Jill Stuart haul

First haul post of the year :D

I have collected 3 Jill Stuart items over the holiday♥
I am in Love with all of them!! X3 when you think of Jill Stuart you think of Hime/ princess decor and this is just so gorgeous I had to make a nice post about them :)

First I got Jill Stuart compact mirror from cosme-de.com, it folds over to make it a stand up mirror :D it is made out of plastic but its so pretty comes with pink satin pouch to carry this mirror around♥ super kawaii!

eki jill stuart fold mirror with pouch

front and back of the mirror

eki Jill stuart fold mirror

eki jill stuart fold mirror open

Jill Stuart mirror pouch

little cute touch to this pouch :3

JS mirror bag

Jill stuart 5th anniversary mirror

Next I got Jill Stuart Limited Edition 5th Anniversary Vintage Jewel mirror!
This mirror was released 10/09/09 to celebrate their 5th anniversary as part of their Jewel collection. I got this off ebay since it was cheaper than getting them on cosme-de, :D

I Love collecting beautiful compact mirrors and this mirror is absolutely gorgeous!
one side is regular mirror and other side is magnified mirror. Very heavy and well made mirror comes with velvet carrying pouch! :)

This is what Jill Stuart-beauty.com have to say about this mirror:

Jill Stuart Jewel Collection Vintage Jewel Compact Mirror is adorned with a ribbon and floral arabesque motif for a wonderfully vintage feel. It is really a sweetly shining compact mirror for girls that dream of happiness by featuring fifty glittering rhinestones, both large and small, and a bluebird flying towards a large ribbon, towards happiness. A luxuriously warm feeling for girls who hold it in hand.

such a sweet message, I love their packaging make you feel like a princess♥

jill stuart box

front and back of the mirror

Jill Stuart Vintage jewel compact mirror

jill stuart vintage mirror

decorated with beautiful rhinestones

Jill stuart vintage 5th anniversary mirror

Jill stuart mirror velvet case

inside the velvet pouch

inside the mirror velvet case

eki jill stuart flower heels

lastly Jill Stuart black patent leather flower embroidered heels
I got this also on ebay! :D I was lurking around for Jill Stuart clothing and this came up in search when I saw it I had to have it since its so elegant but kawaii at the same time! also the size was near my size, its in 22 which is the size I wear in Japanese shoe size! the description said size 5.5us and I wear 5us so I figure I could still wear them. It fits me perfectly just slightly loose, also they are so well made, leather inside and out just beautiful♥

and what make this heels so pretty is that the bottom of the heel is in PINK! XD so happy with this purchase! Jill Stuart items are definitely high quality items!

eki Jill stuart patent leather heels

so delicate and beautiful embroidery

Jill stuart heel close up

Most of Jill Stuart items are made in Italy or Japan :D

Jill stuart heel back

I wish I could buy more JS items but my wallet wont let me so I wont be buying JS for a while... I will ooh and ahh at other Jill Stuart items LOL

Jill Stuart will definitely make you feel like a princess♥

well I will have more reviews in the next post!
Thanks for stopping by :)



  1. they are all really pretty! even the pouches!

  2. i have the jewel compact too, it's totally gorg!!! i'm so happy for your haul, eki! every girl deserves jill stuart. :D

  3. Wow Eki, those are super Kawaii stuff u got, I love mirrors so much and those collections are really great^^I also love ur heels,Happy New Year 2010 to u too..best luck to u all over 2010..

  4. Omg such lovely JS haul! I wish I could afford >< Those shoes are super lovely, I wish I could get my own hehe since I'm size 5 too and it's so hard to find nice small shoes XD Btw I nominated you for a blog award!<3 Happy 2010 Eki! ^^

  5. Great haul Eki! The JS stuff is always so cute! They really know how to package stuff up so pretty! And the pumps are too sweet! Love the embroidery on them!

  6. This stuff are made for you! Cute items, this shoes are really nice!
    Hope you could buy more JS items soon!

  7. Urgh Jill Stuart has such beautiful range of stuff, I love everything you got especially your new heels - they look so sweet :3

    Happy New Year!

  8. ahh so you have small feet too! i am also a size 5US girl who can't find shows to wear. do you have any recommendations for sites or stores that carry 5's?

    - angie

  9. Your pictures are beautiful, I am never a fan of JS but I enjoy all of the pictures you took.

  10. Aww....awesome JS haul~
    I like the bling jewel mirror =)
    Happy New Year to you!

  11. Oh no! Those mirrors r so dreamy!
    gosh I want them so bad 8<

    XOXO - Glitter Jam

  12. Jill Stuart products all look so pretty! I think people will get jealous when they see your fancy looking mirrors :P

    Happy New Year!

  13. OMG so pretty!!!!!! I agree JS things do make you feel like a princess! Ohh myy I now want to buy something >_<

    Oh and those shoes are definitely gorgeous! Can we see them on you? :)


  14. shoes is sooo cute!! *O*

  15. Beautiful haul! And that mirror is gorgeous.

  16. Everything is sooo cute! I need to scour eBay more...hehehe. Happy Sunday, Eki! =)

  17. waaaa~~ Everything is so cute and pretty! :) Happy New Year!


  18. Oh you lucky girl, these items are so pretty! Those shoes look so adorable. I need to get a pretty compact, although if I had a nice one like that I'd just be looking for excuses to check myself out all the time haha!

  19. oh good, you got the heels! did the seller work things out with you then?

  20. Beautiful JS haul! I LOVE the compact mirror! <3

  21. super cute!!!! i love everything!!! <3 RIna

  22. Ooooh Eki I can't tell you how jealous I am of your vintage JS mirror and new pumps! So cute and decadent!

  23. Wowwwww, how absolutely gorgeous!!! Love the second mirror especially - I've been eyeing that one forever!

  24. Of course your first haul of the year would be Jill Stuart. I absolutely adore everything JS too. Her kawaii items really do make you feel like a princess.

    I hope your first week of the new year has been exciting! (:

  25. Happy New Year Eki, I hope this year will be great for you^^

    The Jill Stuart items are so fabulous and beautiful, thanks for sharing^^

  26. everything are just so pretty...JS Love...

  27. So adorable!! I wish I had js items. The shoes are really cute!

  28. Those pumps are flippin' fantastic!!

  29. Gosh everything is so pretty. Love the embellishments on them!

  30. All VERY pretty things!!

  31. the mirrors are beautiful~~ wish i could afford more js too^^ xx

  32. WOW! everything is soooo you <3 gorgeous!

  33. The princess packaging is so wonderful! ♥


let me know what you think~ :3

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