Candy Doll review FOTD + Video

Hi! Finally my review on the Candy Doll lip concealer and Mineral powder :P Sorry for the uber delay =__=;; Been having migraines again and I really cannot concentrate or do anything while I have migraines such a downer... so Im glad I was feeling better today to blog and I feel like I never keep my words and feel terrible about that,, gomen!

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Ok so I had a good chance to test out this products and so hope I can write up a good review :)

what it says in their website:
 sorry if it sound weird I used google translator lol

The skin-friendly mineral ingredients, your magic powder.
  It was a mix of different size powder particles, pores uniformly covers.
  Less likely to seep in to lines And keep makeup fresh for a long time.
  Dolly pure ceramic powder marshmallow skin and create a beautiful finish

5 point highlights
  • ● mineral ingredients
  • Uniform skin pores due to obscure mix of different size particles 
  • match any skin tone
  • will not create creases
  • ideal for finish powder

 Ingredients: talc, synthetic phlogopite, (HDI / trimethylol) crosspolymer (Dimethicone / Dimethicone) copolymer, silica, carbonate Ca, iron oxide, coconut oil, aloe vera leaf extract

My take:
Initial thoughts, applies matte, very silky, blends well and goes on very smooth. But it does not cover blemishes and flaws that well by its self so as far using it as finishing powder its it awesome as that, it keeps my skin from being too oily in the end of the day and keeps my foundation in place all day and as it claims it does minimize the look of my pores and gives of silky finish and it have not break me out so that is a huge plus for me! I think this product is good for oily skin not sure how it will be for dry skin since the powder can get cakey if you apply too much.


I like it! its a plus that its a mineral powder and does not break me out! Matches my skin tone really well, with a foundation it can give you a flawless finish and keeps my face from looking too oily by the end of the day :)

what it says on the website:
again it will sound funny but I fixed it alittle so it sounds ok lol :P

2 in 1 delicious Lip concealer
  Nudy as lip gloss as one
 Used as a base for a gloss, redness and pigment of the lips will fade because of the concealer.
with this concealer your old lip gloss color will be more vibrant
It was supervised by renowned and popular makeup artist, easy to use and great color and moisture.

4 key points of this lip concealer:

*keeps redness of the lips down
*liquid type so keep in moisuture
* sticky formula will not crease
*fills in lines

Treatment ingredients

  Treatment components: moisture palmitoyl: macadamia nut oil, grape seed oil, citrus unshiu peel extract squalene, jojoba oil, chamomile flower extract

Ingredients: Daimajirinoreiru Daimajirinoru acid, polyglyceryl Toriisosutearin -2, isotridecyl isononanoate, Okuchirudodekanoru acid Daimajirinoru (phytosteryl / Isosuteariru / cetyl / stearyl / behenyl), (behenate / 2 eicosanoic acid), glyceryl, synthetic wax, Kyanderirarouesuteruzu, Karunaubarou, polyglyceryl -6 Poririshinorein, chamomile flower extract, squalene, jojoba oil, macadamia nut oil, grape seed oil, citrus unshiu peel extract, palmitoyl oligopeptide, palmitic ethylhexyl, Toribehenin, sorbitan isostearate, tocopherol, simethicone, Propylparaben, BG, dimethicone, phenoxyethanol, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, hydroxide Al, boron nitride, mica, talc

My take:
Really surprised that this concealer concealed my lips really well with out looking cakey! Goes on really smooth and moisturizing looks good on its own if you want to achieve nudy lips. :) Only need dab small amount and covers the whole lips really well. Down side of this lip concealer can crease in slightly if you apply a top coat of a lip gloss unlike what it claims.... =__= That was alittle disappointing but still as its own its feels and looks great.


will conceal your lips really well and its formula will leave your lips moisturized and not dry, downside is it can create a creasing in your lips after a while of wearing them. I think it will be great as a nudy lip gloss lol :P  

Made Vid for the following look :D Trying Edit the past vids that I took,, just trying to make time for editing more often ♥

