Vinyl Toy from Kusopop & Nakanari + Giveaway

Hi there~♥

Much belated post about my artist friend Nakanari~ 
Gomen ne Nakanari for being super late in making this post,, D;  

I knew Nakanari from when I lived in Orlando and I've always thought what he does is awesome and inspirational, as you know I LOVE art and anything kawaii~ Born in Taiwan, Nakanari's inspirations mostly comes from Japanese manga culture♥ My Best friend is also Taiwanese so I see that there is alot of Japanese influences in Taiwan such as manga/anime and Hello Kitty cafe~ :D

Who is Nakanari?

Nakanari born in Taiwan, creator of "Misfits of Nakanari" and show director of B.B.Birdy's Funny Club series, brought the idea to have artists bring their 2D artwork to 3D artwork on blank canvas toys. Nakanari created and partnered with various artists to bring their artwork to reality (2005 - Crossover Show "Gallery Nucleus/LA ad Rotofugi/Chicago", 2007 - Project Vinyl "FX Show Toy" with partners in Me Llamo Jellyfish, 2008 - Technobabble "myplasticheart/New York" with Dave Quiles). Nakanari and artist Soujohn created a new brand called Mai-Hiro. The Mai-Hiro brand focuses on strong character design and illustration. Nakanari has a distinct style, uses clean graphic lines and shapes, with a soft pastel palette framed by contrasting thick bold black lines. Nakanari prefers to showcase his artwork on canvas using the flat colors technique than to play with shadows. Nakanari’s Eastern Oriental culture is infused into his artwork. Nakanari has exhibited with other well knows artists and brand like Kidrobot, boblbe-e,The Dirtycream, KusoVinyl, CarzyLables and has exhibited in America, France, HongKong, Taiwan, Singapore and Spain.

MaiHiro is his portfolio but its under construction so you can see some of his work in his Tumbler  

With the Collaboration with Kusopop + MaiHiro has vinyl toys, apparel and many more ^__^

Here is one of his Ninja Spiki in Naruto inspired Noruto Ninja Vinyl toy from KusoVinyl! :D If you are into Kid Robot and vinyl toys you will love Nakanari's creations♥

Came in a very nice packaging with really cool design on the box~ You might know I am a huge Naruto fan so I love it ^__^

Kusopop and Nakanari has sent some items for 1 lucky reader to own a his and hers couples set key chain and phone/zipper charm!

Open to anyone in the world~ :D


1. Please let me know your email in this post
2. If you could have anything from Kusopop what would you want?
3. Im going to do another inspired look, who would you like for me to recreate?

Closes this Saturday 4/2


Thanks Nakanari and Kusopop for sponsoring this giveaway♥

Please stay tuned for my 2 year Blog Annivers giveaway just waiting for few items that I ordered from sasa.com to arrive ^__^

as always please take care~



  1. canihasit @ gmail
    i love the hello kitty keychain! you should do a hello kitty look! hahahaha~

  2. Thanks for hosting this giveaway! these vinyl toys are way tooooo cute!!!
    Please enter me ^_^

    1. mishialamode@gmail.com

    2. If you could have anything from Kusopop what would you want?
    Aside from all the great stuff posted, I would love one of their Tshirts! Super Kawaii!!!

    3. Im going to do another inspired look, who would you like for me to recreate?
    I would look for you to recreate a Victoria Song look from Korean girl band f(x).


  3. the toys are so adorable! Your friend is VERY talented and blessed to be able to produce/create such great products! <3

    1. viviensayz @ gmail.com
    2. I would love the have the cell phone charms but sadly my iphone doesn't allow me to hang things on it :( But I do need a new key chain! I love the BA Hello Kitty ^-^
    3.You should do a naruto inspired look! hehe like a girly kawaii naruto.


