, almost like you are just putting this paste on your face but after you rinse it off your skin feels clean and smooth~ :3

so far my skin looks good, have not made my face breakout, and the more I use it the more I like~! Right now I used this item as a exfoliator seems to make my skin smoother also! :D


Detoxifies and exfoliates oilier, problem skin

Herbalism has China clay to remove excess oil, ground almonds and rice bran to exfoliate away dead skin cells, sage, chamomile and marigold to soothe inflammation and rosemary and sage to banish nasty microbes. As well, the combination of the clay and rice bran leaves a matte finish to the skin. Some people who have used the Angels On Bareskin and found it too rich, find the Herbalism to be lighter. If you persist and use this cleanser every day, we guarantee results that are well worth the bother.


Ground Almonds (Prunus dulcis), Kaolin, Glycerine, Chlorophyllin Water (Aqua), Nettle, Rosemary, Rice Vinegar Extract (Urtica dioica, Rosmarinus officinalis), Rice Bran (Oryza sativa), Gardenia Extract (Gardenia jasminoides), Rose Absolute (Rosa centifolia), Chamomile Oil (Anthemis nobilis), Sage Oil (Salvia sclarea), Perfume.

good price for 3.5oz for $10.75 cause you only need about nickel size each time when you wash, so it goes long way

didnt make me breakout

seems to make your smoother and clear skin

natural ingredients! always a plus ♥


its messy to use

smells weird

looks weird :P

overall I will countinue to use this cleanser, I think its a good buy but I would just use this as a exfoliator and use it 3-4 time a week since I like to use cleansers that lathers so I really feel like I washed my face hehe :D

only need about nickel size~

add water and mash into a paste~
you can see the chunks kinda looks like matcha ! :3

wash/scrub in circular motion to exfoliate~
you can really see the chunks now, its really chunky :P

also I wore the Revlon Fantasy Lengths false lashes that I got in my pretty pink box~ :D

this one comes with self Adhesive already so you dont have to mess with the glue, at first I thought it was cool that its already sticky but the ends dont seems to stick too well, :(

it also comes with extra adhesive tape. I think you can only wear once with the adhesive tape since after I took the lashes off it didnt seems to be sticky at all XP
but this lashes was VERY comfortable I kinda for got I had it on when I went out so that is a plus! :)

This one is flirty will give you the sexy eye that's not too drastic and fake looking~ almost looks natural ♥

oh and I found the official my beauty diary mask website in english!

here are the top 5 mask from them♥

Thx for reading! :D
currently working on new kawaii hair accessories will post them in my store soon!



  1. all lush products always look so funky! lol.. i am going to try that cleanser next!!

    I also got the revlon lashes in my pink box and cant wait to try them!!

  2. I know how you feel, when I first bought the Angels on Bareskin cleanser, it felt wierd because I wasn't able to spread and lather it as well as I could with normal cleansers. However, I found the same trick as you did(add more liquid) and it is pretty good. go lush ! I think it's my new obsession.

  3. Hi Eki, I've been thinking about trying Lush products too because they are natural. But they are not too practical for me right now since it's not a "need" :( hehe thanks for the review though. I will keep it in mind for the future. Also, gorgeous lashes!

  4. I never tried Lush... I am so behind. I should really try it! but I have way too many things to use up haha.
    Thanks for the review, the product looks very cool.
    And I had such a hard time with those revlon lashes for some reason!! They were so sticky and were sticking all over my fingers and the glue part is a little thick so it looks unnatural on me... But maybe I'm just inexperienced with falsies. It looks really cute on you! :)

  5. Great review Eki! I'm always curious about LUSH face stuff! And it does look like Matcha! LOL!

    Yeah the Revlons and Ardells are the lightest false lashes I've ever tried! The NYX ones are nice but the band is kinda heavy.

    You look stunning as always! :)

  6. those lashes look really good! You have such pretty eyes!

  7. it seems like everyone is using Lush products now. I'm really curious to try it now.

  8. The cleanser looks really good^^Love ur lashes, u look so pretty with tem^^

  9. The falsies are beautiful! I've never been able to fully master how to apply them :(

  10. U are so pretty in the last pic! *__*

    I love lush and how the shop smells 3 meters ago! xDDD

  11. Thanks for the beauty dairy mask website!! :D

  12. That thing.. looks interesting! Like a good facial scrub...

    Now I need to find lush here..

  13. great Review!!! Eki, you have such a flawless skin!! *envy* please let us know the secret to such flawless beautiful face :]

  14. O_O I have to say, I wouldn't buy that cleanser based on looks!

    But thanks for the reviews anyway! =D Beautiful as always~~!

  15. pretty eki!
    i like your LUSH review...
    so far only managed to experiment with lush soap shampoo..waa made alot of FOAM keke

    am back to sticking falsie too..
    kinda fun

    yay to mybeautydiary in english!!
    ohh i bought the bigbox 11 flavors to try..sake smells like sake *ricewine

  16. Aww that's great that it worked well on you! I always hesitated about this brand 'cause of the really strong smell whenever I enter the shop >< but your review made me feel better hehe =) awww and you look so pretty! as always xD I want to wear false lashes sometimes but i so fail at it T_T took me 2 hours to put it on, on my prom night, such a disaster, and it started comming off while I was dancing! I didn't even bring the glue to fix it T_T I know very big disaster right? ahahahah well nevermind that it's over now xD Hope you're doing well! <3

  17. hi eki~!

    do you know of any place where you can get my beauty diary sheet masks? i really want to try them out but i can't find them anywhere. >< the next best thing i found was sasa but they're not by my beauty diary..

  18. eki... the lashes is so natural. u have good skin <3 <3

  19. Ive never tried lush prodcuts becuase i cant afford them but I love how they smell

    The Lush shop near me gives me a headache after 10mins becuase it smells so good though XD

  20. I love Lush products especially their bath bombs! They make taking a bath super fun :D

    Those lashes look really nice and natural on you. Thanks for posting about MBD masks, i've been wanting to try them!

  21. Ooh, didn't know they had an English site. Yay! Thank you for sharing. :)

    The falsies look really pretty on you!

  22. I love your lenses, I have never seen a more intense blue. Also I will have to check revlon for them falsies, thanks for the tip.

  23. Thanks for the review of the Lush cleanser/exfoiliator! The Revlon lashes look really good on you =) Thanks for letting us know they are comfortable too - everytime I wear false eye lashes I feel it's a bit heavy but it's because I don't wear them too often. :)

  24. makes you look like the hulk hehehe xD glad it works though!

    those lashes look awesome<3

  25. Ooh I got those lashes in my box too, now I can't wait to try them! Your look is stunning, as always (^^*)

  26. back!!! wow, this is just the type of blog i was looking for! I really like your make up tips! i also like the japanese clothing style~! Plus: i appreciate the manga art too, btw, u draw really well OO youre so talented! :O bookmarked~! Good tast in music too ^^

  27. ooo this is my next lush thing to try! it looks good! im doing a review on one of their powders next

  28. I've tried herbalism a long time ago..it's ok on me but I couldn't get past the smell..haha! I'm glad it's working out for you tho =P Your pic with lashes look very pretty!! I can never get that kind of lighting...do you use extended flash?

  29. that looks like wasabi.
    and you are freakin' gorgeous

  30. That soap kind of freaks me out in its original form, I'd love to try their honey I washed the kids or something soap though


let me know what you think~ :3

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