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Hello there,
its been a while since last post... just wanted to make a small post of some updates :) Since my birthday week things just been really busy and that is why I haven't been making any post, Im sorry for neglecting my blog. I should be back making post on regular basis and with my time off is around the corner now! well still 13 more days..... but its close enough lol

I had a amazing birthday thanks to all of you!! thank you SO MUCH for all the wishes and the gifts! I will make a special birthday post next time I make post ♥

so here is a little round up of what you might see in the next few posts here~! ^__^

Palty hair dye in Vanilla beige!
Got my package from Pinkyparadise.com
They are always so kind to sponsor products for me to feature here!

I feature alot of contact lenses from them but they also have other beauty products as well! I been wanting to color my hair lighter again for the spring so I choose palty vanilla beige since I wanted color that will give a milky shade of brown :D

Palty which is popular gyaru hair dye which feature Tsubasa and Yui as their models, have 16 shades to choose from they recently got new packaging images but the shade are still the same

Some people are disappointed with the result hair color not looking like the actual image but for the lighter shade they do recommend you to bleach your hair first to achieve the exact box shade. Im sure Vanilla beige will not come out like the exact shade like the box but it will give me nice shade of brown :D

Pink paraadise just got in some of Palty's newer shades like

Ganache tarte
rasphberry macaron
maple donuts

as you can see in the back of the box, the lighter your original hair shade the more box color shade this dye will apply into the hair

They also sent me Skin 79 super BB triple functions cream for me to try, I dont have much selection of BB creams so its a nice way to test them out! will make a review and a look with it :)

Also some of their newer lens they carry now Max pure lens in Pink looks pretty interesting shade,, its pink! lol will make a full review on this lens as well.

New snacks! :D Got some of my other favorite candies peach gummy & lychee candy to include with ekiLove orders! I also found kit kats in chocolate covered strawberry!!!! ate one since I couldnt resist since choco covered strawberry are my all time FAVORITE things lol I have to tell you its one of the best kit kat I have tried so far next to matcha kit kats @0@

I think I need to do a kit kat giveaway since I have collected good selections of them so far! what you think would you be interested?? :3

also here are some flavors I need to make a post about that Im behind on,,,, :B

also other things that are going to be reviewed here soon:
gonna have cellnique reviews
and some Lioele reviews :D

♥♥Lastly more Birthday Love packages with sweet cards & messages from my friends, Lena, Rina, Vilay, Catherine and Pinky♥♥

Thank you LOVES! you guys made my birthday so much happier T__T
I will make a full post on it next time!!

well that is the update for now :)

Thank you for stopping by again



  1. OMG Japanese Kit Kat flavours!! I've always wanted to try them but I can never ever find them anyways... so sad... =(

    I like Palty dies, I used to only use those because they're softer for the hair and not as damaging (or so I think...), but I didn't think they did a very good job of dying my super duper black hair so I stopped using them... Let us see how it turns out!

  2. You always review brands that I've never heard of ... which I love!

    And oh my more Asian candy ... drool

  3. YAY! I can't wait to see the hair dye review and.. the giveaway idea is a great one!!

  4. ooh i've been trying to get a hold of the shrink and tighten by b.liv but every pharmacy has sold out including sasa! so sad :(

  5. OOoh, looks like there is going to be quite a lot of things that you will be posting in the next few posts ^_^~ The Kit-Kats are amazing =D! I can't wait to see what the pink contact lenses are going to look like since I've never seen that shade before =P. Thank you for posting despite being so busy lately =). Yay! 13 more days until you get to fully relax and take your vacation 8)! Thank you for posting =]!

  6. Omg I would SO be interested in a Kit Kat giveaway! I didn't even know those existed until I started reading your blog! You opened my eyes to a whole new world! ;p
    I hope your hair comes out the way you want it. I agree that no matter what you'll still get a nice lighter shade so I'm looking forward to seeing some pics after!

  7. I got a few Lioele items when I was in Hong Kong....love their packaging :) I got that water drop bb cream too. can't wait to see ur reviews!