  4. I love vinyl toys!! They're so cute!

    1. g.eun.h.kim@gmail.com

    2. If I could have anything from Kusopop it would have to be any vinyl toy..I'm such a kid haha

    3. I would like to see an inspired look of Koda Kumi

    Thanks for the giveaway too!! <3

  5. Ahh!!! I love his designs. And it's so cute he made an inspired Naurto *A*

    thank you for hosting a giveaway ^^

    1. melovirus@gmail.com

    2. I think if anything I would love their keychains! I love their vinyl toys but ; __ ; don't have much space lately. I think their cell phone straps are the cutest :D

    3. For an inspired look I personally think a My Melody look :) soft pinks and the such sound really cute.

  6. 1. jaekayy@gmail(dot)com

    2. Their T-shirts are super cute!

    3. Maybe an inspired look of Lena Fuji? She's so pretty ^^

    thanks for the giveaway!

  7. 1. chouzuru@gmail.com
    2. I would like phone straps, because I have an obsession with collecting tiny cute things XD
    3. For inspired looks I like to see...Anna Tsuchiya in Kamikaze girls, Ayumi Hamasaki on the Scawaii 2-11 issue hmm, I won't write too much XD

  8. Thanks for hosting a giveaway! :D i love cute things too ^^

    1. emmelle.tee@gmail.com

    2. I would love the KUSOPOP x ROTOBOX : Robot Love Men's Tee hehe it's so cool :D

    3. I also think it would be cool if you could do a look inspired by female Naruto xD

  9. So hard to choose! I'd love one of the cute vinyl toys. They would look so sweet next to my Hello Kitties haha


  10. wah so kawaii but first love the lenses you are wearing in this post >u< second those keychains are soo cute as well as naruto (> ω <)

    1. giselleko@hotmail.com
    2. I would want the phone charms super super cute and maybe a t-shirt (○^ω^○)
    3. An inspired look I would like to see would have to be hyuna from 4minute here is a link http://images4.fanpop.com/image/photos/20200000/Hyuna-For-Ceci-2011-4minute-20236954-550-698.jpg

  11. love the items!

    1] punkme15 at gmail dot com
    2] i love the KUSOPOP x ROTOBOX :D
    3] id love to see you as Hello Kitty :D Since hk is a cat (am i right?) ive never seen a real person impersonate her so i think it would be cool to have a real female HK, and it would be perfect for you because you are so kawaii :)

  12. Aw, those items are so cute. I would also like cute things:

    1} goth_lolita_doll@yahoo.com
    2} kitty zipper charm
    3} this might sound weird, but since i love her, a nana kitade make-up tutorial from her music video Kiss.

    thank you

  13. Please enter me hun!^_^
    1.kaizokumousy at gmail dot com
    2.Tshirts are really cute!^^
    3. Please make a look of any kpop artist like CL :)

  14. Super kawaii!! :3

  15. 1. xxswtinnoc3ntxx@yahoo.com
    2. I would want the key chain set with the hello kitty and the rock lee looking one =D so cuteee!!
    3. I would like to see Kato Miliyah makeup<3<3<3

  16. 1. kykwong2@gmail.com
    2. shirts or keychains, i don't have an iphone :(
    3. G.NA's smoldering look from the fashion show: http://www.allkpop.com/2011/03/g-na-walks-her-first-runway-for-lie-sang-bang

  17. 1. mindebris@gmail.com
    2. I'd love ANYtHING from kusopop..i love vinyl figures!
    3. a Koda Kumi or Namie Amuro look maybe?


  18. 1. michelleesque@gmail.com
    2. Ninja spiki plush keychain xD
    3. Goo Hara from KARA :)

  19. please enter me in ^^

    1. xkaede at gmail.com
    2. the phone charms are sooooo cute! :D especially the KUSOPOP x ITOKIN PARK ones!
    3. G.NA's look from her Black & White MV

    thank you!

