PopSister August 2010 magazine *pic heavy*

Here are the latest issue of Popsister 08/2010 ♥
 Featuring summer looks & styles

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Candy Doll highlighter and lip gloss review

Hi there :)

wanted to review Candy Doll items that I got~ Candy Doll is a Japanese brand designed and produced by Tsubasa Masuwaka who also produces Dolly Wink♥ I have been wanting to get my hands on this brand for long time and I finally got them through a swap with Lisa :D

This brand is hard to find online but I have seen few places that carry them but not sure if they are creditable store but I know I have seen them on ebay as well but really expensive....hopefully places like sasa.com will start carrying them in the future :P 

This is the first product that got me interested in this brand since I have been on search for nice highlighter and I have seen them featured in Jpn magazines where used to highlight bridge of the nose and us asian could use more definition on our nose to make them more pronounced hehe

Contains beneficial ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid, olive oil, jojba seed oil

Ingredients: talc, mica, titanium dioxide, boron nitride, nylon - 12, diisostearyl apple stearate Mg, jojoba seed oil, Gunjou, Phenoxyethanol, hydroxide Al, tocopherol, methylparaben, 226 red, iron oxide, acid Tetorahekishirudekan ascorbyl, olive oil, (HDI / trimethylol) crosspolymer, silica, hyaluronic acid Na

The packaging is really simple compact and the size of this product are fairly small one round widths smaller than the mac blushes, the powder are really FINE and smooth so it goes on very smooth and light. Contains tiny golden shimmer almost naked to the eye but you can see them in direct light so it creates really nice natural highlight which I love about this product! I put this item on the bridge of my nose and under my eyes and it really brightens my face :)

you can see tiny pearly sparkles in the flash photo :D

as you can see below Tsubasa uses this item on bridge of her nose and in her tutorial mag scan I translated she also used this item under her eyes as well!

I LOVE this product and would def recommend them~♥

goes on really smooth and light not chalky
the shimmer are really fine so you are not sparkling like crazy so the shimmer looks natural :p
perfect highlight shade
contains skin beneficial ingredients 

hard to get
Pricey due to being imported

As they states on their packaging the color are as it looks in the bottle once its on the lips, alot of Japanese lip glosses comes on a spatula which I love since you can control better and you can get the product on the lips without the brush taking away the lip gloss so you can apply thick or thin so its perfect if you are wearing a base lip product and you can literally gloss this lip gloss over it without messing up the base product with the brush :)

This product feels thick in consistency but not sticky feel like gelly texture goes on smooth and seems to keep my lip moisturized~ More coat you apply the better you see the pigments so you can build this lip gloss to your liking♥

what it says on their website:

Treatment component ingredients: moisturizing palmitoyl: macadamia nut oil, grape seed oil, citrus unshiu peel extract squalene, jojoba oil, chamomile flower extract  

Ingredients: Hydrogenated Poriisobuten, diisostearyl apple Okuchirudodekanoru, Polybutene, Dextrin Palmitate, di lauroyl glutamate (phytosteryl / octyldodecyl), sucrose acetate stearate, polyglyceryl -6 Poririshinorein, chamomile flower extract, squalane, jojoba oil, macadamia nut oil, grape seed oil, citrus unshiu peel extract, palmitoyl oligopeptide, ethylhexyl palmitate, Toribehenin, sorbitan isostearate, tocopherol, simethicone, Propylparaben, BG, phenoxyethanol, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, mica, sulfate Ba, Gunjou, 201 red, 202 red

In this photo I am wearing 2 cost of this lip gloss~


I really like this lip gloss! makes my lips looks so juicy and smooth, also it feels nice on my lip like they are moisturizing them :D

Highly recommend to who are looking for really GLOSSY lip gloss♥

Nice color, pretty pink
goes on smooth and not sticky
have nourishing ingredients
tasteless and unscented

hard to get
can feel heavy on lips

Here Tsubasa wears her lip gloss with lip concealer and she tops it off with this lip gloss, its good to conceal you lips if you want your lip products to show its true color on your lips once its applied or if you want to achieve nudy lips~♥

ok so here I am wearing the cream beige highlighter on bride of my nose, it gives me more defined nose and also I applied it under my eyes and also I am wearing concealer on my lips over the candy pink lip gloss in this photo~

with flash

Natural light


some other Candy Doll products I am eyeing and are worth getting:

 well that was it I hope you got a better idea of this items ^__^

Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog ♥



New Dolly Wink Nail Collection debut soon in stores!

