Review: LUCIDO-L Milk Jam Hair Color in Milk Tea

H e l l o

I wanted to share with you one of the hair dye I used few months ago while I was in Japan that I forgot to share with you... sorry ^^;; 

LUCIDO-L Milk Jam Hair Color in Classic milk tea
contains honey, collagen, pearl extract, silk essence and tsubaki oil contents, nourishes your hair while coloring. With special formula to minimize the odor arise during coloring. 

This dye is made by Mandom Corp, its supposed to be bleach-in dye meaning there is traces of bleach already mixed in with the hair dye. It supposed to lift your hair color few shades lighter at the same time coloring your hair. I choose the color in Classic milk tea since if you know me I LOVE ash tone brown lol

What I think?
I had high expectation since I looked through reviews on Cosme.net before I bought this dye since it was voted #1 hair dye on their website due to high review feedback from actual users.

 Lets start with what I liked first, I liked that it didnt irritate my skin, it was easy to apply due to the dye coming with a comb in applicator, after dying my hair it felt smooth and did not feel like it dried out or damage my hair and one box of this dye was enough to cover all my hair. Ok now with what I didnt like about it, as with most hair dye it never turns out like the box color or the color they suggested that it will turn out... even though it has bleach in it it really didnt lift my roots as light as I hoped for, I didnt feel like the color was ashy enough either. The only part of my hair seemed like a true ash tone was my ends where it was bleached in the past, that part looked beautifully colored ash brown and all other parts were medium to light brown shade with hint of ash tone.

Did manage to color bleached hair to a nice ash tone brown but the darker new growth just turned out to be brown with slight ash tone, doesnt really look like it evened out my hair color.
Really easy to apply
easy to blend creamy liquid

I liked that this dye didnt damage my hair it kept my hair looking shiny and didnt dry out my hair but the down side is that if your hair is black to dark brown it really doesn't turn out to be true ash tone brown but more like caramel tone brown shade with slight ash tone. I would say this dye would be perfect if you've bleached your hair in the past and you want to tone your hair to a ash tone or if you have a black hair and simply want to dye your hair to nice medium brown shade then it'll be a perfect dye for you! ^_^


with natural lights

with indoor lights

Still on a quest for perfect diy hair dyes.... lol!

well hope the review helped you decide~
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  1. ahhh >_<
    Didn't know that lucido had a hair coloring range!! would be interesting to try since its easy application until today i can't dye my hair that would turn out like that

  2. the color looks great on you :D


  3. Looks pretty babe! I was just talking to Janie about hair dye and our hair being too dark for that perfect ashy-milky brown. Wahhhh~ I want that color too. I sort of want to chop my hair off now. :P

  4. Wow sweetie your hair looks so pretty!


  5. Soo pretty! I love ash brown on you! ^.^

  6. This is my favorite Japanese hair dye product to use. I'm so glad to see a similar review of it online and from you! You look great with this!

  7. So pretty! I love the ash tones too!

    I have a question for you! I will be visiting Japan (for the first time!!) for three weeks this sumer. One week each in Tokyo, Toyohashi and Kyoto. What places would you recommend visiting for shopping, eating, and site seeing in general? I want to make the most of my trip!

  8. The Color looks so pretty on the box... esp the ashy tone but I think its a bit too orange on real hair. It's so tough to achieve that "ashy" hair color on asian hair cuz the natural black hair turns everything to bronzy and orange. *sigh*

    I still love your hair! It's grown so long now ^_^

  9. so pretty~

    i had the LUCIDO-L hair jelly but it kinda sticky..:(

  10. You should try GATSBY's Almond Ash! It gave me reallyyyy nice ashy brown hair and the ash was very noticeable! Its a mens hair dye but works totally fine and one box was enough for my below shoulder lengthed hair :D Strongly recommend.

  11. Галина ЖароваJanuary 9, 2013 at 11:38 PM

    This color suits you. Very beautiful hair.

  12. I think thats a really pretty brown!

  13. Too bad it didn't do what you expected on your roots, I still think the colour looks pretty on you ♥ xx

  14. pretty~ the hair color looks so much like the color of your eyes, I love the misty and dreamy feel on your selcas~

  15. so pretty!! Love your eyes! omg! the color looks good on you! :D

  16. The outcome is quite pretty. It stinks that you didn't get the result your wanted though. I sort of want to check this out because it sounds like a sort of healthy way to lighten one's hair. I have black hair and i'd like to go dark red,

  17. looks so good... no wonder why it was voted as the #1 hair dye... it suits really well with the asian... :) AND you are really beautiful ^_^

  18. I purchased the mocha brown colour and was really excited about dying my hair with this brand. The colour came out okay.. Not exactly what I thought it would be. The hair dye ended up burning my scalp and the back of my neck. I now have really bad dandruff. I've NEVER had this problem before so I was quite shocked!

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let me know what you think~ :3

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