  20. so cute!! holy crap you look stunning @___@"

  21. Those characters are so adorable!

  22. 1. Please let me know your email in this post

    2. If you could have anything from Kusopop what would you want?
    The black kitty HP chain!!

    3. Im going to do another inspired look, who would you like for me to recreate?
    Go for an ayumi look!! <3 you are so pretty haha

  23. These are so cute and creative! Would love to enter this giveaway ;'D

    1.email: chenyee123@gmail.com
    2. Would be really great to have a KUSOPOP x ITOKIN PARK (green) phone charm! ;')
    3. I think you'll look totally different with 2Ne1's Dara's look ;'D

  24. Your lenses & dress look amazing together! *3*

    1. evindemail@gmail(dot)com
    2. Since I'm an otaku,I love anything kawaii,but those phone charms are incredibly cute!:D
    3. What about your favourite anime character?I would LOVE to see that transformation. :))

    xoxo \(^0^)/

  25. Thitisa ThawsrisuwanMarch 31, 2011 at 4:19 AM

    wow I really love the stuff! they are so cute

    1. thitisa.th@googlemail.com
    2. I love that pink Hello-Kitty-inpired keychain (well I love anything hello kitty :D)
    3. I'd love to see a flower-inspired look, since its spring and some flowers have incredible colour cominations.


  26. 1] sheeeeekah@gmail.com
    2] I would want the Rock Lee keychain, as I really like him in the Naruto series.
    3] I'd like to see you do an inspired look by your role model, whoever she is. :)

  27. You are so cute, I love your blog.

    1. Mi mail: sweet_cupcakes_@hotmail.com
    2. If I could have anything from Kusopop want be the black kitty HP chain.
    3. 2NE1 inspired look <3

  28. cute giveaway!

    1. phoushaiyang@hotmail.com

    2. If you could have anything from Kusopop what would you want?
    the skitty iphone case for my phone =)

    3. Im going to do another inspired look, who would you like for me to recreate?
    ayumi hamasaki

    *thanks so much!

  29. 1. jeannie.yom@gmail.com
    2. I would want a kusopop keychain the most so I can add them to my new set of lab/office keys!
    3. I would like to see a MAC Lady Gaga viva glam inspired look more suited for asians. :)

  30. Kawaii Giveaway! Arigato Gozaimasu ^A^
    1: kctc.xoxo@hotmail.com
    2: Either Kusopop x Itokin Park Ice cream keychain (it's so cuuuuute) or Kusopop x Maishiro Pink Hello Kitty (love anything pink ;3)
    3: IU's look :3

  31. 1. jade.herman@gmail.com
    2. Skitty Iphone Case
    3. Ayumi Hamasaki - one of her more wearable looks

    **What contacts are you wearing in the post? They are gorgeous!**

  32. 1) damamasita@gmail.com
    2) i would love the KUSOPOP x ITOKIN PARK
    Keychain Set
    3) you should do a princess inspired look OR sexy clubbing look! thanks!

  33. The characters are so cute :) and I really like the contacts you're wearing.

    1. HuynhHere22@yahoo.com
    2. A keychain :)
    3. I don't really know, maybe a big eyes inspired look for prom :)

  34. 1.o0SerenityAngel0o@gmail.com
    2.I love the keychains they're so cute and a great addition to my keychain collection <3
    3.Hmm I would have to say a Goo Hara look. She's my favoirte out of the five girls in KARA :3

  35. You're so pretty! Thank you for hosting this giveaway :D

    jessycow.blog (at gmail . com)
    From Kusopop, I'd love to have the MAIHIRO Skitty iPhone case even though I have a Blackberry. LOL It's so cute!!
    For the inspired look, I think you should do Beyonce! haha Her hair is beautiful..and I think you can recreate her soft waves with your hair too! Her makeup is also really natural.

  36. Helloo :D
    If I could choose whatever I want from Kusopop it would be "Skitty Iphone case". It's soo kawaii ^^ I would be really happy if you did a inspired tutorial of Takahashi Yuma, she is so beautiful! I really adore your blog, it's just so cute ^^
    My e-mail is Stephanie.andersson@live.se

    Hugs Stephie

  37. 1. elleandish@gmail.com
    2. KUSOPOP x MAIHIRO phone charm! I love ninja stuff :}
    3. A spring look maybe? with shades of pink! :)

  38. 1. duriyan_009@yahoo.com
    2. d tshirts are super kawaiii <3 can i have one? ^^ hohoho
    3. i would love to see you recreate a super kawaii barbie doll look ^^

  39. 1. LuvAbleTruc@yahoo.com
    2.MAIHIRO Skitty iPhone case. i love it ! <3
    3.cute barbie doll look without circle lens ?