Warning: I look terrible in the vid lol XP 

I havent been getting good nights of sleep this past months so that is taking a toll on my skin and looking permanently tired... T__T will try to relax more often and not over work myself...so I dont worry you guys too much,, I promise!! Thank you for always giving me warm support & LOVE ::HUGS::♥

 Oh and anothing this Vid highlights is the Paul & Joe mascara primer since I get asked alot about how you apply and how it looks more in depths so I hope you can see how it looks while I am applying it in the vid :D

 with natural lights: my skin looks matte and soft with the mineral powder

With Flash: you can see that my skin still have somewhat of glow with the flash

Whats on my face?

NYX concealer Jar in beige
Candy Doll Mineral powder

Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner
Visee Nudy glam eyes palette in N-2

Candy Dolly lip concealer
ekiLove headband,earring,necklace

ok that is it for this post! ^__^
More review are in the works at the moment and I will also update the store in few days♥

Thanks for stopping by♥


Oh! and dont forget to enter into ekiLove belated 1 year anniversary giveaway~ ^__^


  1. GREAT VIDEO!!!!

    and love the ligloss!


  2. I love the ekilove hime necklace so much!! <3

  3. thank you for this great review and the video. i'm always interesed in make up style. in some weeks i will come to japan and now i'm sure to buy some dolly wink stuff and i must seach for a good bb cream :)

  4. congrats to the mask winners! and thank you for the reviews eki! im glad you're feeling better now, migraines are terrible! >.<

    eki, i must say that you are the BEST model for ekilove, your pics just make me want everything you're wearing! im glad i got to order one of the hime necklaces from the last store update! im sooo excited to get the goodies! :D

  5. Hey Eki-chan!
    Wow, that lip concealer looks amazing. I got a few questions. Is the lip concealer only available in one tone or is the lip concealer already some kind of lipgloss? I really fell in love with this stuff and I'm thinking about buying it, but I don't know where to buy japanese cosmetics. D'you know a shop which's delivering to Europe and using Paypal? Thank you ♥

  6. Great review!! Hope you start feeling better soon! Hopefully you will get some good nights rest and feel alot better then =)

  7. Yay video!! I love the look :D the candy doll lippies look good <3

  8. gosh!!! i love your look and great review... now you making me regret not asking my friend to get me the Candy Doll Mineral powder *sigh*

  9. Oooooo you look so pretty!! I love that top! And the mineral powder looks very nice, I wish I could try it!! It makes your skin look perfect! (though it probably is already perfect haha!)

    Kitty x

  10. What camera are you using?? You take great pictures!! By the way... just wondering if you are unable to read Japanese because you use google translator??

  11. I've never heard of lip concealer until I read about it in your blog! It does sound pretty cool now that I know about it. Sadly, I can't watch the video since I'm at work but I'll definitely take a look when I get home.

    I hope you keep feeling better! Nobody can blame you for being too busy or sick to update. Please don't feel bad!

  12. Aww thank you for the review, you look great!!!, as always :)

  13. Thanks for the review and the translations! You look beautiful ^^

  14. Awe, I hope you feel better soon eki ;o; I get migraines often too & they are the absolute worst.
    The Candy Doll lip concealer does look nice as a nudy gloss though! & the mineral powder does look like a nice finisher~
    Take care! ♥

  15. I love the way you take your photos! ♥

  16. Hi Eki! Thank you for posting about your candy doll review and working so hard in editing your video even though you were going through migraines >__<. I've had those before and they are seriously NOT fun =\. I can't believe you were still working on it so early in the morning >_<. But I'm glad to hear you're feeling a little better to be blogging it ^__^. I can't imagine last night when you told me you were still editing the video and it was still at 40 minutes and now, you've crunched it down to about 5 minutes, that's amazing!

