its freezing!! cant feel my fingers!!! >_<

ok so I woke up yesterday morning to this freezing temperature! I didnt want to get out of the bed since it was freezing cold so I wanted to see what was the temperature on my iphone and it was -12!!!! XP

OMG I couldnt believe my eyes so I had to check other places to see if this was correct and turns out MN is the coldest place possible that I looked up .... =__=
I grew up in FL and the temperature around this time is around 50-30ish so this is like living in the Antarctica for me, like I wouldnt be surprised if I saw a polar bear walking around.... X3

even what more is that I tried to find places that is colder than here and I failed X3
remember this is all in Fahrenheit and not in Celsius

if you live in America you think of the coldest place in USA is of course Alaska right? so I looked up Anchorage,AK to my disbelief MN is ALOT colder.....

and so I thought, of course Canada, Toronto would be colder than MN since they are up north of of USA right, but I was wrong again...

and then I thought of other cold places, if you live in Japan the coldest place in Japan is Hokkaido so I looked up Sapporo and to my shock MN is ALOT colder... :/

and so I really thought this place would be as cold, somewhere in Russia like Moscow since when I think of Russia its COLD right? they even invented the famous Russian fur hat but again, I was wrong... looks really warm compared to MN :/

and then I thought of places that is supposed to be really cold like capital city of ICELAND, Reykjavik! and when you think of Iceland its FREEZING cold right? Their country is called ICELAND so you would think that LOL but nooooo MN is still the winner of the freezing place possible..... :/

and then in my knowledge of other really cold place would be Norway, since they are amazing at every winter Olympic events LOL XD so I looked up the Gamvik northern part Norway..... and again MN is the winner still.... =__=;;

I really didnt know that Minnesota is this COLD I asked my bf why is that this state is sooooo weirdly cold and he said that there is arctic winds that runs through here but that still doesnt make any sense...weird -__-;;
I hear this month is going to be the coldest so I am bracing for the worst... good thing I stocked up of Abercrombie's winter clearance sale LOL XD p.s they are still going on if you are interested!

what am I doing recently?

I have few vids that I need to edit and get it up on YT
few reviews in works
also new supplies finally came in the mail so more new stuff coming up in ekiLove♥

well I hope everyone stay warm!!!



  1. Ohh wow it's REALLY cold there X_x It's warming up here lol. Still cold at night! Stay warm love!<3

  2. LOL XD that cold? unbelievable.

    well, at least.....the north pole would still win hands down hahaha.

  3. Since I mostly grew up here in California, I guess I would like to see what it's like to live in a place that has snow because I think snow is sooo pretty ^.^!! Hee x2! But I can't wait to see your new creations to come!! ^-^ Hopefully I'll see more lacey cute pouches! =) Thanks Eki! And guess what??! I shopped through A&F when their winter sale started and got myself 5 sweaters =)! Of course, I definitely don't need it as much as you do right now, but... heh heh, they're nice to have =D! Stay warm girl!

  4. aw.. I'm sorry it's so cold over there! :( but dear your phone is gonna die soon! LOL xD

  5. *passes scarf*

    its really cold over here too :(

  6. o_o i think there's something wrong with those temps. i live in toronto and it's definitely not POSITIVE 20 SOMETHIGN T_T
    it was like -20 today... not joking >_>

  7. I just left Min today and so glad to be back in LA!! I had like 4 layers on plus a coat when I left and I was still cold but once I landed just 1 layer of long sleeve was too hot for me!

    It's so beautiful there because of the snow but so ridiculously cold that it hurts. I hear it's going to be the coldest time of year next week so stay warm girl! :)

  8. Brrr....just looking at the pics gives me the chills. Stay bundled up and warm, Eki!

  9. I had no idea that you are living in Minneapolis! That is so cool, Mpls is one of my favorite places in the world:) I'm actually here right now, visiting for two weeks, usually I live somewhere in Europe:)

  10. Greetings from Finland!

    I live in Finland and it's been like SO cold in here! Few days a go it was -20 and in some other places even colder, but well ok, now it's about the same in here than in there, not that cold anymore. :)

  11. Uhm you haven't been to Moorhead, MN then!
    It's about 4 hours north of where you live
    & it's -20 here with 4 feet of snow.

  12. hahaha! i thought you just told us that you looked up alot of places but you proved it with pictures! i'm sorry that it's freezing over there, just layer layer layer! and be sure to wear fuzzy slippers at home cause cold feet = cold body :(

    i live in boring old maryland where even the weather is dull... so i can't say it's that cold here! hopefully it'll warm up!


  13. OMGGGGG Hope you are staying warm indoors!!!!! D: D: D:

  14. OMG!! this is why i told my husband that i cannot live up north!! Even here in GA it's cold!!! T_T And it's only like 40ish! keep warm!!

  15. Wow that is really cold!!!! It's really weird since you automatically think the North is colder like here in Canada, but I guess not. =/
    Stay warm Eki!!!! *sends e-hug* ^^

  16. Eki, I'm in Minneapolis too. Super coooooooldddd...

  17. LOL EKI! Stay warm and healthy now! :) I'd rather it be cold though, cuz you can always bundle up till you get warm. It's been so hot & muggy down here!! LOL! Grass is always greener right?!

    <3 ya!

  18. Wow that is really coOOoold..!! x_x

  19. Welcome to January in MN! LOL! Sorry I have lived in MN all of my life so it feels like a normal January. Fargo, North Dakota is normally colder than us. The nice part about the below zero temp is no snow!

  20. Holy Moley that's WAY below freezing!! O_O lol today in the Bay Area CA its like... 65 degrees XD I can't imagine winter in the negative degrees...

  21. WOW and I thought it was cold in Clanfield >_<

  22. OMG- that's just not right!! I was complaining abut 19, but I realize now I need to keep my mouth shut!

    Keep warmmm!!

  23. Woah, that is cold! We complain about 5 degrees Celsius here so I don't know how we would be at -12! Edmonton is around -40 I heard but I guess that's no comparison loool but I wanted to make you feel better >_<


  24. Hey, I'm writing from Russia, Moscow right now :)

    So today here is -18C (-1F)

    it was - 25C (-14F) a week ago.


  25. hahah
    this post made me laugh =p
    its adorable how you tried to reason why it was so cold by checking other colder places

  26. You should come to Vancouver... it's so warm here. =P

  27. You're adorable^^ Everything you do is cute :p

    I was so happy when you mentioned Norway :D Most people don't know about Norway at all...

    I think we were lucky with the weather that day cause the coldest temp we have had so far is -36F (up in Finnmark). XD

    Stay warm stay healthy<3

  28. oh my gosh.. that's terrible. i really should send you my snuggie, haha xD

  29. Oh my!! That IS really cold!! Stay warm Eki! Your post made me laugh though through your failed attempts of finding colder places XD
    Oh and I don't know if you know by now, iceland is greener and warmer than greenland which is patched over with snow and ice, weird huh =)

  30. I live in Minneapolis, and if it makes you feel better, it got warmer...we're having an out of season warm up right now. It's in the 30sF!

  31. Hi!
    I live in Moscow (Russia).
    And it is really cold rignt now. It is 25 below zero. I even couldn’t run a car yesterday.
    Your blog is very interesting!
    Keep writing!

  32. XD im from canada & sometimes it gets to -50 here :)) wow i didnt know it snows in california?

  33. eki, u should have checked winnipeg! :)) it gets -50 & the temp never drops to -20 most of the time! XD


let me know what you think~ :3

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