  40. 1. Sesshoumaru10@hotmail.com
    2. I really like the baby celcius men's tee :D
    3. What about a fun first date look with a cute updo? ^^

  41. 1) email: juchan0@yahoo.com
    2) If I could have anything, I'd like to have the Kusopop x Itokin Keychain set ^^
    3) ParkBom's look in Can't nobody.

  42. 1) vavgrada@yahoo.com
    2) I really like the Naruto Ninja Vinyl Toy :)
    3) I would really like to see an IU - Good Day inspired look ^^

  43. 1) vu.thien.nhi@hotmail.com
    2) anything from kusopop :), so hard to decide. everything just looks awesome, hard to choose xD
    3) i'd say a simple make-up look for glasses that will stand out, since majority of the time i wear glasses :)

  44. 1. osmanthus.tealeaf@gmail.com
    2. I really like the KusopopxMaihiro keychains - they are so adorable~~! Or the Kusopop x Rotobox dragon dream tee. i really like the design, even if it's a men's tee. :D
    3. Maybe a soft and pretty spring look? Now that all the flowers are blooming, I want to dress super girly, haha~~ <3 Or maybe an easy professional look, since I'm graduating soon and need to find a proper job. x_x ~

  45. 1. tee.i.n.k at gmail dot com
    2. everything is so cute!! KusoPon iPhone Case in White
    3. quick basic on the go makeup for people in a rush :)


  46. Your friend has some mad skills!

    1) Email: everydayoutfits11@gmail.com
    2) KUSOPOP x ITOKIN PARK Keychain Set
    3) 2NE1 in their It Hurts music video. Someone needs to give us monolid girls some loving! hehe just kidding

    Thanks for organizing this cute giveaway!

  47. 1. jennha@hawaii.edu
    2. the couple key chains are adorable~ as is the Naruto inspired character ^^ キティのキャラクターがソニックxハローキティに見えるんだけど・・・w
    3. it might be super out of your comfort zone, but I would be really curious to see how you'd look as ganguro lol

  48. 1. shyen87@gmail.com
    2. I would want the couple key chain, I always want a couple key chains for me and my boyfriend.. they are so cute..
    3. I would either like to see a simple everyday makeup look + big round eyes for spring..

  49. xkyootiesophiex@yahoo.com
    the couple keychains
    please do a naruto girl inspired look eki <3<3

  50. 1.kimberly.huynh@gmail.com
    2.Skitty iphone case!! :O
    3. I would like to see a date look.. o-o;; seduce the guys with them eyes.. XD

  51. lauren51990 AT aol DOT com
    I would love some kind of messenger bag
    A look I'd want to see...something inspired by a celebrity!

  52. Hi eki! I would like to enter this give away. email: anatanoting@hotmail.com
    I would purchase the vinyl key chain set from kusopop.
    I would also like to see you do an koda kumi inspired look. That would be awesome.
    Your makeup always look good and flawless on you! always so interesting to read your blog.=)

  53. 1. lovablelaoguh@gmail.com
    2. i would love the phone charms, it'd be awsome if me and my bf had a pair ^_^
    3. i would love you to do a inspired look on spring, but since you're asking a person, i would love any 2ne1 remake.

  54. 1 DaTeWa@gmail.com
    2 I love that Spike Lee Tee
    3 Something nice and Spring time-y?

  55. 1.murasaki__miles@hotmail.com
    2.any of the key chains- they are just sooo adorabubble
    3.Namie Amuro because she's so beautiful and elegant ^^

  56. 1. lil_aznangel5@hotmail.com
    2. the "pink MAIHIRO" keychain or any t-shirt for the boyfriend --- she reminds me so much of hello kitty!
    3. i'll suggest a bright colored gyaru look.. too many neutrals, i wanna see something bright and beautiful!

  57. 1. cleoeng@gmail.com
    2. Kaiju Battle Brawl iPhone Case in White (OMG SO CUTE hehe) =P, and probably a t-shirt for the boyfriend.
    3. A 2NE1 inspired look/tutorial would be awesome!