If you follow me on twitter I have been obsessing over this,, haha :P

Wanted to make a quick post about Tsubasa is launching her Dolly Wink Nail collection debut soon in Japan,, not sure the exact date havent been officially announced yet but its around early July and so she just released the photos in her twitter account! I wanted to share them with you as well since I am pretty excited about them~♥  They look really kawaii and love the glittery polishes!

Here she is wearing Mint green and Lavender

Here she is wearing Candy pink

As with all the Dolly Wink products Tsubasa is in charge with everything since it is her own brand that she puts her heart in producing Dolly Wink for gals like us♥ so here are the behind the scene photos of her working on her latest nail collection~

Images taken from 

also behind the scene of promotional photo session for Dolly Wink nail collection.

 more photos of the collection Tsubasa posted in her twitter account :D


Hair & beauty July 2010 mag scan featuring Lena Fujii

Hair & beauty July 2010 issue featuring Lena Fujii~

This mag feature alot of popular hair styles but most kinda looks the same lol :P
I love her hair color here its really pretty but alittle on the copper shade that I dont really care for but still really nice shade♥

*click to enlarge*

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EOS Candy Brown lens review & FOTD

Hello sweeties♥
I wanted to thank all that have vote for Al! I truly appreciate your support, its nice to know that you are there to support the ones I care for also♥

Thank you thank you!
 ok back to the post ^_^
This Lens was kindly sponsored by Pinkyparadise.com  

I wanted this lens EOS Candy Brown after I've seen many of the popteen models wearing them so I was really curious about them♥
I wasnt sure how it would look since the outer ring are so pronounced and strong so I thought this lens wouldnt look that good but I really like them~! This lens will make your eyes into really nice kawaii Dolly eyes :D

Item details
Weight: 0 kg, 100 grams
Stock: Stock available
Brand : E.O.S
Diameter : 14.0mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal

Ok so I really adore EOS lenses they all seem to be very comfortable and the color on the lens are most semi opaque so it gives off really nice color! This lens doesnt have any particular pattern to them but its does fade out in a gradient so it blends onto your natural color really well so that makes the lens look less fake looking which I really like since in person it doesnt look that fake even though there is a big black ring around the lens but instead it makes your eyes looks so glossy and pretty with halo effect! :D

I give this lens 9/10
very comfortable~ no problem at all with 7-8 hour wear, nice color and very pretty~ a must have if you want dolly eyes♥
-1 point since the ring around the lens are really bold but its doesn't bother me that much so overall its a very pretty lens!

I made a VIDEO~! LOL.... its been about half a year since my last one? Im sorry for the slack in making vids... I hate editing vids it take too long todo :/ but I will make more time for them!! I promise~♥ this vid isnt as good quality as the others since I just used my iMac's camera... but I have high quality vids tutorials I have to edit that I have been really slacking on doing Im sorry X3

I hope you can see a better view of the lens in the vid but the lighting was bad so you cant really see them well but that is what it look in like indoor lighting~ :)

with Flash

FOTD~ I did a little different style today! I made my inner corner of the eyes more pronounced by lining the corner slightly to a point this makes your eyes seem larger its a cat eye effect :3 If you seen Gyaru style makeup alot of the gals are using this technique but line it really thin so that it blends in to your eyes also use water proof liquid liner~

What am I wearing?

Skin79 super triple function BB cream*pink*
NYX concealer jar in beige
Candy Doll highlighter in cream beige
Gransenbon Gran brush blush in #11

Princess cutie false lashes
Dolly wink liquid eye liner
Paul and Joe lash primer
fiberwig mascara
Visee glam nude eyes palette in N-2
Jill stuart diamond powder in 102*inner corner of the eyes*
K-palette real lasting 24H eyebrow liner
Concealed my lips with DHC Q10 foundation
Candy Doll lip gloss in 01

 with natural lighting

 ok that was it for this post~

I will have lots of nice review to come just have to find the time to post,, just been really overwhelmed this year and I am sorry for the lack of posts here....I am also lacking on some personal posts too I feel like I havent been myself lately and I want to get back into making post about stuff that I love like art and photography which I have not been doing at all :(

Oh and I wanted to thank you all the sweet comments as always, I truly appreciate all the messages to me and I am sorry I never really reply back here in blogger,, but please do write me in twitter so that I can make sure to reply back to you!! :)

I saw that I am hitting 3000 followers soon~ THANK YOU for all the support, LOVE and reading my nonsense lol.... I am so behind of posting about my giveaway I will get to that soon! please stay tuned will have lots of nice thank you gifts!<3


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