    The Candy Doll lip gloss in Candy Pink looks pretty and natural! Probably a bit more on the natural side due to the concealer =P. I totally take your advice when it comes to applying the Fiberwig mascara individually and patiently for 3 layers =). I have really short lashes, but applying 3 separate layers really does make them longer xD! Hee x2, thank you for giving us tips on how to apply the makeup in your video =] Your advice does work ^__^. Thank you also for your honest opinion about the Candy Doll mineral powder, when I first read that you said it gives a matte finish, I was highly considering getting it if I came across it, but then realized that you wrote it doesn't have full coverage when used alone, I changed my mind about using solely the mineral powder =P. I actually only use mineral powder by bare escentuals as my all-over face coverage and then the NYX concealer in a jar for underneath my eyes. I sometimes feel like the mineral powder is not enough coverage (on bad breakout days) and thought maybe Candy Doll can be good for me =P

    Thank you for the giveaways Eki!! And congratulations on the winners xD!

  17. Que chulada!!!! me encanta todo lo que te compras siempre.


  18. hehe XD thanks for watching Hun!<3

  19. Your welcome! Hope you have FUN in japan!<3 Dolly wink products are great quality and I really do love them alot! :D Skin79 are great also!

  20. Thanks Hun for the sweet message! yeah migraines sucks and ruins my day >_< Ohhh I really hope you like Hime necklace!<3 Thank you for the LOVE and support Hun!<3

  21. Hello~ Thank you! at the moment only one shade for the lip concealer but some of their new line of lip gloss like milk tea beige, macaron pink, peach orange and milky orange that was recently released are 2 in one now and they already contain lip concealing pigments so they will be as is shades on the lip!! :D I believe apopofkawaii.com and ichibankao.com sells all of the candy doll products and ships anywhere in the world and takes paypal :)

  22. Yay! XD really want to try their new release lip glosses I think they will be MUCH prettier hehe

  23. Thx sweet :3 <3 I saw that apopofkawaii.com have them at great price!<3

  24. Thanks sweetie! no my skin is not perfect >_< but this powder does help alot if giving a illusion of perfect skin lol :P

  25. Thank you! I am using Nikon D90 :) I can read Japanese but not fluently so I do use google translator as a base and I fix it into better understandable sentences lol XD

  26. Thanks sweetie for the sweet message<3 I am feeling much better and been trying to get better but seem like I have not been feeling 100% for few months now I think stress really do take a toll on the body :(

  27. Hi sweetie~ thank you so much for always leaving me such a sweet messages<3<3 migraines are terrible >_< hope you are doing well too<3<3 take care Hun!

  28. Thank you HUN for reading every single thing I write and say about and always being there for me!! I love you Sandra you are such a amazing friend anyone can ever ask for<3<3 always brings a smile to my face and make my life so much sweeter!<3 ::HUGS:: love ya<3

  29. thx Hun! if you watch my vid I wear alot of products to make them seem perfect lol >_<

  30. Thank you for watching it! :D I will dedicate more time to making vids more3

  31. Hi Hun thank you! I saw that apopofkawaii.com sells all of candy doll products :D <3

  32. i just noticed you're left handed--like me! but i'm weird, i switch hands depending on what side of the face im doing *hehe* i'd be excited to try candy doll products...you look gorgeous as usual, feel better! xo

  33. youre so pretty! teach me how to keep my background white.. on those photos you always take for your products!!! <3 and teach me how to work this nikon d90 too hahaha ;) love ya!

  34. Great reviews! I wish Candy Doll was sold in Canada~!! =) Well, it is sold here but quite overpriced.

    And you do not look terrible in the video! You look fab!


  35. ConfessionsofabeautyholicSeptember 3, 2010 at 7:02 PM

    Your skin looks so flawless! Amazing!

    Confessions of a Beautyholic

  36. I have a question about the Candy Doll Mineral powder. i know it says ideal for all skin tones but i am brown skin (around nc 43) would it be good for me?

  37. What does the eye lashes curler that you used in your video called?

  38. What hair dye are you using in these shots?

  39. what give the shiny effect on your face yea ? bb cream or mineral powder ? ;)

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let me know what you think~ :3

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