  58. 1) Jpark0718@gmail.com
    2) Any of those Keychains or the Baby Celcius Tshirt :) everything's so Kawaii!
    3) Japanese anime baby doll cute look? keke

    (Eki, hunnie... you look so adorable in your pics.. almost like a real anime character ^.^ you are the inspiration hehe)
    <3 Julie

  59. 1. angie8377@hotmail.com
    2. Me encanta esto KUSOPOP x ITOKIN PARK Keychain Set
    3. Me gustaría mucho que hicieras un look inspirado en la primavera
    Solo quería decirte que me encanta tu blog. Yo soy española y no conocía ninguno de los productos que mencionas en tu blog para el cuidado de la piel. He probado alguno de ellos, como por ejemplo las mascarillas FaceQ y mi piel se ve genial, nunca ha estado tan bonita. Muchísimas gracias Eki!!! eres adorable :)

    1. angie8377@hotmail.com
    2. I love this KUSOPOP x Itokin PARK September Keychain
    3. I would love you to do a look inspired by the spring
    Just wanted to tell you I love your blog, I'm Spanish and did not know any of the products you mention in your blog for skin care. I tried one of these, such as masks FaceQ and my skin looks great, has never been so beautiful. Many thanks Eki! you are adorable :)

  60. 1. kawaiisukisuki@gmail.com
    2. I like the KUSOPOP x ITOKIN PARK Phone Charm, it's so old-school space age ^_^
    3. For an inspired look I would love to see Goo Hara, who is a member of the Korean pop band 'KARA'. She has a very innocent yet playful element to her style and always looks chic and cute!

  61. Thank you for posting this wonderful giveaway! and thanks to nakanari and kusopop!

    1. vanessajhoy@yahoo.com

    2. I would love the any of the kusopop keychains and phone charm, preferably pink!

    3. If you could do an everyday simple makeup tutorial without lashes, that would be awesome!

  62. 1. hiroko_jiayi@hotmail.com
    2. I would love to have the super kawaii Kusopop Keychain set!
    3. Nakashima Mika Rocker looks!!! With super thick eyeliner and thin brow =3

  63. Happy Birthday Eki! : )

  64. Oh my gosh! : D Such cute items!
    I'm such a Narutard, so I'm a complete sucker for all things ninja-related XD haha

  65. 1. sozhi88@gmail.com
    2. I like the couple keychain.
    3. I would like to see Hamasaki Ayumi's looks recreated.

  66. ~ kittyrules22@hotmail.co.uk
    ~ I think the couple keyrings are super kawaii!
    ~ I would love a Jamie Chung inspired look ^-^


  67. 1. al.keo@live.com
    2. I love the KUSOPOP x ROTOBOX t-shirt, even though it's a man's shirt :P
    3. Oh! could you re-create Lady Gaga's look for her second Viva Glam campaign? :D

  68. 1. villahermosamichelle@gmail.com
    2. KUSOPOP x ROTOBOX: Robot Love Men's Tee is CUTE!
    3. Please do a tutorial on toned down/wearable but still really cute gyaru look? Or a Morning Musume inspired look!

  69. Aloha!
    1. Olabatty@yahoo.com
    2. Maihiro Skitty iPhone case
    3. Mari Murata (Marimo)

  70. 1.442184001@qq.com
    2.the one that has a pink hair and a bow key chain
    3.You should definitely do Kumicky's eye makeup

  71. 1. jmesteba@gmail.com
    2. Spiki Lee Men's Tee (I'd wear it even though its a guy's shirt! <3)
    3. Classic pin-up doll look, or Marilyn Monroe

  72. 1. pinkcandy000@hotmail.com
    2. I like the Kusopop Keychain set!
    3. Leah Dizon makeup please? =)

  73. 1. iloveamericayd@gmail.com
    2. the cellphone charms <333333333333 :)
    3. since orange color is hot this spring...pls do an orange color inspired look XD like um...sandara park?

  74. I love this! Your friend is so talented and creative <3 You are very lucky to have such a wonderful friend ^^ I want to buy some keychains for me and my boyfriend!!