  8. I recently bleached my hair and I want to use their lightest shade of blonde...which one do you recommend?
    I cant wait to see the hair color on you and your new contacts! <3

  9. Omg happy belated birthday eki!!! I'm glad to hear you had a great one! :D I love the hair colors.. oo... I wish I can do my hair color on my own, salon is so expensive... but I haven't the experience. And I think I'd cry if I ruin my hair :x

  10. The giveaway sounds interesting :D, I love Kit-Kat,but the flavors are very limited here in the U.K ..Bleugh it sucks Dx

    As for Palty, I want to try the Ganache Tart :) Hehe, I'm hoping to try it in Summer.

    Thanks for updating ^^ Much is appreciated.

  11. I've only tried the Royal Milk Tea and the strawberry kit kats so far :( I love them both though! I can't wait for your pink circle lens review

  12. I love the Kit Kat from Japan, I ate so much when I visit. Too bad I can't find it in the US.

  13. i cant wait to see the hair colour ^^

    i wanna dye my hair but i might wait a bit ^^
    happy birthday :3

  14. looking forward to your Lioele reviews!!! :D omg i wish they had all those yummy kitkats in the U.S.~!!! I REALLY WANNA TRY THEIR ROYAL MILK TEA :) my friend went to japan and brought me back a greentea flavored one! so yummyyy!! kitkats are one of my fav chocolates!

  15. Can't wait to see the new hair colour! It's going to look gorgeous!<3

    I'd love to try those kit kats! Especially the matcha flavour! They are impossible to find here though =(

    Have a great day Eki! ♥

  16. Ooh, cute package. I've seen Palty hair colour at a few places where I live, but I can't ever understand the packaging so I KNOW I'd end up with funky coloured, damaged hair! lol.

  17. ahh i love palty dye! the colors always come out fabulous! can't wait to see it on you :)

  18. Ooh, I can't wait to see you wear those pink contacts - they look so cute!!

    And do I spy strawberry kit kats?! I die!! LOL!

    & yay for all the birthday love - you're such a sweetie, Eki, you totally deserve it. ♥

  19. the Kit Kats look so yummy.
    and i wonder how Japan's KitKat tastes like. keke.
    the wrapping is prettier. xD
    i'm cravcing choclate now. =.=
    the hair dye color is pretty. ^_^
    i would like to dye my hair, but i think my granny would attack me. >.<
    and i always wanted to try circle lens. :D
    the cards are soc cuute. keke.
    so sweet of them.

    bye eki!!
    we love ya!!
    <33 =]

  20. Kit kats.. drooling =P.....Ooo I'm testing out a Skin79 BB cream also hehee... I got the absolute total diamond one. Prob need to test it out longer to see how it goes =).. Oo look at those pink lens. Can't wait to see that =D

  21. I'm just still so sad that the spoon was broken. I promise I will pack much much much better next time!! & cuter notepaper/card too, what the heck. Haha, I feel so terrible without even an envelop. x3 But I'm glad it made you even the tiny bit happier on your birthday! :D

    Yay! KIT KATS! You detailed kit kat reviews always make me giggle because they're kit kats, but they're serious business to us. Haha~~ But it's cute, I love reading your kit kat reviews. x)

    I can't wait to see the lenses on you, eki! I wonder how pink would look like, probably an anime type of feel? That'll be so cool. ^___^

  22. aw i alway want to try Palty hairdye but I'm afraid because I can't understand the japanese instruction

  23. OOh that brownish aubergine color (2nd row 3rd in) is really pretty! Never thought I'd say aubergine & brown together! LOL!

    Can't wait to see the results! You hair always comes out great when you dye it! And pink lenses? I don't think I've ever seen someone sport those yet!

    Oohh look at all the goodies!! KitKat!!!! :)

    I love Lioele's BB Cream!

  24. I saw Jen's review on those pink lenses. I want to see your review on them too ^^ GAH Eki, you're tempting me with those kit kats >< I need to hunt for them!

  25. EKI!!! dark hair look really nice on you! i don't want to see u dye ur hair light =[

    lol...well u look good with light hair too~

  26. you always get the cutest/coolest things!
    some on the palty model's hair look really dry...
    isst it a good brand?

  27. You're so lucky~~ always able to get the coolest things that makes me so jealous.
    The snacks just look so mouth watering TT.TT

  28. have i seen this dye result already? it looks so light in the box! you could totally be a model on one of those boxes btw :D

  29. i'm sorry i missed your birthday so, happy birthday love!


let me know what you think~ :3

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