Korres Jasmine Lip butter Review

ok so I got Korres stuff for the christmas and one of the thing I bought the second time around is lip butters ;) I got them in guava and jasmine. Korres is Greece's oldest homeopathic pharmacy makes wide range of beauty products which most are made of all natural ingredients.

Since the lip butter is slightly tinted I didnt want a color that was too strong that is why I got jasmine-nude pink color and guava-clear color

this is what it says on the lip container:

A buttery lip balm that melts on the lip and offers a shiny,tinted finish. The combination of the shea butter and the rice wax offers deep hydration and the softness, ideal for chapped lips.

ok my thoughts:
The smell of the lip butter does not smell like the lotions but have really sweet scent, there is no flavor to the lip balms either. The tinted color is very minimal so you will see slight change in the color when you applied on the lips and it goes on shiny, I love this jasmine lip butter it is tinted enough to make your lips slightly pink rather than having red undertone, it neutralizes my lip shade.


It doesnt feel sticky at all on the lips, feels more like its actually moisturizing rather than feeling greasy on the lips, after wearing for a while you notice that your lips still feels really moisturized! It definitely does what it says on the container! I really like this product and most of the korres stuff I have tried has been all good so far♥

5 of 5

before after
korres lip butter jasmine b&a

looks really nice on the lips
smells nice
keeps your lip moisturized even in really harsh winter weather
really good for your lips
great as a base for your lip products

pricey for a small container but hey its a lip balm so I cant complain :3

I forgot the take photo of me but here is a video capture image from a HD video I shot with Nikon D90 showcasing Barbie big violet lens that I need to edit soon and upload to youtube... :/

wearing Jasmine lip butter topped off with NYX round lip gloss in sorbet along with barbie big in violet that I got from pinkyparadise.com

eki barbie big violet

Hope this review helps is you were interested in korres products!
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  1. I love how the Jasmine lip butter look on you! I also bought one over the holidays but haven't tried it yet, I can't wait! I <3 Korres products :)

  2. Looking gorgeous Eki! And it's good to hear that it's really hydrating! Especially since it's soo cold where you're at! :)

  3. I love the pretty natural color this gives off. The Barbie violet lens looks so nice on you!

  4. your lips look so kissable *.*
    very promising lipbalm!

  5. i've heard so much great things about this lipbalm i might have to buy it! :P

  6. Thanks for the review, I almost bought this from Sephora when I was on Oahu but I didn't -- darn, I should have :( It's so sucky there's no stores here to buy all the good stuff from lol >< Hope you're doing well!<3

  7. Ooh so pretty! I like how natural it looks, and how it just enhances your normal lip color.

  8. Ooh, the Jasmine lip butter actually looks really pretty on your lips! I tried it a couple times when I got it in my Sephora F&F haul but I wasn't too impressed with it then since it wasn't quite as moisturizing as I needed it to be. Maybe I should give it another chance though haha.

  9. wow, love the colour! It's so pretty x

  10. Lovely review!

    I need a nice pink gloss, I'm not to keen on any with red undertones too!

    Those lenses look sensational on you! <3

  11. love the colour and nice contacts ^^

  12. Thank you for this review. I was curious bout this lip balm. I have to get it now :)

  13. oooh, the korres lip balm seems really nice! I tried my body butter and you're right it makes my skin soft. ^^

    Hope you are keeping nice and warm and not too stressed! <3

  14. Hmmm.... I have the jasmine lip butter and it doesn't look as pretty on me! Maybe I'm not wearing it too thinly... :?

  15. Wow that does sound like a really nice lip gloss I need to check it oout!!

  16. Eki you look so pretty!! Look like a doll in that pic =).. That jasmine lip butter looks really good on you!!

  17. i can care less about the lip butter when you look so pretty!! but lol the lip butter is something that i have my eyes on. thanks for the review.

  18. That's such a pretty color! Love it!

  19. the lip balm sounds nice, I love stuff from Korres too!

    You look amazing in that photo!

  20. That lip balm looks amazing, thanks for sharing and your lips are glowing, he he!

  21. OMG I sooooooo want it now! I am a big fan of lip balms, in fact I use to be a very heavy lippy balm junkie ^.^ I have improved though and minimised my purchases coz I gotta use all of them first!

    Looking gorgeous as usual Eki!


  22. I have the Jasmine korres and Guava too! Jasmine is my favorite one so far. I love those violet contacts on you, you look gorgeous!

  23. ooh cuteee!!! i love anything pink! lol

  24. it really looks so natural & made your lips look softer!

    i hate it when a lip products feels sticky. yay for this for not being sticky!

    i love the smell of jasmine!

    you look pretty on this pic,hun!

  25. i ♥ all the korres lip butters, i think i actually own all of them now, haha :) the jasmine one is really nice - just a tiny hint of pink, though it doesn't smell like the jasmine lotion. i like using it at night if my lips are feeling dry

  26. Korres Jasmine Lip Butter is my favorite! It smells so yummy and it is such a pretty color. :) I love the way it looks on you!

  27. i just got this one too<3 from the korres sale you told me about! it's really great, i LOVE this lip balm :)

  28. @Eki,
    damn you're gorgeous~


  29. What font do u type ur blog in? フォントのあなた の フォント わ とても可愛いでしょ!!!( Your font is really cute). Is it from dafont.com or something?

  30. Can you please review the quince or wild rose shades? I'm thinking of getting one of the two. Thx! ^-^


let me know what you think~ :3

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