    1. thisismyv@hotmail.com
    2. I want the cellphone charms mostly! The keychains are so adorable, but me and my boyfriend always have cellphones on us, so we can always have matching chains :D
    3. Oh my gosh, so many! One gal I'm in love with is Sakurina... I love the dramatic makeup, but her strong features balance it so well. Maybe a spin off of her dramatic look into a more wearable Eki look? :P

    Ah! I remember now! Burlesque <3 I've been so obsessed with that movie lately, have you seen it yet? I'd love to see a recreation of her "I'm A Good Girl" makeup <33333

  75. 1. Happyditz44@yahoo.com
    2. If I could have anything from Kusopop I would like the skitty iphone case or the ninja Spiki OG figure because they're both really really cute.
    3. I think it'd be really cool if you could do a Kumikki or Kana Nishino inspired look. <3 They're both really cute, and I think you could do an amazing inspired look of either one of them.

  76. 1. agnethacr @ hotmail.com [no spaces]
    2. I'd love to have the black cellphone charm <3
    3. You could do a sweet spring inspired makeup to wear outside or why not to school/work (:

    Happy belated birthday too~! (:

  77. 1. yellowyuenyeng@hotmail.com
    2. As a huge Doraemon fan...I love the twist Nakanari has done with the KusoPop keychain, so I'd want that.
    3. I think Kay Tse (cantonese singer) is beautiful. The way she styles herself even with a round face, her make up and hair is lovely. unfortunately there aren't many tutorials on her.

  78. 1. angelcakes1s1@yahoo.com
    2. i like this pink hair key chain that looks like hello kitty^^
    3. your good at makeup up ^^ I want to see your creations. :)

  79. xhell0ricey@aol.com
    i like the black hello kitty-ish cell phone charm :D
    i'd like to see you a kim tae hee my princess look <3
    thank you!!

  80. 1. silvermystikal@yahoo.com

    2. If I could have anything from Kusopop it would be the cell phone charms!! :) so cute!

    3. I would like to see a glam rocker inspired look!

  81. 1. sweetdreamz_cloud@hotmail.com
    2. Cell phone charm! Adorable! <3
    3. SNSD's Tiffany or Aragaki Yui? ^^ I'm a fan of both their looks, and I'm especially curious about how they do their brows ^^

  82. 1) JNguyen110@gmail.com
    2) I would love any of the keychains. They are soo cute!!!
    3) You should do a smokey eye tutorial without the circle lens.

  83. You are just sooo pretty .

  84. zhou.kat@gmail.com
    itokin park phone charm!
    lady gaga! any of her looks would be really cool :D

    thank you so much for having this giveaway!

  85. 1. Mercedesdeann@gmail.com
    2. I'd want the cellphone charms. So cute ^^
    3. You should re-create Park Bom's look in "Can't Nobody" when she's meditating. It's so amazing looking ^^

    I hope I'm not late D;

  86. 1. Lundgren92a@hotmail.com
    2. The phonecharms! <3<3
    3. Mizuko Nishikawa (model from Popteen), she's so cute!
    Or maybe BoA :)

  87. 1. kupooinc@yahoo.com
    2. I like the T-Shirt and the phone charm
    3. Sakura from Naruto of course

  88. 1} kannaya24@gmail.com
    2} Any of the Spike figures
    3} Chi from the anime Chobits.

    Thanks for doing this giveaway! *^_^*

  89. 1. MrMAB63@hotmail.com
    2. I'd love any fun vinyl toy or messenger bag!
    3. How about doing a version of yourself? Nothing works better than a little well-placed self-promotion!

  90. 1. markaviles@yahoo.com
    2. any of the spiki figures
    3. Felicia from Dark Stalkers

  91. 1. grypie@lantic.net
    2.Most definately a Ninja Spiki Noruto
    3.Lara Croft

  92. Hi,
    Linda Le, if possible
    Ayumi Yamada, from Honey & Clover.

  93. 1 - gua_ping@yahoo.com
    2 - Would love to have the Naruto Spiki
    3 - How's about doing a look from any one in the Naruto (Sakura / Ino / Hinata) world. Just to keep with the Naruto theme.

  94. your pictures are always so amazing! what camera do you use?

  95. awww closed desu Y^Y

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